Friday, June 23, 2017

Snippets from my week

Rainy Friday Greetings to you dear friends & readers
My neighbour popped in yesterday to ask me to feed her pets & stock while she was away
In the course of our conversation she asked me "have you had a busy week?"
"Gosh yes, I have" came my reply .  .  .  she paused, waiting for me to tell her what I had been up to .  .  .  . 
Not one single thing came to mind !!!!  What HAVE I done with my week I wondered to myself ??

Thankfully a quick scroll through my camera gave me a few answers.
After I made the bibs for my new grandson in this post here, my daughter in law declared them to be "the best bibs ever!!"
I had quite a bit of flannelette leftover plus the remnants of the white bath towel still remaining so I ran up four more for her
This is a free bib pattern available from here

As I was about to toss the odd offcuts of the bath towel out, I suddenly thought they might make some more burb cloths/face washers

 So I managed to bind 3 more from the ends of the towel.

These vintage scales were amongst the selection of goodies my friend Elaine tossed my way during her declutter
I already have a black set myself which sit on the end of my kitchen bench & hold fruit, gourds or potpourri - depending on the season
Elaine & I (& Pippi) all agreed these could do with a makeover

 I decided to paint them using my antique white chalk paint
I very lightly & carefully masked the face of the scales -
two coats later & a light scuff with sandpaper .  .  .
I had intended to sit them in my bathroom holding the beautiful vintage bathcubes & soaps my friend Sally had gifted me when I did her Princess & the Pea Order
 Unfortunately they were too wide for the end of my bath so they now reside on the spare room dresser

Looking ever-so-slightly Shabby Chic I feel

These next two items also got a makeover this week
Though I forgot to take a "before photo" (again Julie??) they were both heavy dark brown wood covered in a thick glossy varnish.
They will both be used for what I call "cuppa tea tables" .  .  . the corner one below is to go beside the couch by the fire in my dining area

The colour is Antique White Chalk paint ...... more of a cream than a white really.

This little stool below is not quite finished, it has to have the paper doiley modpodged onto it & then a good coat of wax to make it all wipeable.
It is very similar to the stool I revamped in this post here & will be used in the lounge as a cuppa tea table.
The colour is not photographing well this grey day but it is Pale Duck Egg Blue

I have been the lucky recipient recently of some surprise mail from bloggy friends ... a lovely friend from the South Island sent these beautiful delicate lace curtains to me to cut up or use in a project .... though they are old & fragile, just look at that stunning lacework on the bottom edges
They were originally bought from a flea market in Paris many years ago ... they are the palest shade of grey, & I just love to hold them in my hands & think of the stories they could tell.

After some email correspondence with my lovely friend Jenny of elephantz about the gorgeous flour sack teatowels she was embroidering on, Jenny very kindly offered to send me two "to play with"
Jenny originally purchased several of these teatowels from the United States, they are the softest of soft.  
I gasped when I opened the parcel & some of Jennys beautiful handwork fell out ... an exquisitely embroidered bookmark.
Thank you So Much ladies ...your kindness & thoughtfulness made my day in more ways than you can imagine.

Well dear friends, it is rainy & grey here today ... time to fill the woodbasket
 For once in their lives, these two have the right idea & are tucked up in the warmth

Wishing you a wonderful weekend .... I hope you find some creative time in your days
with much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Ah! Now! 'Weight' a minute...No Willie...
    That wait is spelt w~a~i~t...No! I was going
    to say something about those scales! 'Weight'.
    Actually Julie, l'm surprised Pippi has'nt
    jumped on them to weigh herself! Bless!
    They look lovely!

    Surprising, l get the same thing, l bump
    into people who ask what l've been up to,
    and, the old mind goes blank, but, usually
    have a busy week! Though the heat over here
    has broken ALL records since 1976. Year my
    daughter was born, one of the coldest winters
    on record to...What a memory you have Willie! :).

    And, the top saying made me laugh...I'd put my
    laundry in the oven to..if it did the ironing! :0).
    Though you'd have to keep it away from the roast! :).

    Well...just gone seven over here, time for a second
    lemon tea, looks like another hot day, though a bit
    cooler! Bit of breakfast, then off down town, coffee
    at Costa, little wander around the shops, back home,
    to cut the grass, though l may do that tomorrow....!

