Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Just plodding along . . .

Good Tuesday afternoon to you all friends & readers
Spring can be quite a busy time here at my funny ol' Threadbear Life
Its often a really busy time both in the garden & on the sewing front

I have certainly been "head down, tail up" this past week ... even though the weather hasn't been the greatest ... there is lots of growth happening in the garden lately

The Magnolia is in full bloom
as are the Cherry Blossom trees 
Prunus Awanui
& filled with tui's this year too . . . 

I never ever planted these grape hyacinth bulbs ... they just appeared when I cleared away the wilderness 

It is easy to feel rather overwhelmed by all I have to do at this time of year . . . I try to just keep plodding along
My dear old Dad always used to say about me ..."that girl, she sure is a plodder if nothing else"

I noticed poor old Cedric was looking rather shabby, faded, & in need of some T.L.C. last week

Usually around this time of year he requires a trip to the Op Shop for a new set of clothes & a bit of a revamp
(pity it wasnt that simple for ME !!!!)

He does a mighty fine job of standing out there in all conditions all year round does dear old Cedric ... 
so I figure its the least I can do to give him a yearly freshen up  :-)

There have been a few new creations come out of the sewing room ... some orders, & some unfinished projects that finally got completed

Using up some of Dads old cotton gloves again ... this pattern was torn out of an old craft book ... there was not even a designer to acknowledge

Somehow I feel it should read "faith, patience &  hard work makes a garden grow" !!!!

These 3 little items were made from a fat quarter of fabric that I purchased in Kaikoura when I visited my friend Carolyn way back in April

I made the little zipper pouch first & then decided to make up a little sewing set to compliment it ... 
so the pincushion & needlecase "evolved" from the leftover scraps ...
The little wooden button was a purchase from Kaikoura too

My friend Sandy ordered some more hottie covers from me.  Sandy has a permanent caravan at the beach which she has spent the past year redecorating using gorgeous fabrics & paints. She wanted something that looked attractive on the beds, even when they weren't being used. Sandy had chosen the blankets to use, but left  all the rest up to me . . .

I thoroughly enjoyed putting this order together for Sandy  :-)

This was the one I left til last . . .  Sandy had chosen this particular blanket as she wanted a bit of a "manly" one for her sons or her husband to use.  I knew hearts or flowers would be inappropriate when I suddenly thought "what about a vintage caravan" ... a search on google gave me a basic image to go by . . .

I think perhaps this is my favourite one . . . I lined the inside with a lovely soft polar fleece that I had in my stash.

This little Op Shop basket came into my possession last week ... all it needed was a good scrub & a padded base to make a lovely work basket

I am always fascinated by little Jinxy when she sleeps, she usually likes to either wind herself around little Blackie or in some way drape herself over him, she seems to like the body contact . . .  I laughed to myself yesterday when I saw how he had managed to find a way off stopping her doing this ... he is quite a weight now & this surely couldn't have been comfortable??!!

They love having a little nap on my bed in the late afternoon sun
. . .  & as you can see, he is still obsessed with his favourite "dolls arm" toy . . . 
(& heaven help little Jinx if she should get hold of it!!!!!)

Not so much Little Blackie now . . .  but more like Big Blackie!!!

Well friends, thanks so much for your visit today 
I am off to finish putting labels on my soap order - the house smells lovely after the postie delivered this boxfull today

And Yes .... I do have a little "helper" just to the left there on the screen !!!!
Have a great rest of the week & I hope your days are filled with sunshine, tui's & lovely fragrances too
with much love & friendship,
Julie x0x0x


  1. Your plodding is paying off my friend, your garden looks amazing! It always does, you just don't realise it! My Magnolia has finished flowering, but has those lush limey green leaves.
    My favourite hottie is the caravan one too! looks awesome and perfect for a caravan.
    Jinxy looks happy to be at the bottom of the sleeping heap, Blackie sure is bigger than her. My brother and sister kittens were like that too.

