Friday, July 7, 2017

A bit of a Curve Ball

Friday Greetings lovely friends & readers
Gosh what a fortnight it has been!!~!
Sometimes when you feel you are ticking along nicely, not too many expectations on yourself & life in general, not thinking too far ahead, just focusing on the immediate task at hand ...... life can come along & throw you a bit of a curve ball
This is pretty much what happened to me in the last two weeks.

If you look up the meaning of a curve ball you will see it states "to introduce something totally unexpected, surprising or disruptive"

Mt Taranaki (Egmont) was indeed wearing her winter coat while I was down at Mums !!
My dear Mum is most unwell.
She has lots of things wrong with her .... things that have been brewing away for quite sometime but have gone undetected due to Mum not letting on.
The outcome of all these things going wrong in her 88 year old body, is that Mum can no longer live alone in the family home.
The short version of a very long week involving many Doctors consultations is that I made the decision to bring Mum back home with me.

This Verse hangs on my Sewing Room Wall ... I have always loved it & thought how very true !!!
(Click on the picture to enlarge it if you are having trouble reading it)
This leads me to two questions ...... did I envisage myself caring for my aged Mother ??  Not really - No !
Secondly ...... did my Mum envisage herself living with me here ??  100 % most certainly Not !
So we have quite a period of adjustment ahead of us both.  While Mum still believes "when she gets well again, she will be going home" ... I know this will not be the case.  But I cannot look too far ahead at the moment & am just trying to take one day at a time as I muddle my way through.

There are only two things bringing a smile to Mums face these days .  .  .
Her great grandsons Alec & Sid ... Mum had not even met little Sid until this week
And .  .  .

the never ending antics of these two above !!

While I was down at Mums another birthday slipped on by 
I was lucky enough on my return home to be greeted by some wonderful handmade gifts from treasured friends

My dear friend Leeanne lovingly stitched me this beautiful cushion after me moaning telling her via email recently that I was "over winter & couldn't wait for summer !"

My dear friend Carolyn sewed me this gorgeous gardening apron & filled the pockets with seeds & tools 
 I have always admired these handy aprons & never ever owned one (til now)

And my dear friend Donna handknitted me this stunning selection of flowers & leaves & issued me a challenge 
"to see what you make with them" ....  along with the wonderful felted bird that was tucked into the parcel.
Thank you all So Very Much my lovely friends ... your thoughtfulness meant the world to me.

 This little wooden Tea Chest was sitting in Mums shed along with some other things to be taken to the dump.
As I consider myself "the local dump" (!!!) I bought it home with me & sat a delicate fern in it.

And so dear readers, in times of uncertainty I find the one thing that always brings peace & structure to my life
 is creativity .  .  .

It seemed appropriate then that I picked up my stitchery again .... a design from my friend Jenny of elephantz ... because Yes indeed, we all do need a home !
I hope to show you it complete in my next post.

Birthday Basket of Polyanthus from my sister in law .... Op Shop basket .... just the way I like it !!!!!
Thank you so much for listening today dear friends,
I must apologise for not replying to comments or emails from my last post & I have not had a chance as yet to visit you all at your blogs
I hope to remedy this very soon !!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend 
Be good & kind to yourselves & to each other
with much love & friendship
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Hi Julie,my heart goes out to you and your mum i hope it will all work out for you both,lovely pic of her with her great grandies.
    What lovely gifts you have received from your friends,it shows you are well loved my friend ,love your stitchery xx

  2. Dear Julie, oh have you done the good right thing. I miss my Mum and your verse brought tears to my eyes.Your mother will feel secure and hopefully happy as she shares time with you. Miss Pippi and Blackie hopefully will also welcome her with open paws and snuggle up to her. She might feel like doing a wee bit of knitting.I'm in awe of your kindness to your mother. Well done.Hugs from Shirley

  3. P.S. Happy belated birthday, I'm so sorry, I was away and have just got back.Hugs.

  4. Dear Julie, you are such a beautiful and kind hearted lady.Don't forget to look after yourself. Blessings to you and your Mum.

    1. Thanks SO much Trish for your very kind words that meant so much to me to read them XXXX

  5. Happy belated birthday, Julie. I saw the cushion on Leeanne's blog and thought it was lovely! You received many nice gifts from people that obviously care about you.
    Bringing your Mum home is a life altering event--more than a BIT of a curve ball, I'd say! Definitely not something we plan on, but I believe we will never be sorry for the time spent caring for aging parents. That said, I think it can be easy to get lost in all of their needs, so you have to be sure you schedule time to refuel.
    It is sweet that your Mum can find joy in the great-grands and the furry kids.
    That basket of flowers is so cheerful looking.

