Sunday, April 9, 2017

Giveaway Winner, An Apology, & A Welcome !!!

Sunday Greetings dear friends & readers & Welcome to April - a shiny new autumn month

I have (finally) drawn the winner of my little pincushion giveaway!!

Yes Julie well it's about time - it IS only the 9th April after all !!!!!
The name that The Mr drew out of my big old enamel teapot was 
Raewyn of stitchingfarmgirl blog
& Raewyn chose pincushion No. 2 !!

Congratulations Raewyn - I will be contacting you for your postal address
Many, many heartfelt thanks to all of you for taking part & the lovely comments you all left me 
I honestly wish I had a pincushion to send to each & every one of you

I wanted to apologise for not replying to some readers comments & also for not getting around to visiting you all at your blogs lately.
We have been having endless computer problems despite purchasing a new computer earlier this year.
Thank you to those that have emailed me to ask if I am actually still alive ... it is so kind & lovely of you.
When I first began my blog 5 years ago, my intention was to post weekly .... I sometimes manage this but mostly my blog posts are erratic as life & all it throws at us sometimes gets in the way.
Thank you for hanging in there & staying with me despite my erratic postings.

I have been working on an order & photographing my progress to share with you all ....... & my computer has lost all the photos I had taken.
So next post when I share the completed order with you - there will be no "befores" ... only "afters"

Lastly - but by no means least . . .  I wanted to share some wonderful news with you all dear readers
At 3.55 am on April Fools Day, after a long & arduous labour my new grandson made his dramatic entrance to the world & we got to Welcome little Sid
Just one hour old on his Daddy's knee - my son calls him his little Pixie

There is no greater joy for this Granny Julie than to hold her dear grandson in her arms

And here he is above at 4 days old - the day of his Mummy's 30th birthday in fact 

When I helped pack up my son & daughter in laws house recently, I noticed they were leaving behind a large established herb garden so I thought a little herb planter might be well appreciated for Nicole's birthday
I also purchased a copy of Rhonda's book as I have previously gifted her Rhondas latest one The Simple Home 
& thought she might like to complete her set.
Nicole was delighted with her gift.

Thanks so much for your visit today dear readers
Be kind to yourselves & to each other ... & may the coming week bring you good things,
with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Hi Julie congrats on the arrival of your gorgeous GS we are truly blessed to be Grandma's.Also congrats to Raewyn for her lovely win,i hope you have a lovely Sunday Julie.

  2. Big congrats on your beautiful new Grandson Julie xxxx Lucky Raewyn on her special win...lovely!

  3. Hi Julie, have been checking most days to see if you had posted, (duh) never thought to email you to make sure you were still with us, aww what an adorable baby boy, congrats to you all, and congrats to Raewyn on her win, silly computers always mess us up, have a great week or 2 or 3 haha, look forward to your next post, horrible weather here in Melbourne today, take care. Chris xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Chris, he certainly IS an adorable baby boy. He is currently giving his parents the "run around" & not sleeping much, as they all do at times!! Terrible weather here too Chris. xx

  4. Ah! The photo of little Sid, did make me chuckle..
    And, yes, he does look like a little pixie..Bless!
    Congratulations..all round, wait till the furry
    ones see him...pussy~cats love babies! :).

    And, congrats to Raewyn, Julie...Are you
    sure you put my name in the teapot!..HeHe!
    I think she picked the best one of the

    Well, best get on..No Pippi..No Blackie..
    Think l'll have another lemon tea..And sulk! :(.
    Still...we can find fulfillment and happiness,
    so..thankyou Mr Lama...! :0).

  5. Hi Julie, so pleased to hear little Sid arrived safe and well... hope Mum is recovering well too! He sure is a little cutie! Great present idea too :O)

  6. Lovely to see you back in blog land Julie..I hope the computer behaves itself now and cooperates!! Hope the Little Pixie is doing well and also Mum, great present you put together for her birthday.

  7. Congratutulations to your daughter and your family. What a lovely name :) He looks adorable. I like the herb box present idea xx

  8. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!
    glad she liked all the gifts!
    love to read what you type here so always just wait patiently til your return, as you always do eventually, you always say what you've been up to while you been away which makes for very interesting reading.
    thanx for sharing

  9. Absolutely gorgeous!! What a lovely little angel. Congratulations!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  10. blessings to little Sid and to you and you family, what a tiny, fragile little creature he is. Betty x

    1. Thanks Betty, he certainly does seem such a tiny fragile creature. But with a rather large set of lungs on him !!!

  11. Apology accepted!! New the baby must have arrived, and OMG how cute is Sid? Love love love his name.

  12. Oh how beautiful your Sid is. Lovely photo of you cradling him, Julie. Re the blogging does get in the way....don't beat yourself up too much. What a cool present for your daughter-in-law. Have a lovely week, Julie. I hope you have no more computer problems.

  13. Hello Sid you handsome wee fella! Forget blogging, washing, cleaning etc etc, time with this wee fella is way more exciting!

  14. Congratulations to you and your family - what a beautiful boy! and congrats to Raewyn - she will be delighted. We've been busy lately. Hannah has been unwell and a few hospital visit we could have done without!. She seems okay now, and I will be delighted to have her home for the Easter holidays I think the photo of you and Sid is gorgeous!

  15. Many Congratulations, Granny Julie, on your Little Sid. He's gorgeous and totally unaware of the trauma he put his Mummy and Daddy through! Love your herb garden and congratulations to the winner of your beautiful pincushion. Have a good week, Julie. xxx

    1. Thanks so much Anne. Hope you have a lovely Easter. xxx

  16. Congratulations to you Julie and the family with the safe arrival of wee Sid. Enjoy each others company and take lots of photos! Congratulations to Raewyn also, Have a great Easter. Kind regards xxxx P.S ditto to Willies comments no CAT photos :-)

  17. Congrats on the arrival of the new grandson, he looks beautiful! Love the thoughtful gift for your daughter in-law. Enjoy the new cuddles, Michelle.

  18. Oh what joy! Congratulations to all! xxx

  19. Congratulations to you all on Sid's arrival Julie - how special that is, and lovely that you got to cuddle him so soon! Thank you also for drawing out my name - how wonderfully lucky I am :-) You put together a gorgeous and thoughtful gift for your daughter-in-law.

  20. Congratulations on the arrival of sweet little Sid!! I can just imagine the love that's pouring into his life right now. xxx
    LOVE your princess and the pea project. Stay safe from Cyclone Cook. Living in a cyclone area I can tell you they are not fun.

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