Thursday, August 27, 2015

Snippets from my Week

Greetings dear friends & readers
We have had some lovely sunshiney days this past week .... just little snippets to let us know that spring is hopefully just around the corner.

My Vintage Car Club Group last weekend went well & the rain held off for a few hours while the ladies visited the Cottage

They are such a friendly bunch & I always enjoy seeing them dressed up in their finery to drive their vintage cars for the day, whilst leaving the menfolk at home
I think after me, they were heading on somewhere to have a High Tea.

A couple of days prior to the groups visit, my blogging friend Sue decided to pop over my way for a visit
This was timely as I had had a baking day just the day before.
I dont often have baking days now ... as these are usually followed by "eating days" -  such is my willpower 
(or lack of !!!)
No-bake Muesli Slice                                                                                          Louise Cake
I had made Louise Cake (the Mr's favourite) & a delicious no-bake muesli slice (this recipe came out of the Tempo magazine)

Sue informed me that she had gathered lots of crafty bits & bobs to bring over to me . . . & I was certainly not disappointed
There was a treasure trove of goodies in the large carrier bag along with seeds from her garden, magazines, patterns & these cane trays below which Sue was happy to pass on to me

It was lovely to sit & have a catch-up again with Sue ... I was surprised Madam Pippi did not make an appearance - only to discover when Sue had left that she had been accidently shut in the sleepout !!!!  Poor wee thing was quite miffed she missed Sues visit.
Sue thank you so very much for all the goodies you gifted me - I have been diving into the bag lots of times in the past couple of days, & it still feels like christmas!!

Our winter vege garden has been a great source of pleasure & joy to me.
I seem to prefer to grow all my brassica's now during these colder months when the white butterfly isn't making a pest of itself.
We are currently eating broccoli daily & have caulis & cabbages ready along with silverbeet & spinach which I now grow all year round

It is exciting to see my garlic coming through as well as the curly kale that I planted last month thriving away
So when I knew Sue was coming, I quickly put together a "produce box" for her & tossed in a magazine & some of the muesli slice I had just made

As I forgot to take a photo myself, I have pinched borrowed Sues photo from her blog - you can read her post about our visit here
Once again, thanks Sue for a lovely visit - next time I promise to come with you to do the Opshops   :-) 

And the trays which Sue gifted me got a wax & 3 coats of paint this week . . . then a light sanding to give them the chippy look that I adore
The woven cane bases really soaked the paint in but I think this has made them quite wipeable now.

This past week, while hunting in the very back of the woodshed I found these two old aluminium kettles under some sacks of pinecones

I gave them both a good scrub & a light sand - I went through a phase once of painting everything with blackboard paint as I liked the matt black effect it gave - the black one is a cast-off from this phase

Now of all the people that enter my funny little home, 9 out of 10 of them will comment on the "doiley-fied" kettle sitting on my green stool which I have planted with babys tears
It just seems to fascinate them & draw their attention.
So I decided to do this to one of the aluminium kettles to pop for sale in the Cottage
I chose the plain one but I lightly sanded it & painted it with my Amulet green shade of paint ... the reason I painted it was because the aluminium was very pitted & I felt the paint would help to hide this
Which it did indeed !!
I was really pleased how it came out - I masked the lower handle first so I didn't get green on this.

The little plastic pots that your salad comes in at the supermarket fitted perfectly in the round opening of the kettle .  .  .
.  .  .  so this got planted with some baby's tears .  .  .

.  .  .  & then the "doiley-fying" just finished it off nicely .  .  . 

.  .  .  along with a rustic key tied to the handle. 
Next post I shall hopefully be able to show you what I did with the other (black) kettle 

Miss Pippi Longstocking is certainly feeling so much better now after recovering from her surgery - I notice she is not protective & guarding her tummy area anymore & tucks herself up with Fat Black now quite happily

Above is their sleeping positions at night, & during the days when I am painting outside on the deck table, they like to supervise & take a wee nap while watching the paint dry !!

