Monday, July 17, 2017

Small Steps (really small) ........ & some advice please

Monday Evening Greetings to you all dear friends & readers
Welcome to another bright shiny New Week !!

Thank you all So Very Much for all the kind & caring comments & emails you left me after my last post

I would like to say Mum & I have been ticking along nicely but to be honest, it has been difficult
There have been lots of tears (mostly mine) & tantrums (mostly Mums) as we navigate our way through this tricky time 
 We continue to take just one day at a time taking very small steps

Precious moments of stitching & creativity are such good soul food ..... & even though I emailed a dear friend threatening to throw my sewing machine out the window this past week .... I still managed to complete the little stitchery I was working on & make it up into a wallhanging

As I save every single scrap of Tilda fabric, I was able to use my offcuts to frame the stitchery panel
This gorgeous pattern is from Jenny of elephantz design

Really hard to photograph on this dull day !!!
I found an old black wire hanger in my craft drawer that was the perfect size so a quick warm up by the fire (the hanger that is - Not me!!) & a blast with a can of cream spray paint

I always had the idea in my head that I wanted to hang this from the wall unit that I revamped last year in this post

As there seems to have been lots of sitting & drinking tea while I get Mum settled, I decided to pick up my knitting needles again.

I found this ball of super soft cotton in a bag of wool oddments while at Mums ... so I was able to knit up a couple of small face washers with it ... & might still have enough left for one more

For as long as I can remember there has been an Antique Shop on the corner of the main road, one block away from where my Mum lived in our family home    . . . Ethel Anne Antiques

While down at Mums recently I drove past this store many times on my way to errands & appointments.
I noticed a big sign painted on her window  "50% off all stock"
Gosh that sounds like me !!!!
So - on my birthday to be exact - I took myself off & spent a good half hour browsing at all the goodies & drooling
Normally these shops are well out of my budget but because everything was half price, a few treasures came home with me

The two china soup bowls were $7.50 each, which meant I got them both for $7.50 ... & the sweet little china butter dishes were $15 each, which meant I got them both for $15

This tray was my bestest find .... not photographing terribly well but it is a gorgeous tray with copper surround & a doiley set under a glass top ... would be beautiful with some vintage glass perfume bottles sat upon it (a shame I don't actually own any)
I was thrilled with my purchases & as Mum had given me some birthday money it felt even more special,

On Saturday evening after Mum went to bed, the Mr & I stood at the kitchen bench & bottled the wine we had made with our grapes from the summer of 2016 !!
This batch had actually sat in the glass demijohns "brewing" for a good 18 months !!
(Incidently my stepson & his girlfriend walked the length of the city street they live on & pinched acquired glass wine bottles from folks recycling bins in order to gather the amount we needed!!!)

We ended up filling 24 bottles which was quite impressive I thought .... & even though I was sorely tempted to drink/ taste test every single bottle .... The Mr would not let me !!!!!!!!

Some advise please dear friends & readers .................
I gently handwashed my wool felt penny rug in cold water & the colours have run badly as you can see below
Mostly the black has run into the cream of the felt tongues .... does anyone have any suggestions of what I might use to "un dye" this mess ??
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I am unfamiliar with any products that are out there but thought some of you may have experience with this.

As I sit on the couch typing this post tonight I have lit my candle that I made in this post here .... the smell is lemongrass & green tea ... just the gentlest fragrance is wafting through the room
And these two - tucked up beside me on their granny blanket - never far away

Have a wonderful week ahead dear friends,
I hope you find some creative time in your week as I hope to

Thanks again so much for your visits, your friendship & your kind words & thoughts,
with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Right..First..'Un dying' your mess Julie...!
    This is what l do for small colour runs...
    You will need:-
    Clear alcohol (gin or vodka)
    A cotton wool ball.
    Apply a good swig of alcohol to your cotton wool ball.
    Hold the damaged area and rub the stain, and the area around
    it, with the alcohol-soaked ball. The original colour of the
    garment will spread into the bleached area. Keep rubbing until
    the colour has spread across the area.
    Rinse well in cold water....!
    That should work...! :).

