Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Signs of Spring

A glorious Spring "Good Afternoon" to you all dear friends & readers

A couple of days ago, after I turned the calendar over to 1st September, I treated myself to a cheery $2.00 bunch of daffys at my local Supermarket ...

On Special for $2.00 this week at Pak-Save

... & then a $2.00 lace tablecloth at the Animal Care Op Shop on my way home
What better way to welcome spring to my dining room I thought!!!

In amongst the busy-ness of family visiting & stepsons returning home, I had my first group . . .  
... was I ready I hear you asking ???

not on your nellie . . . well let me put it this way ... Thank Goodness it wasn't a Garden Group !!!!
Although I have noticed there are signs of spring popping up all around my garden now ...

The magnolia is about to burst into bloom & I noticed this cute little bluey/purple ground cover was flowering away in my rockery

Quite some months ago (way back in late May in fact) my dear friend Catherine very kindly sent me some seeds from her garden - I love to share seeds with other gardeners myself, & had requested some of the perennial Honeywort (Cerinthe Major) from her, as I was unable to find it anywhere

There is another large pot of honeywort not included in the picture, already been planted in the garden
I used my moon calendar to advise me on planting times & am really happy with my strike rate ... I have several pots of honeywort, some blue woodruff & the other plant I cannot remember the name of (as a bird flew off with my label!!!!!) Thanks so much dear Catherine ... now I will have you waving at me from my garden   :-)

Also, way back in early July I took part in a swap organised by Betty
"From my Home to Yours Swap"
Betty partnered me with Anne from the blog Nana GoGo
Anne & I corresponded & both agreed to just send something relevant to where we live ... after finding a gorgeous kiwiana fabric I decided I wanted to dress an angel doll for Anne

I used a Rosalie Quinlan pattern "Friendship Angel"

This was the package I put together - which took exactly a week to fly all the way across to Scotland - I included a New Zealand teatowel, some notecards & a cake of the handmade soap my friend Pauline makes from her range Infused with Nature

I decided to adorn the angel with a small earing I had in my stash, a delicate paua kiwi ... goodness knows where its "partner" ever went to but it was one of those things I knew I would find a use for one day
It was lovely to get an email from Anne to tell me she was thrilled with her package & just adored her angel.

Recently The Mr sent me off to The Warehouse with his wallet to buy some toys for the kittens (if you please!!!!)

This was the variety I came home with, mice filled with catnip etc ... really quite an unexciting selection truth be told.  The oddest thing is that little Blackie would not have a bar of any of them, but his most favourite toy ever, is pictured just to the right which is actually a calico dolls arm, stolen off my ironing board.
He spends many happy hours tossing it around & if you look real closely at this next pic, you can see he sleeps with it tucked just under him, so Jinxy can't run off with it

Bless their little souls   :-)

There has been very little creativity going on here of late in the Threadbear household.   I did manage to complete some handtowels yesterday afternoon - I had been wondering how to use up these white waffle fabric teatowels I had bought, & quite liked them embellished with some golly fabrics & trims

The Matryoshka doll fabric on the right is a favourite of mine.

I hope to be back in a few days with some completed revamps to show you  :-)
In the meantime I am off to the Vets to collect dear little Jinxy, who had her surgery today (finally after a failed first attempt), so as you can imagine, I am like a "cat on a hot tin roof" today, not settling to very much at all.

dear wee Jinxy - growing up slowly & still as nutty as ever

Thanks to you all so much for stopping by today & visiting,
I hope you are having a lovely afternoon where-ever in the world you might be & whatever season you are celebrating
with much love & friendship,
Julie x0x0


  1. What a lovely Blog this is...
    Full of lovely things and of course the stars
    of it all...The Putty~Tats...!x Bless!

    And, Blackie with his favourite toy...HeHe! Well!
    He looks 'Armless' enough...And, Jinksy, looking
    lovely to...Certainly growing up at taking note...

    Oh! Well... Time for the first lemon tea of the day!
    Another dry day, and few more to come, but Autumn
    is making it's mark!