Thank you all so much for visiting today & staying with me through my lengthy ramble.
I hope the coming weekend brings good (& creative) things to you all
with much love & friendship,
Julie, Fat Blackie & Pippi Longstocking


  1. Lovely seeing those vintage cars...And, the vintage ladies
    that go with them....."Willie". HeHe!
    I passed my driving test three weeks after my 17th birthday!
    'Clever lad'...Went straight out and bought a Ford Zephyr mk3.
    Panama Yellow..(could'nt get one in pink)...bench seats..column
    change...That was a car and a half....Wish l still had it! :).

    Love the kettles to...I still have a vintage whistling kettle...Used
    several times a day of course...Colour...Well, leave that to you,
    no prizes for guessing correctly..!!!

    HeHe! Look at those two scally~wags in the basket and boxes...
    What is it with cats and boxes...Like kids at Christmas, not interested
    in the presents..just the wrapping paper...! :). Bless!

    And...Julie...You ramble as much as you like, it's ALL great fun and a joy
    to read...As long as you don't miss out the furry ones of course! :).
    Well, just gone seven over here, second lemon tea coming up....Then open
    up the Paddington Bear curtains, and face the world.....Oh! it's raining! :>).

  2. ohhh aren't the vintage cars & ladies just adorable?! love old cars, they have so much more character & style!
    poor pippi missing out on seeing her friend! but those two look so chummy & comfy in their basket & box.
    all those sweet treasures! you are so talented turning the old & blah into something cherish-able! beautiful!
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks Selina ... I was so glad I remembered to grab my camera as usually remember just as they are driving out!!! I love the old cars too ... one lady was backing up & nearly backed into a tree !!! Gosh, imagine that ... doesnt bear thinking about really :-)

  3. Hi Julie,wow I love this post its full of so much happiness,you are amazing with your ideas and what a lovely friend to come baring goodies. Love your garden produce ,we haven't had planted anything this winter,we have been too busy with the house,Thankyou my friend for the lovely visit and I look forward to the next post xx

  4. Don't the ladies look flash........were their menfolk happy for them to drive the cars? Go Sue! lots of goodies for you. The pimped teapot looks fabulous......liking that colour.I would have 'eating days' too if I had baking days like I once did. Your vege garden is amazing! So happy and healthy. Hugs to Blackie and Pippi, cute photo's.

  5. OMG you have been busy!! We have been dining on your home grown veges and they are divine!! Didn't the ladies look lovely all fancied up in their glam gears, they would have loved your place. You know I will hold you to joining me for an op shop-a-thon next time I am over!!

  6. I absolutely love all your 'refurbishing'!! You always inspire me, Julie. X

  7. Hello Julie,

    I love the produce and goodies you and Sue swapped, I agree it seems like Christmas when there are so many interesting goodies and especially as they are suited so well for your both. Gosh having Pippi in the room by herself I wonder if she had ears to the door waiting to see if you were going to look for her. Our Broccoli has just finished, have plenty of other veg though coming through each day. When I saw the first couple of photo's I thought that the tv show Heartbeat was being filmed in NZ.

    Happy days.
    Have a lovely Sunday Julie.

  8. Fabulous kettles. You're so clever, Julie. My friend rang last night from NZ and we talked for over an hour! She's popping over to Oz for a jazz festival next week - it sounded so funny to hear her say 'we're popping over to Australia for a couple of days'! She's glad the weather is warming up too. Have a relaxing weekend,

  9. I love those vintage cars! Your vegie patch is wonderful; there is nothing quite like eating your own home grown produce, is there. All those goodies will keep you entertained for a while. Your green kettle came up a treat; the green paint with the addition of the doilies looks that colour green. I love the way your Pippi Longstocking and Fat Blackie have squeezed themselves into the box for a cat nap. Cats have a way of making themselves comfortable wherever they are, don't they.

