Thursday, August 7, 2014

Absolute Chaos Somedays ...

Hello dear friends & readers,

Gosh, where did July go to I ask you ??
I have just realised I have yet to turn two of my calendars over into August!!

There are definite signs of spring being just around the corner & things are coming to life in the garden ...

I replanted my two vege beds just after my return from the South Island at the beginning of May ...
(when my moon calendar told me it was very good planting time)

Finally we are getting some rewards & enjoying broccoli, cabbage or silverbeet with our dinner each night

Although the garden around the pond needs some serious care & attention, the fish are happy & the first daffy's are bursting into flower

We have  new Thyme, Chives, Marjoram, Bergamot but the Aloe Vera is not a new plant

I emptied out my old concrete wash tubs as the herbs had gone all woody . . . & replanted with some fresh new ones

There has been very little craft activity going on lately - but I did manage to finally complete the old tool carrier that I was attempting to paint last post ... with a little bit of help of course ...

I had purchased it quite some months ago from the Animal Care Op Shop - it had been $18 but the lady told me I could have it for $10 as it had sat for quite awhile

It was a nice solid piece but under about an inch of grime, so a good scrub, a light sand, a wax & 2 thick coats of paint ... (slapped on while the rascals were sleeping)

Then I added some embellishments ... my favourite part  :-)

As someone had engraved quite deeply the initials "J C" in one end, I mod podged some doilies over each end ...

I padded the base by covering a piece of corrugated cardboard with  thick wadding & then covering this with some vintage floral fabric

I was really happy with the end result ...

I am actually finding it quite difficult to spend time in my sewing room of late ...
 the 4 legged rascals appear to have claimed it as their own

When Little Blackie is not asleep on the ironing board, he is underneath it !!!

Little Jinxy spends a great deal of time up here ... cos if you look real closely in the distance of my photo, you will see the neighbours goat grazing the road verge ... most fascinating indeed!!!

We decided little Blackie was now big enough to go into the Vets for a "little operation" as he was becoming quite an aggressive tom cat.  However, getting him in the cage was another story altogether ... we had been trying for over 2 weeks & in the end I borrowed my friend Jan's bigger cage. I finally succeeded this week but OH the pandemonium when I shut the door!!!  After I had secured it, while waiting for The Mr to come & collect him, I snapped these photos of Jinxy "assisting him to escape" . . .
Warning ... these photos may be disturbing to some folk!!!

Honestly friends, it is such absolute chaos around here somedays ... I just have to try to make light of it & laugh or I fear I shall go quietly insane!!!
I must add that little Blackie has returned & is none the worse for his "little surgery" & now allows me to pat him & even purred this morning for the first time ever (yes I know ... such is my life!!!!)

Thanks so much for popping by today - I shall be back soon with some more creativity - fingers crossed!!!

A wee rest, thats what we all need,
with much love & friendship to you all,
Julie, Jinxy & Blackie x0x0x


  1. Ooh ooh! I have a tool box........somewhere! Mmmm......... Yours is very cool :D Cute kitties xx

  2. Oh! What a wonderful post to wake up to...
    HeHe! The great escape....Lovely...! :).
    And, little Blackie getting ready for a 'press'
    before a little sleep on the ironing board....!
    Ah! Pussy~Cats...What would we do with out
    Bless! :>).

  3. I love your makeover of the tool box. You sure come up with some inspiring ideas. Now to go find the husband's old abandoned tool box buried somewhere in his shed!

  4. Oh I am STILL laughing! So is my MR!!
    Those little adorable furballs really have taken over! Best of luck my friend!
    Love the tool box make over, very nice indeed.
    Your garden is looking fabulous, but it's not really spring is it??

  5. Good to see your season turning and the cats thriving, perhaps you should start up a cattery! Tool box to sewing tray? You're full of good ideas.
    Best wishes from the other side. xx

  6. Smile a purr from blackie would of made it all worth while. Great to see you are getting good crops from gardening by the moon.

  7. Hello Julie and cheeky Jinxy and Blackie
    Love the makeover on the toolbox. JC's wife may come in one day and buy it! The vegies look amazing, eating from just out the back door is so nourishing.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Lovely post Julie, I can see those kittens have well and truly worked their way into your heart and your life and your crafting.....!! Good on you with the garden, it's looking great for this time of the year. Your 'toolbox' looks great - amazing what you can do with your makeovers :-)

  9. Those kittens are so much fun, such personalities and I loved your photo story! Good old modge podge, great stuff, and the carrier looks amazing fixed up. I have quite a stash of things that could be waxed and painted, just need some lessons from someone clever??!! Your garden is looking good, might have to come back for another visit soon.

  10. love those babies!!!
    I am so glad that you took them in, they are right at home in your sewing room and as time goes by and they calm down, especially since little blackie has been snipped, it will be a place of sleeping in the sun thru the window this summer.
    Time is flying isnt it? We are soaking up time in the pool before school starts. :0
    Take care

  11. Hello Julie, I do love the pretty colours of your primulas. I use potted colour such a lot these days. Do you have a decent place to buy plants near by? What a clever thing it was to have a go at gardening by the moon. Raised beds really are the answer I think. Easier on the back too. I've decided that veges really do prefer to be out in the open. My lettuces on the porch have become sad & attracted aphids. What a wonderful difference the painting make-over makes to ugly ordinary pieces. The tool box is truly sublime. I love the doilies on the ends. What's the difference, in that, instance between say PVA & Modge Podge? You'll be pleased to have a new & improved Blackie. Golly they're rat bags. Clever wee story (bit of work to make that!) I wonder if they'll settle down a bit in summer for you? Freezing here again tonight. Yay for the wood fire eh! Much love across the Island, Catherine x0x0x

  12. Hello dear Julie

    What a busy family you have!! They are tricks those little kittens - full of mischief!
    You've done a amazing makeover of the toolbox - the touch of the sweet doilies on both ends is a "you touch" - love it!

    I love the look of your sewing room (are you sure it's not the "cat room") it looks light and sunny, making it a lovely place to spend a few hours stitching.

    Wishing you a happy week

  13. Hi Julie,
    How lucky you are to have two wonderful helpers...especially in your
    craftroom!!! lol Love the pics of your veges, they look yummy. Great
    paint job on your wood piece. Not long until spring now.
    Cheers, Anita.

  14. Julie, love the antics of the kitties! They keep things lighthearted. I'm envious of your garden. I can't believe you said spring is just around the corner, the progress of the veggies looks like it's about mid-summer over there!

  15. Your garden is looking beautiful Julie and I love seeing how you make over old items. This one is lovely. Your little kittens are so cute, I especially love the last photo of Jinxy! xx


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