Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Special Doll

Rainy Wednesday Greetings dear friends & readers

Well over a year ago Quite some time ago my friend Christine asked me to make her a very special doll
Her instructions were .  .  .
- she must be in blues (but I could add a touch of maroon)
- she must be a large country doll (not primitive)
- she must look like a girl doll (again not primitive)
- she would like dolls appliqued on her dress (!!!)

After I had finished making the cot blanket for my grandson here I felt confident enough to tackle the applique.
A lengthy look through my doll patterns unearthed an old pattern I had long ago been given - "Millicent" by Lyn Hyland of Lil Blokes.
 I decided to use this as a guide for the doll as at 85 cms long, she was certainly one tall girl

I finally finished my version of Millicent (Milly) today after spending several weeks to-ing & fro-ing on her

I am hoping she meets with Christines approval .... I altered the pattern quite a bit & changed my mind about several things along the way as I often tend to do
As pictured above, I left half the entire back seam of the skirt open so that when she sits, the applique dolls are displayed nicely & not half hidden from view

I was able to bring in the "touches of maroon" in the appliqued dolls clothing

I originally cut down a crochet doiley to make her a collar & had this sitting in place .  .  .  but then changed my mind as I felt she was a "country doll" & this was giving her more of a vintagey look
In the end, I didn't give her blouse a collar at all.

I thought she was complete, & she sat on a chair for a day or more, while I walked past her.
 But I felt she needed "something in her hands" somehow .  .  . though nothing covering up the appliqued skirt - 
not a handbag, not a toy, not a doiley .  .  . I was very undecided ???

These chunky wooden hearts were unearthed in my sewing drawer - I think they had been on a wallhanging in a previous life.  
I drilled some holes in the maroon one & added some raggy strips to make a small country swag for her  .  .  .  this is only pinned in place at present as I am still a teeny bit undecided .  .  .

.  .  .  & may wait to see what Christine thinks.
What do you think dear readers . . . swag or no swag ???

I do love Milly & her country colours - she will look perfect in Christines beautiful home.

After all my painting endeavours last post using the beautiful Escape colour, I found this old toolbox in my sleepout

In fact, it has been in there for so long I am actually unsure whether I bought it, it was given to me ... or just grew out of the piles of detritus in the corner of the sleepout!!!
It was ratty & tatty but I felt it could be given a make-over.
I waxed it & painted it my gorgeous Escape colour ... the Mr pointed out to me I had "forgotten" to paint the inside base, but I was planning to insert a lining, so why waste paint

This vintage cotton sheet was the perfect match for the blue colour so I made a padded cardboard base, covered it & glued it in place
As the edges were rough & uneven I disguised these with a lovely braid I found in my stash ...
winding the braid around the handle reminded me of a vine climbing along a trellis

Last week my dear friend Shirley popped in for a brief visit - the box was sitting on my dining table in a stage of half completion.
Shirley loved it so much, she asked if she could buy it (when finished) for her new craft room
I was so pleased it would be going to such a lovely home

When I hand-delivered it a few days later, Shirley showed me where she was planning to put it .... it looked simply perfect in her craft room holding some creative bits & bobs.
Likewise this table got completed, but this one I did in the lovely green shade, Amulet

We had some brief patches of sunshine this past week & dear little Pippi enjoyed sitting out in it watching me paint

She is looking so much better after recovering from her surgeries

Well folks, with my first group due this Sunday the Cottage is looking full, but all I can say is thank goodness they are not a Garden Circle !!!! The Garden IS a sorry sight indeed.
Thank you all for stopping by today - I hope the rest of the week is kind to you all
with much love & friendship,
Julie, Blackie & Pippi Longstocking 


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  2. Hello Julie,

    Wow, I just love this doll, especially the hands so much detail. I do like the swag, perhaps you could put it on with some loops that go onto some buttons on the sleeve so it can be taken off if needed. Love that green table makeover, the colour is just beautiful. Your friend chose wisely with the madeover tool box.

    Have a lovely week.

  3. I like Milly's smiley friendly face and her beautiful hair. The swag is a pretty addition, very resourceful!. I see the blue paint having another outing! more lovely recycling, Hope your visitors enjoy their day at your place and buy lots of your lovely things. Betty x

  4. Wow! Goodness! Julie...The doll is absolutely fantastic...
    Is there a better word...She is gorgeous...(Oh! didn't think
    l could spell gorgeous)...HeHe! :).
    So much detail and character..the face, the hair,....if she
    was a few feet taller...l'd ask her out...Very special, and of
    course unique...Well done you...! Bless!

