Sunday, December 11, 2016

Last Orders please

December Greetings dear friends & readers,
What I had hoped would be a gentle finishing up of all my orders just as December rolled around, is proving to be more of a mad, crazy dash to the finish line - holding my breath the whole way !!!

After I made the Tilda Angels in this post my friend Sally emailed me to ask she could purchase the grey one please.
She had indeed sold, but I had just enough of that particular Tilda fabric to make one more.
When Sally collected her & sent me a photo to show her hanging in her new home, I must admit I went a rather vivid shade of  "green with envy" !!!

This was the shelf (below) that Sally had upcycled in this post here  
 The shelf had originally been a throw out from her sister Jane

(photo borrowed from Sally's blog)
Sally had cleverly found an old vintage frame & hung her angel in the frame from one of the hooks she had added to the upcycled shelf
I did email Sally & warn her that should the frame & Angel go missing anytime, they may very well be at my house !!!!
She is one verrry creative lady that Sal . . . 

Margaret came out to the Cottage one day clutching an unusual handtowel that had been gifted her awhile ago & that she had found most useful over her oven door handle.
Although I forgot to take a photo of Margarets original one, I was able to construct a pattern & sew some up for her

She decided she would like a dozen made for Christmas gifts for all her family
(Seriously Margaret ????   Twelve ???)
Margarets instructions regarding colours were "nothing too bright or gaudy, a few beige/cream colours & definately one purple!!"
(Margaret has a purple-loving daughter whom I have sewed for before)

This year I struggled to find nice handtowels to work with, so where I had to resort to the plainer ones, I added a band of the matching fabric to try to tizzy it up a little ........

Margaret was delighted when she came to collect her order & I was rather relieved they were all done !!!

My lovely friend Kerryn from here sent me a surprise package in the post
In amongst the treasures that Kerryn so generously sent, this Rosalie Dekker angel pattern & wooden wings made my heart skip a beat (or two) . . .
. . . . so much so in fact, that I promptly swept all my orders aside & began to make the dolly !!
Although she is called Linen Angel, I decided to name my girl Holly ... as I had put this gorgeous fat 1/4 of christmas fabric aside & realised it would be just perfect for her
Her linen bloomers were from an old op shop pair of ladies linen trousers
She sat with no embellishments for a few days while I walked past her, trying to decide how to finish her off
A friend called out with a christmas cupcake adorned with the teeniest artificial holly sprig .  .  .

.  .  .  needless to say the cupcake was rapidly gobbled up & the sprig was just perfect for Holly's hair !!

Thank You So much Kerryn for your kindness & thoughtfullness.

Some simple christmas decorating has been taking place at Threadbear & the tree is finally up . . .

I love bringing out my handmade treasures each December & remembering friends that gifted them to me . . .

In between our constant rain showers, I was able to toss some paint on my wrought iron table & chairs . . . after 18 years of standing outside they were looking rather worse for wear, but two test pots of Resene Hot Chilli & they were soon spruced up again  .  .  .

My friend Maria from Cupcakes and Bunting is running a Christmas Quiz over on her facebook page
If you belong to the facebook community please go over & have a look . . . you only have to like or share to be in to enter the wonderful giftbasket that Maria is putting together 

 Well dear friends, while my pain in the sewing assistant is happily asleep in Blackies basket I shall attempt to complete my last order for the year

Thank you so much for your visits today & I hope the coming week is good & kind to all of you
Take care of yourselves & of each other
With much love & friendship
Julie  & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Hello sweet Julie! Your angels are lovely! I love the sweet dresses you make for them. You've been very busy, little elf.

  2. Love the towels and pretty Holly. My goodness you do fine work, Julie. I think your tree is so charming, too. Hugs to the kitties. Deb

  3. Hi Julie wow you sure have been busy making lots of beautiful things,i love your revamped out door setting it looks fantastic in that colour,well done on your xmas decorating my friend it looks fantastic xx

  4. If this post doesn't get people in the mood for Christmas, nothing will!!! What lovely makes you have made Julie (does that make sense?!) I'm totally in love with the Tilda Angel (and frame!!) and wee Holly is also so cute.

  5. Oh wow!!! Someone was getting rid of that beautiful shelf!!!!? lol I'm so glad you
    got your hands on it. I love love love the hand towels. What a great idea!!!! You've
    got lots of great Christmas things going on too. Time is ticking down for the festive
    season now!! I love your .....assistant. lol Have a beautiful week my friend. xx

  6. ooooO! It ALL looks lovely...As always! :).
    The angels look lovely to...Angel Holly looks
    splendid in her outfit! Very festive! With her
    little legs, facing inwards! :).

    And, the little dresses...12...Goodness! The
    wooden hangers reminded me of my Mum..They were
    all wooden back then of course, and l still have
    a few in the spare room wardrobe! Unique!

    And Pippi!x What could look nicer than a pussy~cat
    asleep in a basket! Bless!x Lovely!x

  7. Gorgeous Holly Angel! Love Tilda Angel in her new home too. Your towels are the cutest I have ever seen. Love your tree and decorating....always fun to come by for a visit Julie xxx

  8. WOW! what lovelies you have created!
    those hand towels are adorable, any chance of a tutorial for them in the new year?
    beautiful decorations indeed too, your place is so inspiring!
    awww Pippi, so sweet when she is asleep
    have an awesome christmas & new year
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina. Yes I can definitely look at doing a tutorial in the New Year. Have a wonderful festive season Selina x x

  9. Dearest Julie, I'm thrilled that I can look at your Angel pics knowing that I have one of my very own sitting next to my little tree. How lucky am I?I wish you had an online shop so I could buy some of your lovely things to send to Auckland!!ALWAYS great to read what you've been up to. Howz Bubba doing?xx

  10. Wow! The wrought iron table and chairs are an amazing transformation. They look great! Love the funky hand towel dresses - they are so clever! Beautiful angel. Good to see your assistant is resting up before the Christmas Day celebrations! Hee...hee.....

  11. Have a smashing Christmas. I'm sure you will soon be busy again with orders in the New Year, so I hope you get time for some rest over the holiday season. Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful creations in 2017. Jean

  12. How beautiful, the angel and those gorgeous dresses, you are so talented xx

  13. Yippie another blog post from Julie! What a sweet Tilda angel and Sally has displayed her perfectly, she has the nack of sugar coated vignette displays just like you! all those hand towels will make wonderful Christmas presents. I love that you swept everything aside to make that sweet Christmas angel from the goodies Kerryn gifted you. Your Christmas is looking very inviting as usual. Looks like Pippi is hard at it again.....just like Simon!

  14. You are making at a fantastic rate! the latest dollies are very pretty. Hope you can get that last assignment done and have some time for yourself now. Betty x

  15. Hi there Julie, oh my can I have your friends shelf to please, your Tilda angel looks adorable in that frame, wish I had some of your motivation, I would of given up after a couple off those dress/apron towels, all are just lovely, not to mention your cute Christmas angel.
    Love your Christmas tree on the table, looks very vintage. Have a great day Julie. Chris xoxo

  16. Those little dress towels are gorgeous. I had to read twice because first I thought wow Julie is making little frocks!!! How cool that two tester pots have revived your table and chairs. What would we do without those resene tester pots. Of course your tree looks gorgeous, as the rest of your house wijll to I bet. xxx

  17. Sorry I'm late...I love the 'Keep Christmas in your Heart' picture with the unusual trees. Happy sewing. xx

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  19. I love the angel in the frame! Lovely :)

    Have a Merry Christmas :)

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