Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Princess & The Pea . . . . . * Tilda Style *

Greetings dear friends & readers & Happy Easter to you all !!!

A couple of months ago I received an email from my lovely friend Sally.
The email went something like this "Julie, I have bought an old wooden cot from the Op Shop & I wanted to do a Princess & the Pea theme with it ...... would you make me the Princess please?"
As you can imagine, I was most fascinated !!!

So Sally arrived out to visit me with the gorgeous Tilda book above, she had on loan from our local Library.
And the scrummy array of Tilda fat 1/4's pictured below . . .
As luck would have it - Sally even had her own crown !!!

It was about now that I had to confess "you know Sal, even tho' I have heard of it .... I don't actually know the story of  The Princess & the Pea" !!!
Having raised sons, the opportunity to read them this particular fairy tale just never arose.
So Sally gave me a brief rundown of a shortened version of the fairy tale about them hiding a pea in the mattresses to see if she was in fact "a real Princess"

Originally the order was just to sew the Princess in the book - this however, grew to me offering to make the mattresses as well.
My friend Sally is one VeRy clever lady ... & more than capable of doing this order herself.  But she has just this year undertaken an intensive floristry course, so I decided to whip a coat of paint on the cot while I was busily painting something else ...

As mentioned in my last post, I lost all my "before" & "during" photos from this order when our computer died.

As I had cut the front side out of the cot before undercoating it, I was able to just sit it back in place to give you an idea of the original red/grey colour & how tatty the little wooden cot was

Once I had undercoated it a couple of times to cover the red, I affixed a piece of flat wood slat to the side with a couple of screws.

Front View                                                                          Back View
Then I proceeded to paint the entire cot white & make the mattresses.  Some of them I boxed the corners & stuffed more thickly, others I just left thin, as in the pattern book

Next I decided to make the pillow & the little quilt - I absolutely LoVeD the fabrics I chose for these ...

It was a last minute decision to add a little frill to the edges of the cot quilt (I am so pleased I did this)

My next task was to drape the cot with some netting offcuts I had found in my stash .  .  .

.  .  .  . I was able to cut them to length & bunch together at the top - this sat quite snugly once I slid the crown over the wooden slat piece 

I worked on this project over the course of a few weeks, leaving it at times to work on other orders or baby sewing.
Everytime I would bring it out to continue with, my own real life Princess would take it upon herself to be a pain in
offer her input !!!!

Whenever I would stack the mattresses in the cot to work out their placement, she would have much delight in rearranging them for me (Sorry Sal)
During the course of this order, on a daytrip to Rotorua, I was delighted to come across a small felted ball for 50c in a craft shop .  .  .

.  .  . which was perfect for the Pea.
Unfortunately the Pea in question went missing for about 3 days when a certain 4 legged ginger helper decided it made the most wonderful play toy !!!

And finally ...... I got to make the Princess !!!
Sally had chosen which Tilda fabrics she wished me to use for the nightie & stockings ...
My one specification was that I wanted to give her "proper hair"
I did not so much like the painted-on-hair in the pattern book.
I photocopied a piece of the fabric onto medium weight cardstock & made her little crown with this

The pea got tucked under the edge of the mattresses .  .  . 
The miniature vintage china cup (found in my cupboards) was perfect for the chamber pot

Viola .  .  .  the Princess & the Pea - Tilda Style  
Sally was delighted .... she has promised me I am allowed to play with this set each time I visit her .... so long as I have adult supervision & have washed my hands first !!!!!! 😉

Wishing you all a safe & happy Easter dearest friends & readers
With Cyclone Cook bearing down on us here it is looking like we could be in for a rather wet Easter break
I have the furry ones tucked up safely inside, a new wax melt in my oil burner, & a good supply of choccy eggs stashed away .... 
I think I will be safe & sound !!!
Thanks so much for your visits here today
with much love & friendship to you ALL
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. That looks so beautiful Julie. You never cease to amaze me with your clever creations. Happy Easter to youand the furry onesx

  2. I do so love my gorgeous Princess and The Pea Julie! She is currently still residing in the living room as I still haven't decided where to place her! :0)

  3. Stunning! What a clever Princess you are! I bet Sally was squealing with delight. I like the sound of your new wax melts..........I say the little table runner looks rather sweet. Happy Easter my friend-that-lives-too-far-away!xxxx

  4. It's not to often l'm lost for words...
    But! But! This is just amazing...A fairy
    tale in it's self! :).
    I've just got the book off the shelf....
    Princess and the Pea...I've 238 Ladybird
    books, belonging to my daughter..on the
    final page of the story it says...
    'As for the pea, it was placed in a museum.
    It may still be seen there~if no one has
    taken it away'!
    The book next to it on the shelf is...
    The Princess and the Frog..So, it's a good
    job it was'nt that one Julie! :).

    HaHa! when l first saw Pippi, l though..she's
    a young to be getting married..Bless! She looks
    lovely, and Blackie, in his usual position..Asleep!

