Wednesday, August 24, 2016

This & That ........ (part Two) ........... & a " Visitor "

Wednesday Greetings dear friends & readers,
Once again this past week, I have dabbled in small bursts of creativity.
When our lounge was finished back in June & I filled my revamped wall unit with old china, I sat this old brown cane basket on top of it

The basket was old - I don't remember where it came from now - but it was a good rectangular shape
As I would go rushing about my day I kept glimpsing up at the basket & the thought suddenly occurred to me "I could paint that basket"
So this week, I did just that  .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .   & then I filled it with some silk hydrangea's purchased from Mitre 10 using the last of my birthday money

I LoVeD it !!!  But still I felt it needed something .  .  .
So I sat one evening & stitched up a bunting using some pastel wool blanket offcuts

H O M E . . . .    just right I thought   :-)

I just love my revamped dresser filled with vintage china & oddments

When I sit on the couch of an evening to stitch & watch some T.V  I generally have company of the 4-legged variety

When I am up & down like a yo yo, back & forth to the sewing room for supplies Blackie looks at me as if to say 
"oh for flips sake, would you sit still !!!"
I decided I needed a small pincushion to stay in the lounge at all times with just a few pins & needles in it for my evening stitching.

This little wooden goblet - 50 cents from the OpShop - fit the bill perfectly

Because I was too lazy busy to sand the heavy laquer off it, I decided I had better paint it using chalk paint .... no prep required
I gave it a coat with off-white, two coats of my pale duck egg test pot, then lightly sanded it when dry
I waxed it before making the pincushion as did not want to get wax on my fabric

A scrap of Tilda fabric, some left over embellishments & the job was complete ... just nice & compact to stay in the lounge at all times

Last time my dear friend Leeanne came for a visit, she opened her car boot & removed two old prams !!
My heart skipped several beats !!!
Her instructions were " do what you like with them ... restore them, sell them, gift them or dump them "

This one was the worst of the two ... its base was full of borer ...
so I decided to plant it with pansies  !!

Which is exactly what I did yesterday ....
... after lining the pram with two black rubbish bags & filling with potting mix.
 I look forward to them growing & filling the pram up with their cheerful faces

Thank You So Much Leeanne  :-)

This past week we have had an unexpected "visitor" 

The dearest little cat - abandoned & starving - appeared hiding in the roll of old carpet that is sitting on my deck.
I wish I had taken her photo the day she arrived,  her ribs were so prominent & her eyes so weepy.
After a couple of days of food, she became THE most affectionate little girl ever & I found her a wonderful home with the girl who milks for us at the farm.
Though I was sad to see her go, I was happy that she was going to a family that would cherish her & care for her.
They have named her "Serenity".

We have a metal pit at the corner of our road, just past our depot yard - it is a constant battle with folk dropping cats & kittens off there. Honestly abandonment is one of the  very worst crimes - I would not ever want to catch anyone in the act, I doubt I could be held responsible for my actions.

And as for my two . . . .
Well, while Blackie could not have cared less, lets just say Madam Pippi is relieved that she no longer has any competition for "baby of the house" & is resting up due to her nose being so severely put "out of joint" !!!!

Thanks so very much for your visit today dear friends & readers,
I hope the rest of the week is good & kind to you all,
with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Wow!!! You make such beautiful things Julie! The basket looked good on the dresser but now it look sensational!! Love the little home banner. Your pincushion is very cute!! Perfect for when you are stitching in the evening. Great idea with the pram too..very nice of Leeanne to drop them to you! I get upset when people dump animals too, there is no need today as there are so many places you can take animals if you can't look after them. Serenity is a beautiful looking little cat, very pretty colours! I hope Miss Pippi is back to normal and her nose restored to it's former glory!!!

  2. oooooO! Pussy~Tats....Lots of them....!!!x
    HeHe! Well done you Julie, saving and finding
    your little visitor a new home! Bless!x
    And...eating out of, what looks like, some very
    posh plates! :).
    And...Pippi ALL boxed up in a banana box...! :0).

    Oh! I do love that pram...especially with my most
    favourite flowers..Pansies! Just think...You could
    say...."Won't be long..just taking the pansies for
    a walk". HeHe!

    Well, l have'nt gotten round to making a pin cushion
    yet Julie..But, l will..l will...! Trying to find, that
    special/different kind of cup..!

    Love the wall unit to...the basket..(missus cat)..with
    the silk flowers sets it off perfectly..! Nice!