  10. Sounds like you and Sue enjoyed your time together Julie, lovely gift swapping too... I think you were both pretty happy with your bits! Love what you did to the kettle, it gives me an idea for an old enamel jug I have (which has developed a leak so no longer holds milk), it Could look great given a Julie-like treatment! Nice to see two wee friends helping you and enjoying the sunshine. I think we are in for a few wet days, dammit.

  11. Hi Julie,
    How lucky are you? How often would one these days see vintage cars roll up with women dressed like
    that? That would really take you back to that time quick smart! I can see why everyone stops to look at
    your doilies, love how you dressed the kettle up like that too. Very attractive.
    Cheers, Anita.

  12. Hello dear Julie...looks like it was a lovely visit with the vintage car club. So much more sensible all that fur at this time of the year when it's still quite cool than Art Deco in the heat of mid February over this way ! You're such a good verge grower! Are you still using your moon calendar?
    Goodness Amulet seems to be quite perfect for almost everything! The kettle looks fabulous all tarted up like that. Just planting up some old china jugs today & thought of your babies tears. Also added an African violet to one & a double Parma violet to another, so pretty. What a lovely box of bits from Sue. Just love the texture after the paint job on the always, quite the transformation. Much love for a pretty spring week. And ahem, please excuse my typo from last week..dear Pippi! Catherine x0x0x

  13. What a cheerful post, you are such a positive person! I always feel cheery and also inspired to go and do something creative when I see your posts! that's a talent you have! I wonder if you have considered inviting people to paint in your garden with tea and cake - an art club or something? If I lived near you I would want to come and paint your garden! The kettles got a great make over - I have babys tear but didn't know what it was - I also have a bright red kettle that I don't use as I don't have a gas ring (but bought because one day that will change and I'm an optimist!) maybe will plant mine up so I can enjoy looking at it:D Your vintage ladies certainly dressed for their day out - I hope they made some purchases. Betty xxx

  14. The ladies look wonderful in their vintage finery, sounds like fun! Your garden is wonderful and your baking looks delicious. Your painting always improves things beautifully, the baskets and kettle look just perfect :) Hugs Wendy

  15. Wow where to start! I so love reading your blog, it makes me smile every time! Those ladies looked great all dressed up! Sue brought you some wonderful treasure I can see why you thought it was Christmas!! I think the trays have come up a treat! But my favorite is the kettle on your stool! Love it!!

  16. I love this post, just like every other post! You are such an inspiration Julie, I reaaaaaally wish I lived on the same side of the planet as you do I could visit your shop, but I guess reading of your crafty adventures here will have to do! I love the green kettle, it's a gorgeous colour, you are so clever :)

    1. Thanks so much Jill for your kind words. I wish you lived here too & you could come & have a cuppa & teach me how to do that beautiful crochet that you do :-) That green shade called Amulet is really beautiful & you never get tired of it. Thanks again Jill. x x

  17. Isn't great when we have a friend who understands what we love - they "get it"!
    Sue really knows what floats your boat Julie, the gorgeous laces, patterns, mags,
    seeds and other treasure sound like music to my ears too.
    What a fun outing for the ladies - I love how they dressed up in their finery
    to compliment those grand old ladies they were driving.
    I'm envious of your garden, we resisted planting a winter garden as we were going to be away
    but there is nothing like fresh veges straight from the garden.
    Your kettles look amazing - love the doily decoration - that's so you Julie!
    Your two sweet little helpers close by to keep an eye on you and give you encouragement ha ha!
    love and ((hugs))
    Shane x

  18. Hello Julie... I always look forward to your posts, they are like a burst of crafty sunshine, so inspiring. You inspire me to get out the paint brushes, I have a growing list of things I want to upcycle!
    I love your cat tales and the photos of them, love that they snuggle together!

  19. Oh my goodness!! Here's one kettle I love even more!!! Great idea adding the doilies!

  20. What lovely ladies in all their finery and as for the cars, very noice indeedy. The cats are growing so fast, not wee babies anymore.


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