    But! That cot is really something it....
    So much so, l'm gonna send this link off to a few
    people, who l know will love it to!
    Oh! Hope it's o.k. l'm gonna copy that lovely pic
    at the top, and put it in my pussy~cat folder!
    And, yes, Happy Easter to one and all! God Bless! :).

  5. As ever your creativity is second to none. A lovely project Julie. Have a great Easter weekend.

  6. I am so in love, the princess and the pea was my favourite story when I was a child, I still have a copy on my shelves. Such beautiful fabrics, so much care and attention, I love everything about it, thank you for sharing it with us xx

  7. Wow Julie this is amazing what a wonderful set this is,you are so clever my friend and i love the fabrics,well done.

  8. Your Princess Pea doll and bed is just darling! I don't know the story either! Have a wonderful Easter. Nancy

  9. What an adventure sewing up the Princess and the Pea and all her finery! Hope you've stayed dry....Happy Easter!!

  10. For Heaven's sake, that is the cutest thing ever. My gosh you are such a talented lady.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter from all at the mouse-house, Julie. xo

  11. How adorable! I want it! I love the way you hung the netting! The mattresses are so perfect and Tilly rules the scene!
    The furry babies are sure adorable, all cuddly in the cooler weather.
    Stay warm and dry, good Julie!
    Oh! And the pea is brilliant!

  12. Oh my goodness that is a wow. It's beautiful and so much work. I had missed your previous entry Julie, congrats on becoming a Grandma again. Such a thrill.

  13. OMG that Princess and the pea is GORGEOUS!!! I love how Pippy helped you out, NOT!!

  14. Gosh, that is so adorable Julie. Love the cot and how you made it so pretty. The mattresses are so great all piled on top of each other in that beautiful Tilda fabric, and then the cherry on top a beautiful princess - the cutest of cute!! I am envious of how cleaver the lovely ginger assistant is to you! - maybe you could hire her out! No wonder Sally is delighted! Who wouldn't be!! Simply super!

  15. Everything you make Julie I covet. You have a way of making everything feel so charming. It really is quite a knack to have. At the moment, well actually for many months going forward I will be renovating our newly purchased house. Every hour just now, is taken up with stripping walls and painting and clearing away the mess of about thirty years. Once all is finished though I will have my own 'quiet' room for reading and crafts. Can't wait !Btw Julie I have changed my email address, I wanted to let you know because sometimes you send a reply to my comments, Have a wonderful Easter Julie and stay safe away from the storms.



  16. That's got to be my favourite makeover...I'm sending a round of applause! xx

    1. Thanks for the round of applause E.E. I loved this particular set & could easily have kept it to play with myself !!!! Happy Easter to you xx

  17. It's delightful! I used to love that story myself as a child - I still read fairy stories now.. your quilts and the pea are just genius.

    1. Thanks so much Betty. I must admit I really enjoyed the fairy tale when I read the whole story. It was just lovely. Finding the pea was just perfect !!! Happy Easter to you Betty xxx

  18. Oh Julie I'm in love with The Princess and the Pea version you have created, such perfect little finishing touches! I have often thought of making something like this but I don't think I could recreated it as beautifully as you have.
    Hope things aren't too soggy up your way, we have come through the worst of it I think though have had some heavy downpours this morning.

  19. That is just beautiful Julie, the whole thing looks amazing. Great find, finding the pea!! Good to see your helper is "helping "every step on the way!! I hope you have had a happy Easter and that the incoming cyclone didn't affect you guys too much. Hope the chocolate lasted the distance!!

  20. Oh what a lovely post....your work is gorgeous! Love all the help you received from your fur baby lol! Happy Easter Julie xx

  21. omg I love that, great job Julie, lucky you had help hehe. Have never tackled a tilda doll before, might have to try one.
    Hope it wasn't to wet over there for you all, they do look cozy snuggled up there, like the thought of that smell French pear and lemongrass, is it nice??? Happy Easter Julie. Chris xoxo

    1. Thanks Chris, yes I was indeed lucky to have that help !!!! :-)
      The french pear & lemongrass wax melt smelled just sooo delicious. I shall be looking for more in that fragrance. Hope you have a great week too Chris xxx

  22. Oh how gorgeous. It is as if the bed, the mattresses and the gorgeous princess have escaped from the pages of a storybook. Love the fabrics. I am so happy for you that when you visit your friend, you have permission to play with your beautiful creation.

  23. Hi Julie, it has been absolutely ages since I have popped over to read your blog. I must say how clever you are with your Princess and the Pea. What a huge achievement, it's amazing, you must be thrilled with the finished lot. Sooooooo cute. Your Princess is definitely royal, congratulations on such a feat.

  24. Wow…outstanding service and products to meet our office needs. I Love all and the colors you choose are perfect. I want this furniture for my new house. Thanks a lot for sharing


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