  2. Your swap gifts are beautiful - I am so glad they made it all the way to Scotland safely. I do love reading about your kitties, Ambercat has catnip in a pot and takes a bit every morning, she doesn't do toys. She has just got to know the three next door after 1 year they are finally sharing the shed roof! Betty

  3. Your Magnolia is going to be Magnificent! Yay for Spring, I am so ready for some warmer weather, and less rain. Those kittens are growing up very fast, I love the stolen arm as a toy, so typical.

  4. Hello chook, happy spring to you too ♥ I love Magnolia trees, I found one the other day called Susan! I'm going to get me one of those, well I have to don't I! Love the tea towels, love everything actually :D Love the kitties.

  5. Looking fabulous in your garden! jinxy is just like me........Growing up slowly and nutty as ever!

  6. We are slowly saying good bye to a brilliant summer here in the UK... good to know it's popping up on your side. I've been looking for some angel ideas ... love her little face (self portrait?) you must have a lot of patience for such detailed work. xx

  7. Nothing better than a bit of Spring is there?! Love your swap doll, what a personal gift with all the kiwi/Julie touches to it, very sweet and thoughtful. Funny little Blackie. Hope Jinxy's op went well, and you are all happy families :-) Looking forward to more Magnolia photos. We had a stunning one that looked similar to that when we lived at Cambridge - made me fall in love with them forever!

  8. Hi Julie, yes there are signs of spring here too! And I have even dug over the vege garden:O)
    Your kitties sure are growing fast. One of our kitty's favourite toys is a screwed up ball of tin foil!!! The other is the tie from my dressing gown, he drags it out to the lounge with it trailing between his legs (makes him walk so funny) then he proceeds to try and roll it into a ball pawing at it the whole time... we can't make out what it is he's trying to do but it is a funny sight.
    Mum will be dropping the blankets off tomorrow night so they are here whenever you're ready. :O)
    Enjoy your day!

  9. Love your sweet daffs and you won out with that lovely cloth. What a great kiwi swap parcel you made to go to Scotland. Still chuckling over the body parts cute! Hope Jinxys recovering well. Lovely to see signs of Spring at your place.

  10. Oh golly, I hope that you've managed to climb down off that hot tin roof by now! Perhaps a semblance of calm might settle over the proceedings at last, now that Jinxy's done & recovering. Aren't daffodils just pure sunshine...what a nice price too. I adore magnolias...yours is going to be glorious now for several weeks...good because it should avoid frost damage too I imagine. So many flowers to bloom yet! Funny...I looked down today & saw some the furry magnolia bits on the ground & thought how much they looked like bits of furry animal, bunnies ears or something. What divine swap things you organised....& all the way to Scotland eh.
    You are so sweet to mention the seeds. Isn't the moon calendar help just the best thing. The "spares" are called orlaya grandiflora, white lace flower. they are self supporting & much like the lace cap of Queen Anne's lace but so much more manageable. I feel sure that they'll all love your garden this summer. Phew...that'll save me a lot of waving : ) Just wondering what you sow your seeds in to? Do you use seed raising mix or compost or?
    Much love for a happy week, Catherine x0x0x

  11. Julie, I'm sure your garden is interesting at all times of the year.
    That little blue ground cover looks lovely - is it Pratia maybe?
    You can always usher them into the Threadbear Cottage - once there they probably don't want to leave - you make so many lovely things.
    Your gorgeous Angel dressed in kiwiana fabric was the perfect gift to send to Anne in Scotland!
    Isn't Blackie funny - she just wants her old favourite toy - it must be like her security blanket!
    Love the hand towels - the russian doll fabric is very sweet.
    I hope Jinxy is feeling better now - it's amazing what a few days can do with animals.
    Another lovely post dear Julie - you're busy as a bee!
    Shane x

  12. Yes, indeed, I was absolutely delighted with my fabulous parcel from NZ! Everything in it was special - if you ever find the partner to your earring, just let me know and I'll send the other one back! I would love to see a Pohutukawa tree in the flesh one day and the Tuis sitting atop it...and perhaps I will, you never know, Julie!I'm being very protective of Dolly, my Friendship Angel. I was even thinking of getting her one of those boxed glass frames to keep her from getting dusty but perhaps I'm just being a little OTT now! I'll think about it tomorrow. That Jinxy's a cat with attitude, I can tell!!Have a good time at your Mum's, Julie and hope your parcel from Scotland is waiting for you when you get back. xxx


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