Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christine's Christmas Orders (x 2)

Weekend Greetings dearest friends & readers,

I have finished the last of my Christmas Orders (phew!!) & just have some grandson sewing left to complete.
This Pincushion Angel flew all the way to Northland to a customer  -  "Christine 1".

 She had seen one I had made for her cousin & requested exactly the same please.
The pattern is called Pincushion Angel by Kerryanne English of Shabby Art boutique 
 Christine requested linen & a "very neutral palette"

When my lovely local friend "Christine 2" saw the photos of the Christmas bears I made in this post she asked if there was any chance I could make her a boy Santa bear?

As luck would have it, I had one body left .... Christine wanted it as near as possible to the previous one so thankfully, I had enough of the dark red fleece left over

My favourite part of making these little guys .... making & filling the Santa sacks !!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›

I enjoy fossicking through my crafty bits & bobs to find an assortment of stocking fillers

I have made so many Christmas decorations for Chris now that I always feel confident she will love what I come up with.

Her 2nd request was for some miniature Santa hats in particular colourways (white/black trim .... cream/fawn trim) to adorn a collection of miniature teddies AND .  .  .  .
an assortment of candy canes & Santa sacks to tuck into the hands of a bear collection that she uses in her christmas decorating

Chris has tried using other "themes" in her christmas decor but always seems to come back to the country style.

It is interesting that I took the above photo because when Chris came to collect her order there was One white Hat Missing !!!  To this date, it has NoT been found & I sewed up another one yesterday ..... but I think it fair to add that a certain ginger 4-legged being was looking decidedly guilty !!!!!
And I imagine when Christmas is Over ... I just might find it tucked away somewhere !!!

I spent a pleasant evening painting calico candy canes at my dining table - I like to mask the stripes first as I seem to make a right mess of them if I don't !!

I think these turned out so sweet, I am hoping to make more of them next Christmas to sell as tree decorations.

Maureen asked me if I could make her a pair of oven mitts in Kiwiana fabrics, preferably blues & greens please.
I knew I had some pukeko fabric left & luckily had just enough to make her a set - I used heat resistent wadding on the insides.
Maureen was delighted when she collected them ...... but I think it would be fair to say - with the hours they took me to make - I never wish to make another set again !!!

There has been a bit of Christmas decorating going on here at Threadbear

The Mr & I put the tree up last weekend & I decorated it
This year - instead of putting the fairy up on top of the tree .... we decided to leave her underneath !!!!

Each Christmas I buy myself one new special decoration - just something small & inexpensive to add to my collection.
This sweet little tin Angel came home with me from The Hummingbird last week when I went there for coffee with 
a dear friend who was staying. 
She sits on my egg box in the kitchen, watches over me & makes me smile !!

Lastly dear friends, I just wanted to share these 2 photos of my delightful grandsons ......
I LoVe πŸ’ this one of Alec decorating the Christmas tree & think it would look perfect on a card . . . .

 Last week I looked after beautiful Sid while his parents attended a funeral .... he loves to sit in my kitchen enjoying a gingernut biscuit .... I call him the gingernut kid !!

Thanks So very much for staying with me through this lengthy post.
I hope the lead up to Christmas is going well for you all.
Remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Hi Julie lovely post,wishing you a merry xmas my friend xx

  2. Another lovely post! Your grandsons sure are sweet little fella's. All the orders you have made are fabulous, you have such talent my friend! I hope that pincushion angel was too exhausted from flying all the way to Northland! hugsxx

  3. oooooO! My Goodness! Every time l look through
    your posts Julie, l get a bit lost for words! :).
    HeHe! But! Wow! It ALL looks good, happy, and
    wonderful..! :).

    Love ALL the Santas, and the fairies..though l'm a
    bit concerned about the top one, how is she gonna
    eat her Christmas PUD...! :).

    And..the Grandlittles look lovely to, Alec decorating
    the Christmas tree is nice to...very festive!
    And..leaving the fairy at the bottom of the tree is
    a good idea....HeHe! After all it looks like her wings
    have fallen off anyway! :).
    What is it with cats and trees..and at Christmas it'll
    be boxes! Bless!x

  4. More beautiful Christmas creations. I love seeing handmade decorations. The fairy is very cute. 😊. Gorgeous grandies. Hugs, xx.