    Tears and Tantrums...Goodness! I think everyone has experienced
    this not only with Mum and children, but through out the family!
    Every circumstance is different..So, yes, taking one day at a
    time, is the best way forward, and, learn by mistakes, as we all
    do in life!
    But Think...Before you speak....
    1) Is it Helpful..
    2) Is it True..
    3) Is it Inspiring..
    4) Is it Necessary..
    5) Is it Kind..! :).

    HeHe! The bottled wine reminded me of my Dad, when l was
    a boy he used to make wheat wine, which of course is whisky,
    he used to make it in a plastic bucket, yeast, and all the
    other bits and pieces...all of it under the stairs, my Mum
    went mad, because of the smell...! :). Then he'd bottle it,
    he could wait either, within a few days he had to try it,
    try it, try it...within a few days, it had ALL gone! :).
    And, dare l say family in Sicily, own a vineyard,
    though it is part of a Co~operative now! Sicilian wine has
    certainly made a name for it self, world wide! Saluti! :0).

    Lovely post they ALL are, but this one sounds like
    you've more of a spring in your post! Bless!
    So remember....
    "Life is like cooking, all the ingredients are there, you just
    hope it all comes out o.k.".

    BIG ((HUG)) X's for Pippi....and BIG ((HUG)) X's for Blackie the
    cushion...! Bless!xx

  2. Hi Julie you can get colour catches from the supermarket ,wash your piece with this and it catches the running colour,hope that makes sense,lol.
    Wow love your stitchery and love your new purchases ,well done with bottling so much wine xx

  3. I did giggle when you mentioned you stood at the sink and bottled the wine. You would have been excused if you drank the whole 'blinkin' lot. =) A trip to the antique shop where everything is half price is a wonderful panacea for all ills....well nearly. Sweet china there. Sweet stitchery; it is perfect displayed on the hanger. There is a product (I forget what it is called) that you can buy at the supermarket that you put in the wash with the damaged goods and it 'undyes' all the colour. I have used it on quilts and it works beautifully. Sending you hugs, thoughts and prayers that you and your mum find a happy place, lovely Julie. Hope you find oodles of time to enjoy some stitching this week, lovely lady. Xx

  4. Julie you are a a kind strong person. Your embroidery is so beautiful and if you can keep it up. It is your strength.
    Sounds as if you have a tough relationship going on there with mum. Do you have a mediator to talk all this through with. If your dear mum was in a home with people her own age she and you might be a lot happier.. I think talking to a nurse from aged care could be helpful.
    Tears and stress on two people might be solved.
    You need to look after your own health is hard to regain strength if you go down too far. Lots of love and

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  5. It sounds like you and your mum are finding your places with each other in your house, like most things in life, there are times when we find it harder and times when the hard times turn into joyous occasions. Beautiful stitching and what glorious finds in the antique shop, they must have been waiting there for you xx

    1. Thanks Cheryl, Yes I like to think those little china bits & pieces were sitting there "just waiting for me" too :-)

  6. I meant to comment before but as usual, stuff got in the way. I think you are doing a marvellous thing in having your Mum to stay and of course it will be a little rocky for you all to begin with but I'm sure as soon as you find a good balance, Julie, things will even themselves out. My Mum is the same age as yours and since we moved her into her new house last year(I can't tell you how stressful all that was!), we've noticed a marked change in her. She's still driving around but she's now gone from a woman who used to be so houseproud (we weren't even allowed in the sitting room - the best room - when we were all at home!)to not really minding the build-up of dust over everything! So, on the days when she goes to feed my sister's cat and tend to her garden, I go to my Mum's house and let myself in and 'do' for her!! I don't tell her that I do this because she'd be terribly offenced that we thought her house needed cleaning but she's never remarked how clean everything is when she gets home again! We all do what we have to do in these situations when they arise in our lives but we can never do better than our best. I think you're doing your utmost best for your Mum, Julie. You should be very proud of yourself. xxx

    1. Thanks so much Anne for your lovely comment & very kind words. Sending you virtual hugs Xxx

  7. ps Forgot to say, great score on your lovely china, especially the little Wedgewood dish. Lovely. xx

  8. Love your wallhanging, china & knitted face washers. Standing bottling wine is different usually it's being drunk. :) lol. found that interesting you are doing you own wine. I would love to have a go at that. I would suggest colour catchers too. Beautiful sleepy kitties. Hugs,xx

