Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A bit of "a stool thing " ...................

Greetings dearest friends & readers,
Along with the "bit of a thing" that I have for nice soaps, scented candles & vintage wooden chairs .  .  . 
 I also happen to have a "bit of a thing" for stools .... especially slightly vintage ones !!

On her last visit to the area my dear friend Carolyn cleaned out her sons shed.
Amongst the assortment of treasures that she found in his shed was this old wooden stool with a missing *rung*
Carolyn arrived one day & gifted me the stool .  .  . I soon found a piece of dowel exactly the right size to replace the missing rung.
Then - as is usual with me - it sat for several months in my sleepout
I decided I needed a stool for the lounge that I could put my cuppa on at nights when I am sitting stitching 
(the coffee table is a fraction too far to reach & I am usually too lazy tired)

After a good scrub down, I painted the stool with my testpot "pastel rose" .... a lovely soft pink shade
I had originally intended to stencil a doiley on the top but in the end I simply mod-podged a pretty paper doiley with 3 coats to make it wipeable

It is just perfect for my cuppa ... or even for someone to sit on should we require extra seating anytime

I "rescued" these chrome leg stools from the Implement Shed at the farm - there are two of them
I removed the seat top off one stool & took in to my local upholstery man Shane, along with half a metre of oilcloth.
Shane padded the top up a little for me & made a nice new covering for it

A bit of elbow grease & the chrome legs cleaned up well enough so I added 4 new "feet" purchased from Bunnings .  .   then I popped it for sale in my Cottage.
The stool was purchased just yesterday by a lovely customer who squealed with delight when she saw it !!

I look forward to completing the other stool now.

I have been cleaning out my sleepout & have uncovered lots of long forgotten about junk treasures
This candle holder used to be in my lounge, but had been languishing at the back of the sleepout under the window & had gotten a little damp ... hence rust was appearing on the metal "shade"

Luckily most of the surface rust came off when I scrubbed it, so I painted it with 3 coats of chalk paint - vintage white.
To be honest, it was a fair "sod of a thing" to paint, especially the shade part of the candle holder, but I am so glad I persevered . . . 

A light sanding, a pretty pink fragrant candle,  a lace bow, & a key completed the transformation

Likewise, this reproduction hat box was hidden at the back of the sleepout - I had forgotten there was a smaller version hiding inside

I painted them both over several days, then lightly sanded them  - they seemed rather bland looking so after walking past them for a couple of days, I decided to embellish them with some cutouts
Pippi helped me choose which images to use .  .  .
Though she looks like she is asleep, she is in fact, studying the Images !!!!!!   Honestly !!!!!
I mod-podged the images on to the hat boxes & then gave them two extra coats to seal them both 
(as well as repairing the broken handle on the larger one)

Smaller size one above  .  .  .  .
Larger size one below  .  .  .  .

Just perfect for beside my wall unit & they can still be used for storage if necessary

Though my Dad has been gone now for 14 years, thoughts of him often pop into my head when I am doing my little painted revamps.
You see Dad was a painter for most of his life.
My grandson Alec is proving to be quite the painter himself & I often think how much pleasure Alec would've bought Dad had he lived long enough to enjoy him.
These little photos came through from Alec's Daycare & the stories that accompany them tell of how he "tries really hard to put the paint ON TO the paper & not taste it too much!!!"
Incidently the reason he is wearing two hats is because he has a tendency to also put the paint brush in his ear !!!!
Bless you little Alec.

Today our weather has been glorious & you can definately feel a touch of spring in the air

I hope the week is going well for you all dear readers
Thanks so much for visiting here today & the lovely comments you take the time to leave me
with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0x


  1.'re like a magic fairy. You have a magic touch and a gift to
    change things into treasures. I love both stools and no wonder the lady squealed
    with delight.

  2. Goodness! Where to start! Where to start! :).
    The stool looks really great...And, finished
    off in the right colour of course, the doiley
    sets it off perfectly! You can't beat wood for
    character, painted or not!

    And, speaking of character...the candle holder
    looks quite unique...I expect it looks really
    nice, lit with the pink candle! Nice!