    And! And! Pippi...She looks like a painting her self...or at
    least posing for one...She's probably thinking...'Think l'll
    take a closer look at that doll'. HeHe! Bless her furry paws!x

  5. Your doll is lovely, Julie; so pretty in blue. She is perfect in every way. You have done the most beautiful job with the stitching of her. I'm sorry I am no help to you at all as I love her with or without the heart swag. Have fun with all those visitors looking at your pretties....I hope oodles of moolah falls out of their purses.

  6. What a doll!.. perhaps a detachable swag? I don't think she needs it, may get in the way of cuddles.
    Mind your back with all that gardening.xx

    1. Hello E,E. Yes Bev has suggested a detachable swag in her comment above & I am thinking perhaps that sounds a very good idea.

  7. Wow! Milly is great! What a great idea having the opening at the back so the front sits nicely and shows off the applique better. All the fine details of her clothing make her look adorable, so well made. I think I vote for the heart. I guess your friend will have the final say. The tool box has come up so well - that escape is such a nice colour - no wonder your friend Shirley snapped it up so quickly. And dear old Pippi looks so good soaking up the sun which is in short supply at the moment! Hope your visitors buy everything then you can happily make more.

  8. Ooh, I love your gorgeous doll, especially her striped stockings :) I'd vote for without the swag.

    The tool box is gorgeous and looks like an adorable doll's cot.

    I love visiting your creative corner of blogland.

    Pippi is looking very well, indeed :)

    1. Thanks so much Yvonne .... the stockings are painted stripes on her legs. I was a bit disappointed that the dress is so long you dont get to see her raggedy legs. But never mind .... cant have it all ways can we !!!! Happy week to you Yvonne x0x

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  10. Hi Julie,oh i love Christine's new doll,i like her with the swag in her hands,oh she is so pretty,love the way you have fixed up the tables and new box,you are very clever my friend xx

  11. Your work blows me away Julie!
    That dress and blouse are amazing. I love the country heart with the ribbons. It is very country. I am sure your friend will love it.
    Sweet Pippi so glad she is on the mend.

  12. I "pop into my sewing room everyday to look at the lovely box you made. It looks gorgeous where it is with "bits and bobs" in it. Milly is beautiful and I like the swag with her. Have a good day with your visitors on the weekend .Hugs Shirley

  13. Lovely doll, she looks like a mother watching over her babies (appliqued babies!) I like the swag. More fabulous painting and to have one sold before you have finished jazzing it up says so much about your creativeness. Hello Pippixxx

  14. Your are so clever, that doll is beautiful and I quite like the swag. Even a small basket of flowers would be nice, but that is more fiddle and fuss. More painting!!! Loving the blue and the green.

  15. Oh Julie
    Miss Millie is just adorable - your friend Christine will be "over the moon" !
    I'm lucky to have one of your beautifully made dolls too! Thanks again!
    It's so good to see Miss Pippy looking interested in the world again - I'm sure Blackie is happy to have a playmate again.

  16. Hi Julie, she looks lovely, I vote for the swag, it gives her purpose.

    1. Thank You Chris ..... yesterday Christine came to collect the doll & Yes, she voted for the swag too. I thought she might as she always loves the "little extras" on her dolls. Have a lovely weekend Chris :-)

  17. She is lovely Julie, I'm sure Christine will adore her... I think she looks quite comfortable holding the swag. More lovely painting too - how cool that you sold the box before you'd even finished it!!

  18. Hello Julie dear, well yay that was a good swag choice. I definitely agree. It seems to integrate all the layers rather well. You are so clever at adding the little extra bits in just the right way. What a wonderful doll. I really love the appliquéd dolls on the dress too. Sensible design work to make the dress sit right so that you can see them. I hope that you enjoy your visitors & that the weather is kind. Very exciting to see Pippy outside! Much love for a fragrant spring, Catherine x0x0x

  19. Oh she's such a lovely doll, definitely WITH the swag. I used to make dolls years ago, I really should have a go at making another, it's not like I don't have enough fabric lol :D


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