  2. Your hotties are lovely - I like the teapot one the best! being a tea drinker myself I suppose. Dear little cats - do they wash each other? I imagine they would. You certainly have a lot of stock and have been busy. I can almost imagine how lovely your house smells with all that delicious soap.

  3. I do love that wheelbarrow up top there...With all the plants in.
    Looks really nice, and full of colour...And, of course you can
    move it about to! :).
    And, Cedric's looking the business again, surprising what a little
    make~over and love can do

    And, the two superstars are looking good to...HeHe! Blackie still
    loves the dolls arm...They certainly have bonded well, and love
    each other, most of the time, l expect....Lovely! :>).

  4. Your garden is looking beautiful!!! And you surely have been busy Julie. Those kittens are growing up way to fast but still awfully cute. Love the photo of them sleeping together, my dogs do that. Haven't forgotten you and still planning on visiting you again soon.

  5. I wish I could 'plod' as fast as you...so many pretty makes, love that caravan and Cedric, of course. Your springy pics are beautiful and yes it's still sunny here but the leaves are turning...xx

  6. You're gardens are looking beautiful, if that is what you achieve by plodding.........................keep plodding!!!
    Love the hottie bottle covers, the caravan one is my favourite.
    Would love to hang out and visit your house sometime

  7. Cedric looks great and the garden is looking fantastic! Do love the wheel barrow and it's colour! Caravan hottie cover is my favourite also! Don't you just love cats and how they entertain you! Keep up the great work!

  8. Love everything about this post. Such a blend of colour and those hot-water bottle covers are spendid, You're so clever, Julie, at the risk of repeating myself!!! Your garden pics make me wish for our next Spring and we haven't even hit winter yet!!!!Thanks for popping over to mine too xxx

  9. Beautiful post Julie. I loved seeing your garden pics and also the crafty ones. Oh yes and also the cat ones!!! Great idea with the hottie covers - I'd never thought of having them decorative as well as useful!!

  10. Hello Julie,

    The hotties are hot, love the one with the teacups. Now I know where garden gloves go, can you tell me where my brand new glove which I had only worn for half an hour has gone! A great gift idea for a gardener. The cats will always find the best possie in the house. Lovely garden photo's the Magnolia is beautiful.

    Happy days.

  11. Lovely and cheery post Julie. So in love with Jinxy and Blackie.Love, love the hottie covers. Aren't the Tui's wonderful with their chatter in the spring blossom trees.I think they get drunk on all the nectar. Hugs Shirley

  12. Beautiful post as usual, your garden is looking wonderful and Cedric looks much smarter! Lots of lovely makes, the caravan is my favourite cover too. I love your basket revamp as well and your kitties are sooo cute, especially the way they sleep together. Hugs Wendy xx

  13. Hi Julie, always such a delight to read your post! Your garden looks amazing full of spring colour and bloom. Thankyou for the Hottie Covers. I love them all. So pretty and snugly. Can't wait to take them to the caravan :-) You are always so busy busy - such an inspiration to us all.
    Take care my dear
    Sandy xx

  14. Oh Julie, what a relief to at last pop in & see much loveliness...thank you! Your garden is looking wonderful! I think that you might find that the bulbs are blue bells, my dear & lucky you, you have the very hard to come by lilac version too. They look like they love the Waikato...yay! Like lily-of-the-valley bluebells naturalise so well if they're happy. What a scent rush there must be with all those soaps..out & about all at once like that.
    Fab collection of hottie covers. Love the little round caravan shape. Gorgeous fabric in the bottom of your basket! Much to you Catherine x0x0x

  15. Oh yum I can smell the soap from here!
    Your trees look beautiful, it's autumn here so everything is gradually dying back though of course there are lovely colours everywhere:)
    I think I have visited before and am glad to have popped in again :)
    Would be lovely to see you over on my blog emeraldcottage.blogspot.co.uk


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