    And..what you've done to the hat boxes..really
    brought them to life, with the colour...Pippi!x
    certainly has talent for choosing the images!
    And, you certainly have a budding artist in Alec!
    It's great to watch kids painting...They seem to
    get more on themselves than the paper..HeHe! l
    still do...! I'm certainly no painter...! :).

  3. I too would squeal with delight at the sight of that gorgeous stool. Love the oil cloth fabric. The painted stool is cool as well. Love the doily on top. As per usual you have come up with masterpieces, Julie. Love the photos of Alec painting. Spring is definitely in the air here too.

  4. Oh, Julie. You are so inspiring. I like stools, too. I have three that need sprucing up.
    That Pippi is so cuddly! Adorable.
    Your grandson looks like a real future Van Gogh, I say!
    Both stools are so pretty. I wish I could putt putt down to your shop and have tea with you and have a browse.
    Bill is headed to NZ on Saturday. I'm glad the weather is warming up.

  5. Hi Julie wow my friend you are amazing i love your style both those stools look amazing as does the cases,boy you are clever and how cute is your little Alec xx

  6. More great renovating Julie!! I have heard good things about Modge Podge but never tried it. Alec looks like he enjoys his painting, he will be a great help to you I'm sure!

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  8. great finds in the depths of that sleepout! What a transformation! My favourite 'piece' would have to be Alec though.........such cuteness!

  9. Lovely pictures of your grandson exploring the potentials of paint! perhaps he will take after you and prefer painting furniture to paper! You have some pretty makes there, I likek the chrome chairs a lot, they look fresh and very Cath Kidston.

    1. Thanks Betty - I was so happy with how the stool turned out ... thats funny you should mention Cath Kidston as that is exactly what the customer said :-)

  10. Everything looks wonderful as usual Julie, my favourites are the hat boxes, just love what you did with them, have a great weekend, hope the weather is good to you. Chris xoxo.

    1. Thanks so much Chris - yes I am so glad I painted the hat boxes as it has brightened up a rather dull corner having them cream. I am having to resist the urge to lighten everything with my paintbrush !!!! Hope your week is going well Chris x x

  11. You are so very clever. I love that you can see the soul of a piece and give it a new life...and such a beautiful one. Your Grandie boy is gorgeous. Loved my visit today xx

  12. My you have been a busy beaver Julie. Everything is beautiful including dear Alec.Adore the lamp with the candle. The stools turned out wonderful and as for those hat boxes, a squee moment also.Hugs:-)

  13. You have the best vision for revamping something that would otherwise end up in landfill. I name you Queen of Revamping!! The photos of your darling grandson made me smile. My youngest would come home from Kindy most days covered in paint but apparently he had not done any painting!! Spring is so close for sure, I am loving the return of colour to my garden, and looking forward to longer warmer days.

  14. Hello Julie,

    Happy Spring,

    Just love the rose themed hat box, a great place to hide some treasures. Alec looks right at home standing at the Easel.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    Happy days.

  15. You have created some beautiful things there have the knack for bringing broken things back to life. Your grandson looks very at home at the easel.

  16. So many lovely things! I nearly missed this post. I thought Spring was here too. But it's been too cold and rainy for me these last couple of days. Both stools are gorgeous ! And the hat boxes too pretty. I do like Pippi's choices!! Alec looks so cool painting away there. Isn't it cool that Daycare takes photos to share.

  17. Hello dear Julie, I rather suspect that the wee wispy whiff of spring may have vaporised at your house about now, just as it has here. Might be a nice inside day tomorrow- & maybe I will manage to open a paint pot too & get a little spread on to even one of those intended projects waiting in the wings- very large wings, I must say! I have popped in & read all your posts & even passed "you" a long to a number of friends & acquaintances in the last few weeks- all thrilled to visit you & find such sweet inspiration. Your imaginative & pretty revamps are so clever, yet do-able for others too. What a charmer the stool with the new upholstery is. That was a trick selling it so promptly! Love the hat boxes- didn't they come up so well. Thanks for telling us about your dad being a painter. Oh my goodness, don't little people get in to such a mess at that age. Mmmm paint in the ear holes wouldn't be the best, I don't suppose. Funny wee boy. Much love & warmest & kindest thoughts, Catherine x0x0x


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