    XX's and ((HUGS)) when the furry ones wake up Julie..
    Bless! Their little furry paws....!!! =(^..^)=

  2. Wow awesome scales they look perfect at your place, the soaps would not be safe at my place as you know! I have 3 cuppa tea tables, they nest under a larger round table, there is of course suppose to be four of the smaller tables but that was how the set came at the Oshop for a grand total of $10.....mine are dark and mankiy looking, not fresh and fabulous like yours! Oh Blackie and Miss Pippi what a life you have...of course they would have helped with filling up that wood basket wouldn't they Julie? I hope you didn't gush over Richard Gere too much! :-)

  3. P.S The gift from Jenny is fabulous!

  4. Loved the saying at the top of the post! We all have days like that, don't we?
    You are such an amazing repurposer (do you think that is a real word?), and I love seeing all of your wonderful creations. Might even inspire me to do something one day. : )

  5. Great saying to begin your post. I had to laugh, last Sunday I spent ages looking for the handset for the phone, it was not anywhere...I went to the hall cupboard to put away an extension cord and there it was sitting happily on the shelf!!!! They are beautiful gifts that have come to what you have done with the scales, they look amazing, I am with Leeanne on the soaps, they would be gone in a flash here too. The cuppa tables look wonderful too, you are very clever with repurposing. The bibs looks good, great to hear they are used happily, you did well with the towel ends too. Lovely photo of the furry ones, best place to be on a cold wintery day.

  6. Aw! The furry ones are so adorable. Smooch! Smooch!
    I love the cuppa tea tables. I need some.
    The scales look lovely all whitened up, Julie.
    Stay cozy!

  7. You're such a great gal, I only wished you lived round the corner, then I could buy oodles of your gorgeous handiwork.

    Have a great weekend


  8. What a lovely post, Your gorgeous two little fur faces are so cute... Thank you so much for sharing the little bib post I will be trying them out for my little Granddaughter... Love how the scales turned out I love a bit of chalk paint the effects it create are amazing... your tables are beautiful... the linen you got from a friend the design is just perfect.. I have a lot of old linen hand embroidered table cloths from my husbands Grandmother and a tea set which I'm scared to use as the bone china is so old !! I take them out every so often just to touch them and think of her sitting and sewing the cloths... Have a happy creative weekend ahead... May

  9. You have been busy. I love the little corner table and the scales look great. I'm terrible for not taking before photos. I get so enthusiastic about getting on with the job, that I often forget.

  10. You have such a magic touch, the scales look so pretty, I would never have thought to use them like that. That lace looks gorgeous, I love to dream about the history of things xx

  11. A busy week for you. Everything looks fabulous. The furbabies look adorable curled up there together. Love that saying. It reminded me of saying to my son, when discussing which meal to have for dinner, well have the lasagne i still have to defrost the onions anyway for the casserole tomorrow night. No i didn't need to defrost onions it was sausages that i was taking out of the container. :). Hugs,xx

  12. Oh, what a cute picture of your kitties! Neat corner table and love the cuppa tea stool! So beautiful lace and it will be interesting to see what you make with it. Your repainted scales is just the place for those lovely soaps I need to get in the mood and post a blog soon! Enjoy all your new things! Nancy

  13. My li'l ole heart is beating rather quickly! =) Be still my beating heart.....French pretties....oh you lucky gal! Sweet scales. Yes indeedy, very shabby chic I feel. Have a most wonderful weekend, lovely Julie.

  14. I would definitely put your week in the "busy" week category. Love all your projects. How lovely to have such nice mail xx

  15. There is the skill and treasure in every thing you touch. If only we could all have that talent xxx

  16. Julie I'm so glad you found a gorgeous wee spot for the vintage "smellies"!! They look perfect :) OMG those French lace curtains are to die for...very Jeanne d'Arc....are you sure you want to cut them up?! :-o xxxx

  17. Oh I am pleased you have been spoilt too! Great treasures:O) You have inspired me to paint a wooden plant stand I have, I love everything you create I wish I had a magic touch like you! The doily is the perfect touch to the stool! Wishing you another creatively busy week!

  18. Nice to catch up on your doings Julie... very cute bibs, and I like the way you have transformed the scales and cuppa-tables! Lovely gifts too, I wonder what you will do with those...!

  19. Hi Julie wow i love your work those scales are stunning ,the bibs look great,you are very clever and how lovely for Jenny to send those lovely gifts,hope you have a lovely week my friend xx

  20. oh such a cool set of scales Julie, love them painted. the tables came up a treat to, chalk paint is so amazing, not sure about you but I would have a hard time cutting up those beautiful curtains, even if they are falling apart, but cant wait to see what you do with them. cute bibs and washers you made for your grandson, your sew talented:-) Hope you manage to stay warm and cozy like those cats Julie, have a great week. Chris xoxo

  21. I love that scale, very much! Your creative bibs are so beautiful. I adore all your upcycled furniture... everyone needs a 'cuppa tea table'. I can't wait to see what you create using those beautiful and delicate curtains. Have a wonderful week. xx

  22. Catching up on posts today - been sick for a few days so stayed at home in bed. Lovely post! Your posts always make me smile!

  23. Okay, those curtains? Total envy, the greener than green kind. LOL!! Really excited to see what you make. :-)
    That clock is stunning. xxx

  24. How lovely to have surprises in the post, especially ancient French lace curtains! I know you will be making something wonderful with your goodies and look forward to seeing what they turn in to.


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