  6. I think what Janet wrote is true, more than a curve ball. You know you have friends who care about you, so hang in there and call when you need help and or to just vent! The photo of your Mum and the boys is a treasure and seeing her smiling face is something special. The new stitching project will be good medicine for you. Hugs xxx

  7. Ah! Bless! Well, one thing in life we 'ALL' have to face,
    is getting old..King, Queen, rich and poor! And, some of
    the 'old' school are lovely, lovely people! And, family
    are very important, to us all. And back home in Sicily,
    the head of the family, the most
    important member of that family! And much loved! They go
    to her for advice..!
    Julie..she looks a lovely lady, with her Great Grand Littles!
    And, l bet he furry ones love her to, pussy~cats love the elderly,
    I think it's because they don't move about so much, they can
    settle on their laps for a long sleep! :).

    Love "The Keeper" I l have seen it before, the very last bit is
    a lovely saying to...Another favourite of mine is...
    "Don't walk in front of me, l may not follow, don't walk behind me,
    l may not lead, walk beside me, and be my friend".

    I hope all will turn out o.k. for you Julie...I'm sure it will, you
    have a lovely family around you, and that, that is the most important
    thing ever...Family...and the love of one! God Bless!x
    ((Hugs)) XX's for the two furry...lay~a~bouts...! :0).

  8. Dear Julie what a change in direction for you. As much as you love your mum, you must take care of yourself. Have long soaks in bubble baths to help relax and listen to music you love. Take each day as it comes and let others help you. Love xxx

  9. Hi Julie, So sorry to hear about your mum's health. I wish you both all the best with the adjustments that you are both having to make to your lives. I lost my mum 25 years ago, so I can't say I know how it feels to be in your situation, but I'm sure that whatever happens, you will do the right thing. Just make sure you take time for yourself too, although I realise it may be difficult, so try to take each day as it comes.

  10. Oh Julie. I'm really sorry to learn that your mum is unwell, but I think it's lovely that you're living together. Yes, it will take a while to adjust but you'll have plenty more memories to treasure this way and I'm sure she'll enjoy all your wonderful projects. What wonderful friends you have, to send such gorgeous gifts. Enjoy your weekend ♥♥♥

    1. Thanks for your kind words & thoughts Yvonne. I am trying to look at this difficult time as a "period of adjustment". I think I am finding it harder than Mum in some ways because she is still under the illusion that this is all temporary. My hubby told me we just take one day at a time. So that is what I am trying to do. xxx

  11. God be with you, good Julie. I love the prose on your sewing room wall. It's so heartwarming and heart rendering, too! My mum is 87 and still living alone. I think what you are doing is high and noble. I think there are sweet and holy moments in store.
    Happy birthday! I hope you will continue to celebrate and buy yourself a few gifts (I always do!) as the stressful weeks unfurl. Stressful isn't always bad, sometimes it is just "the way" and you will be okay.
    Your mum is beautiful. I love her hair and her red sweater and I bet I would love her personality, too. After all, she raised wonderful YOU!

  12. Certainly has been a curve ball. Your poor mum, but such a change for you too, one many people wouldn't be able to cope with. Your grandsons are gorgeous, no wonder your mum is smiling xx

    1. Thanks for your very kind words Cheryl XXX

  13. Hi Julie - bless your heart and your mom's as you both have a big change ahead. I think the two words that pop in my head are 'baby steps' as you will need to take this moment by moment, day by day until you have a routine that suits your life. Take care of yourself, more important now than ever. Be sure to find time for tea with friends. xo

    ep yourself in mind you can really enjoy the bond you obviously have with your mom and be happy that you

  14. Sending you bright blessings Julie. Things may well feel difficult for a time, but I'm sure there will be joyous moments too. I'm also sure your Mum feels loved and that's very important at any time in our lives.

  15. I'm glad your mom is well enough to be home with you. It will be a huge adjustment, but I don't think you'll regret it, Your birthday gifts are lovely. I especially love the cushions with the flowers. Do you happen to know the designer? Happy Belated Birthday!!