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  4. Oh dear...what I meant to say is......Oooh...a post filled with pretties that makes a gal's heart sing. LoVe the white basket filled with Hydrangeas and the bunting looks a treat hanging from your pretty dresser. Love all youe china. The pin cushion is sweet and I must say I love the salt shaker filled with buttons. My heart skipped a beat when my eyes fell upon the white pram. How adorable and don't the pansies look beautiful in it. How lovely you found a home for Serenity. It looks to me as if your two aren't going anywhere soon. They look the picture of contentment. Hope you are having a lovely week, dear Julie.

  5. Hi Julie, love love your blog, been a tough year & your blog has bought a smile to to my life. Thankyou xxx

  6. Hi Julie, love love your blog, been a tough year & your blog has bought a smile to to my life. Thankyou xxx

  7. 'Home', one of my favourite words and perhaps'Winter' :-)
    Glad you could use those prams, it looks fab planted up. Crikey I thought at first here we go Julie's attracted another cat...........word spreads in the cat community as the best place to seek refuge, a bit like the underground railway in the USA! Miss Pippi can rest easy now that no other fur ball will steal her place.......or will they??

  8. Hi Julie, wow you make everything look fantastic, love the basket and pincushion, oh and such a sweet pram now filled with flowers, much better than filling up the tip.
    Cute cat, poor Pippi lol, I have to agree with you about people who just dump animals, they should be shot. Have a great week Julie, Chris xoxo.

  9. I'm a bit partial to brown and when I looked at the basket before you painted it, I thought
    it looked pretty nice. When I saw what colour you painted it and what it looks like now....white just
    is!!!! I love the hydrangea's too, they're lovely. If you do catch someone dumping an animal call me as
    well. I will come with my pitchfork to poke the rotten sods. There are some horrible people in this world
    that are cruel to animals. I hope 1000 fleas infest their armpits the horrors.
    I love the pics of your furry friends...they are far too tired to be awake. lol. Love the pic of the rescue
    kitty, how cute is that face!! lol

    1. Hope you don't mind...!
      But, l have fridge magnet, that says...
      "May the fleas of 1000 camels infest the crotch
      of the person that screws up your day, and, may
      their arms be too short to scratch". (Amen). :).

  10. Your cats are so cute! Why can't a needy kitten show up at my back door? Aw.
    I LOVE the painted basket, refurbished wooden cup, AND the prams. YOU are a wizard, sweet Julie!

  11. Julie triumphs again!I love everything, especially those cute prams. ALWAYS great to see you

  12. I'm in hysterics with Willies comments and Anita's, love it. The mind boggles taking the pram for a walk with smiling pansies looking up at you, no it doesn't, I've started laughing again with mascara running down my face. You've all made my day:-) Julie I adore your basket with the Hydrangeas and the pincushion is gorgeous. Dear Blackie and Miss Pippi. Hugs Shirley

  13. Hi Julie, another lovely blog post with lots of beautiful eye candy, love your dresser with all those gorgeous pieces of china and little bears, did you make them, all gorgeous, the dresser complete with hydrangea basket, oh and noticed the plates your beautiful 4 legged family members eat from too, you did well with your little visitor, great you found her a loving home. The pram filled with gorgeous pansies looks at home too. Have a wonderful creative week, Jude from Aus

  14. Hi Julie,oh i love what you did to the basket,you have a wonderful knack my friend of making pieces live again.Oh my how horrible that people dump cats ,so glad serenity found you and that you found her a good home xx

  15. I am so glad you found a home for the little kitty, it's lucky she came to you for help. Your dresser is looking lovely, I have just put mine away as felt the need for a change! Your hydrangea basket is very pretty and the bunting too. Betty x

  16. Julie the dresser looks gorgeous. And then you go plant and old pram with pansies!! I get pretty peed with people that dump any animal that they have tired from. Some people are oxygen thiefs (saying borrowed from my son)! Well done you on fattening up that dear wee girl and finding her a home. You are a good sort Julie!!

  17. Home is the best word! The final touches make the dresser perfect! Painting the basket and adding the flowers was the best! So pleased Serenity came to you for help. Smart kitten. Now she'll have a happy life. The pram looks great all planted up. Can't wait to see what you do with the other one.

  18. The transformatin of your dresser is lovely - and dare I say it looks complete now but who knows what you will come up wit next! The old pram planted up is perfect - a nice way to start the growing season :-) I agree, dumping animals is the worse of the worst, so glad you found a loving home for Serenity.


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