  9. My heart is with you my friend...I wondered if perhaps you need to slug back some of that wine? Your wall hanging turned out super cute! It looks perfect hanging from your renovated wall unit. I love the candle you made me, it smelt heavenly! Ethel Annes was a shop I like to visit too when I lived only a few houses up the road from it. You picked up some sweet little treasures. I have heard the colour catches work well as does salt at the time of washing, trying washing again with the colour catches? I will see if I can find a blog post with a remedy for this and email it to you. Lovely saying by the way. Nice knitting, my granddaughter reminded me about my long forgotten rag rug I was knitting.

  10. I hope your birthday was fun and restful, too!
    Your finds are lovely. You have the BEST taste!
    Pretty stitching, too!
    Take care, dear Julie!

  11. I love your treasures and what a great bargain. Sweet stitchery also. Stitching does indeed soothe the soul! Enjoy your wine tasting when it is time. I am not too familiar with wool work so not useful in the advice department. It is a lovely piece x

  12. Hi Julie, things will be hard with your Mum, but I'm sure it will all be ok after some adjusting, and that wine. Wow some great finds at Ethel Anne Antiques. Your stitchery turned out great. Have never had your problem with running, but I'm sure there is something you can get from the shops. Have a great week. Chris xoxo

    1. Hi Chris, thanks so much ... yes I am sure that wine would help me !!!!!!!!!!! I got some colour catchers today from the supermarket so am looking forward to giving them a try on my felt rug. Will keep you posted Xxx

  13. Hi Julie, Your crafts are beautiful! Hang in there, it is a difficult time for both of you and your family as well.. Just make the most of her. I went through what you are experiencing now 18 months ago and that is the real reason I stopped blogging, my Mum developed alzheimers and became very difficult and we had to admit her to a rest home in the end as she was violent. It broke our hearts to do. Sadly she passed away 3 weeks ago, but she had two weeks of peace at the end and just slipped away. She was 89 and had a good life, and that is what we are concentrating on. All you can do is just love her and count to ten twenty or even a hundred, lol. You are doing a great job.

  14. Julie life will be up and down for sure while you both settle in to a new way of life. Hang in there, breathe and keep on with the little steps. It is a huge adjustment. Your mini quilt is beautiful and good to hear some knitting is happening...helps with the calm I believe. Your treasures from the antique shop are lovely, great spotting the sale. Well done with the wine, when are you allowed a taste?? I hope the ideas you have been given will help with the dye running. Thise cats look so warm and cuddly!! Look after yourself Julie. Xx

  15. I wish I was closer so I could pop in and visit, my thoughts and prayers are with you! At least you are still crafting, the wall hanging is so sweet and looks great on the cabinet!
    Big hugs my friend. xoxo

  16. Hello Julie! My thoughts are with you dear friend xx

  17. You have managed to make some beautiful things even with coping with the changes and ups and downs of having your Mom live with you. You are very talented. I tried Shout color catcher sheets when I had the problem of my reds bleeding. It has been some time ago but I think it did help. Has anyone else mentioned that? I also wondered how you did the tops to your wine bottles? I like to make chive blossom vinegar and when I find a pretty bottle without a cover I wonder what to use I hope the rest of your week goes well. Nancy

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying Nancy ... I don't know where the time goes to these days. Regarding the wine bottles ... we used re-screwable capped wine bottles, not corked ones. I hope this helps somewhat.

  18. Oh Julie, I wish you all the very best and hopefully things will settle eventually. Your mum will be struggling with losing her independence and you now have to take on the role of carer. Hard times ahead for sure, but thankfully you have those balls of fur and love, 24 bottles of wine and your craft!!! Catch up soon.

  19. Beautiful treasures! Well done you! Love 'we all need a home' especially in Tilda. So pretty.

  20. I hope your week has gone well Julie and things are settling down a little - hope the tears and the tantrums are easing some. I always think it's great that we crafters can pick up some handwork and switch off OR keep company with that. I'll be very interested to hear if the wine passes the taste test, and of course I do like all that you have been making (and purchasing!)....don't forget some 'me' time for you xx


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