  16. Julie, how lucky your mum is to have you to bring her home and care for her. A big change of routine but treasure these times. A bonus for her to be closer to her great-grands. Allow being creative to be a release for you. Belated Birthday Wishes dear lady xx

  17. Sorry to hear about your Mum's health. I wish you all the best with the adjustments you'll all make living together. The photo of your Mum & your grandsons is beautiful. Happy Birthday to you. Your gifts are beautiful. Hugs,xx

  18. Hi Julie, sorry for your Mum, she did good to go that long in the family home on her own, hope you both enjoy living under the same roof, never had to worry about my Mum, cause I had my big sis to look after her and Dad.
    Beautiful stitchery, Happy belated Birthday, what lovely gifts you received, take care Julie. Chris xoxo

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment & kind words Chris. You are so lucky to have your big Sis to take care of things .... I have a big brother but he is certainly not reliable & I felt like the decisions were up to me. Yes I sure did get some wonderful birthday treasures. XXX

    2. yes I was lucky, they have all gone now, and I do miss them all, so enjoy the time with your mum.

  19. Hi Julie, so sorry to hear your dear Mum is unwell. You are right life is good at throwing curve balls!! Happy belated birthday and I am glad you were spoiled with such beautiful gifts. Take care and I hope you soon settle into your new way of being and that your Mum feels better soon...sending hugs xxx

  20. Although care giving can be hard work at times, and a big adjustment for the both of you learning to live together again - this is a precious time for you both to share. I admire your big heart in being able to help your mum at this new stage in her life. Drink some wine together, eat cake and laugh at the cats.

    Julie xxx

  21. Very sorry to hear about your Mum Julie, that sure is a huge curve ball been thrown your way. I hope the new look ĺiving arrangements work well for you all, dont forget to take time for you as well and keep yourself healthy. Lovley photo of your Mum and the great grand sons. Very happy belated brithday, lovely presents waiting for you. Love the photo of Mt Taranaki, still want to call it Egmont or Egghead as my Dad used to call it. 😀xx

  22. Yes, you will both face challenges and adjustments. But judging by your lovely nature, your Mum has guided you and been a wonderful example of love and caring. All the very best to you both.

  23. Happy Belated Birthday Julie, love Leeanne's cushion! To be the caregiver that now has to make huge decisions is hard, but as you say life does throw us curve balls! Treasure the times with Mum as I am sure she will with you and being near her Great Grandchildren and Grandchildren is awesome. xxx

  24. Wishing you and your dear mum all the best. Things will work out, all takes time Julie, but you know this. Happy Birthday for when ever it was. Still have the box of goodies in my boot so will head your way soon. Summer needs to hurry back, I am with you on Winter, and it is only just starting to really kick in!!

  25. Dear Julie, life really does have a way of making as revaluate everything from time to time, but I guess the most important thing in life is family. We have a few changes going on as well. Our grandson needed a place to stay so he moved in two weeks ago, he won’t be with us for very long because he is joining the army, but he will return for his long weekends and holidays. It's strange having another person living with us – but I’m sure it’s strange for him too, and I’m glad he knew he could come to us.
    The gifts from your friends are all beautiful as is your ‘stitchery’ I will look forward to seeing it when it’s finished.
    Happy belated birthday.

  26. Aah never knows what each day will throw at us. How lovely your mum can enjoy her days with you and her great grandsons and those adorable kitties of yours. It will be a big adjustment but I am sure you will both settle in to the right groove. Lovely pretties you were gifted and that is a very sweet stitchery you are sewing. Yes stitching is balm to the soul in troubled times. Sending you smiles across the waters, lovely Julie. Xx

  27. What a lovely photo of your mum and great grandsons. It will be lovely for you having special time with her. You have received some lovely gifts. Enjoy your stitching. xxx

  28. I had missed your post for some reason it didn't come in my reading list, very sorry. I hope you and your mum will adjust quickly to the move, it will be very stimulating for her to have people and pets around. I guess unplanned work and commitment for you, it's great that you can do this. Hope your lovely mum has improved health and well being as a result. Betty

  29. I had missed your post for some reason it didn't come in my reading list, very sorry. I hope you and your mum will adjust quickly to the move, it will be very stimulating for her to have people and pets around. I guess unplanned work and commitment for you, it's great that you can do this. Hope your lovely mum has improved health and well being as a result. Betty

  30. Your mum looks so happy i do hope you all get into a good routine and have lots of happy times ahead together. Betty x


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