Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas EveryOne !!

Greetings dearest friends & readers,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish each & every one of you the most wonderful festive season ... however you may choose to celebrate it.
I appreciate Every One that stops by to read my ramblings & the wonderful friendships I have made through my blog ... allbeit cyber ones. 
I have met some truly lovely like minded people & it has made me believe there is so much good out there ... & if the internet connects us to that, then surely that can't be a bad thing! 

 Wednesday was a baking day in my household
I like to make my old favourite recipes each year, cellophane up little parcels, & give to friends & family members.
The recipes I use are at the bottom of this old post here

Once I put the final stitch in my very last Order last weekend, I set to work & made a stocking for Sid, my youngest grandson, who is having his very first Christmas.
I had some lovely vintage looking childrens christmas fabric which I wanted to use & found some fur for across the top - I like to make the stocking quite tactile for the littlies

 In amongst my Jar of charms & oddments, I was lucky enough to find the silver letters "S i d" to stitch across the top braid
You can just see it in the photo below, along with other christmas charms.

Though it is not really showing up, the gold fabric I used for his name has little silver stars dotted over it.
Sid's stocking is now filled with his Christmas gifts & sitting under the tree ... only 3 more sleeps !!

Each month when I do my big grocery shop, I always buy an extra bag of cat biscuits & drop into our local Animal Care Shop on my way home.
I try really hard to just drop the biscuits off & not look at any stock as the Shop is also an Op Shop !
This week my willpower failed me as I spotted at the door, a box of silver oddments - all $4 each.
This little silver bucket dish above came home with me ... a rag, some Silvo & some elbow grease 
... & it came out sparkling

Filled up with some dried rose buds, I LoVe it !!

My daughter in law Nicole is one Very Talented person.
Everything she creates is made to perfection with such detail.
She decided she would like some artwork for Sid's room so she set about stitching the lyrics from a song she loved
The Song is Agostina by Pucifer
Each individual felt letter handstitched on to calico, & then framed

As you can see .... Sid was rather delighted with his new artwork !!

Well friends it is hot & humid here today ... 
Miss Pippi has found solace in a cardboard box of paper bags that arrived in todays post ...

 & Blackie is outside on the cool of the deck ... leg downwards today Willie !

This will be my last post for the year so I hope you have a safe & joyous Christmas & New Year

Be kind to yourselves & to each other,
with much love & friendship to you All,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Thank you Julie for such interested blogs you have posted and I have enjoyed this year. It was so good to meet you last month too and of course do some retail therapy. Christmas Blessings to you and your family

  2. Merry Christmas Julie. Love the stocking, very cute. Not sure where my cats are but i'm sure they've found themselves a cool spot. Hugs, xx

  3. I love each and every one of your blog posts, always delightful eye candy and so inspiring! Well done on Sid's stocking, he's a happy little chap by the looks. The baking is have a mouth watering affect on me :-) Pippi and Black look like they are doing their best to cope with the heat much like our Simon. Happy Christmasy hugs to you from the Winterless North.xxxx

  4. Dropping into your place is one of my favourite things to do. I love all your posts and your creativity and aristry is simply anazing! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and all blessings for the New Year Julie xx

  5. It is always a treat to see that you have a new post. I click on it with anticipation of the delights you will share, and I am never disappointed.
    What a cute stocking you created. And that bucket dish was definitely a good find! Lovely!
    Nicole's framed creation is really clever.
    And the kitties make me smile. :)
    Wishing you a beautiful Christmas. If you want a white one, you can come visit me.

  6. Merry Christmas Julie. I look forward to every post you make.

  7. Hi Julie such a lovely post and boy how cute is Sid,love his stocking,Merry Xmas to you my friend and a happy and safe new yea are now I am going to check your recipes out 💋

  8. Ah! Bless! Here l am...All behind..Must be these tight
    trousers! :).
    Still early over here, and still dark..on my first lemon
    tea..I'm ogling at Pippi and Blackie...Bless! Hope they
    have a lovely Christmas to....or will they be in hiding!
    Love those two to bits! xx

    And! Yes! Couple days left...though my Christmas will
    be more next weekend, my daughter etc will down for New
    Year...! So, Christmas day, l plan to make a nice big
    10inch pizza, a litre bottle of Chianti
    be eaten and consumed out on the table, out on the patio,
    as the forecast is mild..! :). HeHe! I expect Flossie will
    join me for a saucer of milk...! Bless!x

    Oh! Just wanna say, l have a silver bucket dish, identical
    to yours, it was my Mums, she always used it for sugar lumps,
    as there are a pair of silver tongs with it..! :).