  5. Julie, your work is exquisite. You are one talented lady. Our dog chewed the bobble of my daughter's favourite woolly hat this week. She was not impressed. The dog has done the same to one of my bobble hat's before. She must have a bobble fetish.

  6. Beautiful grandchildren. I love your craft work!! How gorgeous!! Do you sell at The Markets? If so, where? I will tell people. Nice to meet a fellow kiwi blogger.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Swami. I live in Te Awamutu in the Waikato region so I sell at our local Christmas market here. But I have a little craft cottage in my garden which is my main place of selling my work along with other peoples. Have a lovely Christmas Swami ..... thanks for stopping by.

  7. You make such lovely things and produce things so quickly, good Julie! The candy canes are super cute!
    How funny that a ginger bandit took away a hat!
    Take care and enjoy your week. You've spread a lot of joy!

  8. Wow Julie you have been a busy bee, all I have done this month is made a junk journal and a junker jane style doll for a friend who is not at all into Christmas😞 love all your makings, I made candy canes years ago and dunked in lovely smelling wax, still hanging on my tree today, minus the smell.
    I collect Santa's and try to get a new one each year, love your new angel, and what a cute one under your tree.
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family Julie, and look forward to your posts next year. Chris xoxo

  9. Lovely creations Julie, love your angel, especially the one under the tree, she would never steal a hat, must be Blackie. The picture of Alex is fantastic, definitely card worthy. Your gingernut kid is so cute too, what a happy chappy! Have a wonderful christmas.

  10. Your post certainly hits the Christmassy theme on the head Julie. You must have an amazing collection of 'bits and bobs' as you manage to fill those stockings and sacks and adorn other projects delightfully well. I love the photo of Alec and the tree and Sid is one very cute Gngernut kid!

  11. I am totally in love with that gorgeous Angel pincushion! how cute does Santa Boy Ted are so clever and I love the idea that there a wee teddies in Santa hats! I can see why you couldn't leave your new Angel behind. Gorgeous Grandie boys xx

  12. My goodness, you have fashioned a lot of beautiful Christmas pretties, Julie. LOVE the pincushion angel; she is beautiful! The photo of Alec decorating is a beautiful treasure. Yes, it would make the most beautiful card. Something to think about next year, perhaps.

  13. so very clever! your bears look so cute, love how you find tiny things to stuff the little stockings with!

    hope you have a great xmas & a safe new year!

    thanx for sharing

  14. You have worked so hard to make other peoples homes beautiful this Christmas, the lady with the black and white theme is so lucky to have your skills! I still haven't bought that machine you told me about that dries fruit! I tried today drying satsumas in the oven and then orange slices, it didn't go well!!! Wishing you blessings at Christmas and a very happy 2018. Betty x

  15. You amaze me at how much you accomplish, and I too wonder at all the goodies you must have in your bits and bobs drawer! Gorgeous photos of your grandsons :O)

  16. Happy Christmas to you Julie. Your new angel is gorgeous. 8 have so enjoyed your blogs throughout the year.

  17. Hi Julie, Our internet has been down but back up now. You sure do make a lot of cute things! Love reading your posts! What a happy looking baby! About right now I could curl up by that cat and go to sleep! Have a nice Christmas! Nancy

  18. wow! The decorating the tree photo is worthy of a card. It's so lovely his face and the way the lights sparkle. Beautiful to see your lovely photo's of the new teddy santa and all the little bits and pieces - can hardly belive a cute, gorgeous, innocent ginger cat is being blamed for the while hat disappearing............heh....heh...... Can wait to hear where you eventually find it!. Yummo - good taste that grandson eating gingernuts!

  19. Catching up now I am back from have made so many beautiful things Julie , love the teddy and the Santa sacks..your Christmas angel looks very much at home. .will be jnteresting to see where the little hat has gone. Your photo of Alec at the tree is beautiful and would make a fantastic card. Very happy Christmas to you and yours Julie and all the best for the coming year.

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