Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Wonderful Adventures of a little Lamb named Baa

Wednesday Greetings dear friends & readers
(or is it Tuesday still I have to ask myself ??!!)

Quite sometime ago, through the wonderful blogging community, I came across a lovely blog about a little woolly lamb named Baa & his amazing adventures.
Through this blog The Mother & I corresponded off & on for a couple of years ....  until last week she mentioned they would like to do a roadtrip & come to visit me here at Threadbear Cottage

How Very exciting !!!

They arrived last Saturday .... The Mother (Karen), Miss H (Hannah) & of course - Baa

I put on morning tea for all of us . . . goodness me, we chatted & chatted & chatted . . . & suddenly, 3 hours had gone by in the blink of an eye !!
Baa was very patient while we chatted endlessly . . . & then Hannah took some photos of him around my garden & cottage

Baa on my newly painted wrought iron table/chairs

You can read Hannah's wonderful posts about their visit here & here

They very kindly & generously came bearing gifts .  .  .

.  .  . wonderful Op shop treasures .  .  .

.  .  .  & handmade gifts as well  .  .  .
The cutest EVER christmas tree decorations !!
Thank you SO much Karen, Hannah & Baa for a most enjoyable day, for travelling all the way to visit,  & a lovely friendship made.

The Mr has been milking lately so I get up early when he goes & try to work through the never ending list of jobs still to be done.
Yesterday morning I made another batch of soy candles in my kitchen as the sun came up ...
I must admit I am making many mistakes lately - 3 of this batch cracked & sunk in the middle. 
I ended up re-melting them down & starting again.  These are going as gifts for family members.

Thankfully my baking has been a little more successful . . .

As the sewing machine is not getting such a work-out lately, the two 4-legged members of the household have taken up residence on my work table.  I am not too certain that Miss Pippi's position was comfy but she did stay there all night long !!

This will be my last post before Christmas, probably for the Year.
I would like to wish you all a wonderful happy & safe Festive Season & may the coming year be good & kind to all of us.

My Christmas Gift to myself ....... this very old vintage typewriter that still works !!!
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you with all my heart for the time you take to come & visit with me here on my blog & also the ones that leave me comments . . . it honestly means so very much to me & makes me realise that I am not just talking to myself as The Mr always assures me I am !!!
See you all again next year !!
With much love & friendship to you ALL
Julie, Blackie & Miss Pippi


  1. Hi Julie,what a lovely post,Merry Xmas to you and your family and i hope you have a safe and happy new Year xx

  2. So nice that Karen, Hannah and Baa could visit you. I thought their blog was rather cute and had some nice things to say about their visit with you, perhaps you will all go on to be firm friends, just how we became after meeting through our blogs, something I treasure! Glad to see the cats are taking up sewing.........or was that just sleeping in IN the sewing department? Yummy looking treats you have made. Merry Christmas Hugs my friend .....xxxx

  3. We had such a great time! Those treats looks so yummy especially the cute Christmas trees. Love the way you iced them. Hmmm.... Miss Pippi is definitely squeezing in there, sort of my butt in your face style! Ha...ha... Have a fantastic Christmas. Baa. xxx, Miss H and the Mother.

  4. Lovely post again Julie..And, a lovely,
    lovely story about Baa!x Looks as though
    Baa gets about, posing with some lovely
    things! Bless!x
    And, nothing beats tea and a chat! Great
    fun...HeHe! How many ears were burning! :).

    And, the stars of the show...Pippi and Blackie,
    looks a though Pippi's dropped a stitch, and
    looking for it...And, Blackie...well, he's doing
    his own thing, as usual!

    So, yes, another year comes to an end, thankyou
    for ALL the lovely posts Julie, and, the pics of
    the furry ones, and, mostly, taking time out to
    e~mail the following day! Bless! May you and ALL
    your lovely family and friends have a wonderful
    time...And, And, don't forget to leave a glass of
    sherry and a mince pie out for Santa on Christmas
    Eve...God Bless..One and all....! :0). =(^..^)=

  5. How nice to meet Baa and family!! Yiur baking looks amazing, I hope the candles worked better the second time. I have really enjoyed your posts this year and look forward to meeting you next year. Happy Christmas to you and your family Julie, hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Baa is adorable and now I need to visit the blog. I love your old typewriter, and I love that you gave yourself a gift, something I do to myself from time to time. Wishing you and the Mr and the rest of your family including the fur children have a lovely Christmas. Will visit you in the new year for sure, you know we can chat for at least three hours!!

  7. How lovely to swing by your lovely cottage for a visit. I can well imagine time flew by. Baa is rather adorable isn't he. You have been busy.....again. Your baking looks rather delish. Don't cats sleep in the strangest positions. It is always a delight to visit you, Julie. I look forward to swinging by many, many times in the new. May you and yours have the most wonderful of Christmases.

  8. Thank you for all your encouragement, inspiration and education...wishing you a happy and healthy 2017. xx

    1. Thank YOU e.e. for the lovely comments u always take the time to leave me. So very much appreciated. Happy festive season to you too x x

  9. Thank you Julie for your wonderful posts, it is a pleasure to read them, and look forward to reading more in the coming year, have an awesome Christmas with the family, and a wonderful New Year. Chris xoxo

    1. Many thanks to YOU Chris for the lovely comments you always stop by to leave me & for reading & appreciating my blog. Hope you have an awesome Christmas too & all the very best for 2017. Lets hope its a goodie :-)

  10. Lovely post Julie - Baa seems to be quite the character, it sounds like a wonderful visit - bloggy friendships can be so special :-) Wishing you all the best for a Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year... I look forward to following your adventures in 2017!

  11. Ha ha! A sewing machine cat! So sweet!
    YOU have been very busy and I hope you have a rest now, dear Julie!
    I love the lamb and the lamb's adventures. Precious!
    God be with you, good Julie! I'm so glad you are my friend.

  12. How blessed for ALL of you to have such an afternoon together!!
    Merry and Blessed Christmas dear Julie, and also to the Mister. Looking forward to more wonderful visits to your blog next year, which of course means more swooning over all the delightful things you make and show us.
    Much love

  13. Hello dear Julie, goodness, look at that- Christmas Eve again already! Everything is looking super inspirational & fabulous over here, as usual. What a lovely visit you all had the other afternoon. That red hot chilli colour really is fabulous isn't it & just perfect for this time of the year.
    So enjoyed lighting my lovely scented candle when I had a bath the other night- the scent was just right for me.
    Have a wonderful Christmas & lots of fun with that wee Alec.
    Much love & cheery Christmas waving from over here, Catherine x0x0x

  14. lovely to read about your connection with other bloggers and their visit. that's the best bit about blogging I think - the friendships it can develop. Wishing you a very happy Christmas (from sunny Mexico!) Betty x

  15. Hello Julie. I've just come over from Baa's blog. How lovely to get to meet Baa, Karen and Hannah. Your cottage is gorgeous.

  16. Hello Julie,

    What a lovely post to end the year of 2016. All the best for the coming year and hope you find lots of lovely items to do-up.

    Happy days.


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