    Well Julie..Can l from the UK...wish you, all your lovely
    family, and friends, and not forgetting your lovely followers,
    ALL..ALL..the very Bestest Christmas...And New Year! :0).
    God Bless!x ´*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´

  9. Echoing your sentiments Julie. It's a real pleasure to know you. Look forward to more of your lovely posts in 2018. Much love to you and yours.xoxoxo

  10. I too really enjoy your blog posts, love the stocking you have made for Sid and tour cats always know the besg place to be resting. Thank you for your friendship thru the year Julie and your ear when I have been dealing with Mum issues. Very happy Christmas wishes to you and your family. Xxooxx

  11. What a sensational stocking, I'm sure it will be treasured for many years to come. Happy Christmas Julie.

  12. Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends. Enjoy your holiday feasting and we hope you get some relaxing done.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  13. animal care shop and an op shop.....too, too much temptation. Your pretties you acquired are lovely. LOVE Sid's stocking!! The fur is fabulous as is the sweet fabric and name. May you have the most wonderful festive season celebrating with your loved ones and those sweet furry friends of yours. One of the highlights of my day is to visit your beautiful world and be inspired by all that you imagine up! So, so delighted our paths cross through cyberspace, lovely Julie. Ain't life grand. Xx

  14. Greetings Julie... I love Sid's stocking and yes I will definitely be making one for my grandson for Christmas next year. I love the op shop treasure you found good spotting! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and give those furbaby's a pat and a cuddle from me.

  15. Julie, it has been a joy to read your blog and now your Instagram as well. It is a beautiful blog with inspiring goodies to wish to make or own.I am lucky in that you just live around the corner for me to visit, walk through your lovely garden and home.Merry Christmas to you and yours and to the 2 "blossoms" miss pippi and Blackie. Look forward to catching up early in the new year. Big Hugs from your friend Shirley.

  16. Inspirational post as always Julie. I hope you have a smashing Christmas and a happy and healthy 2018. Who knows i might be able to shop with you next year as we're planing a NZ trip to celebrate my husband's 50th. He has a lot of family in Nz mostly in the Wellington area, but we'll be travelling all over.

  17. Sid is adorable, I love that photo of him sitting in his cot. All the very best to you and your family, and those furry ones for a peaceful happy festive time.

  18. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, lovely to see little sid and the artwork for his room and the Christmas stocking are beautiful. Betty

  19. Merry merry Christmas, delightful Julie! I'm so glad we are blog friends. YOU are so special. I hope you rest from your work and enjoy your celebrations!

  20. A very Merry Christmas Julie, how fun that Sid will be celebrating his first Christmas! I hope you have a precious and loving family time full of great memories for you all xx

  21. Delightful post Julie, Just catching up on my blog reading, your posts are always a delight to read as as well as your followers comments, I think that is why I come late! lol. I love the stocking and your grandson is a real cutie. Pippi and Blackie always make me smile, (they have such a hard life, not!) I had a wonderful Christmas day, hope you did as well. xox

  22. Enjoy your beautiful break and it was heaps fun visiting you this year in blog land.

  23. Hi Julie, Sid's stocking looks so cute, what a gorgeous little boy, he is always smiling in his pics, and your dil's artwork is lovely, but I can't say I have heard of that song? 😄 Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, cool find from the op shop, looks great with the rose buds inside. Happy New Year, enjoy your blog free time Julie. Chris xoxo

  24. Hi Julie, Sid's stocking is very nice and your cats are quite entertaining. I have been busy with family but hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season. Your cats are very entertaining. I enjoy your blog and thank you for taking the time to share it with us. Nancy

  25. Oops! Your cats are entertaining but guess I am half asleep! Lol Nancy

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