Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sometimes .............................. when the words won't come ..............................

Weekend Greetings dear friends & readers !

Over the past week & a bit I have sat down at my computer at least once every single day to write a blog post 
but the words just would not come out !
Perhaps I haven't done very much to write about I thought??!!
So I decided to load my photos on & then just make it up as I go along !

I had an order to make a bunting for my friend Vicky, whose daughter Sarah was turning 21
Vicky had No idea what she really wanted, but said Sarah very much loved nature & deer

I had an inkling that I had some deer print fabric in my stash & luckily, I was able to find it !

Vicky wanted the guests to be able to write on the back of the bunting flags as a momento of Sarah's 21st party 
 I found a black ultra fine Sharpie pen wrote perfectly on the linen fabric

I travelled to Tirau to meet up with kiwikid Sue .... my friend from Australia who had travelled over with her hubby to sort out her Mum's home.
Sue Very Kindly gifted me a beautiful selection of doilies & linens from her Mum .  .  .

.  .  . along with some gorgeous pieces of crystal which I love to use & not just tuck away in a cupboard
Thank You So Very Much Sue for your kindness & for thinking of me.

The very next day I picked a selection of dahlias from my garden & displayed in one of Sue's Mums Vases

I managed to complete a Tilda Teacup Angel which I had cut out & begun to sew almost a year ago 
quite some time ago now !!

She is so sweet & dainty & sits perfectly in a lovely handpainted cup, an Op Shop find from years ago

While cleaning & sorting out my bookcase I came across this oldish book from Cath Kidston "Patch" - which included the kit to make this dresden plate tote bag

I rang my lovely quilting friend Leeanne & she verbally talked me through the process of English Paper Piecing .  .  .  .  so I think it only fair to say she is to blame for my latest addiction !!

Instead of making it up into a tote bag I am going to make my panel into a cushion

My friend Carolyn & I took my grandson Sid to the swings at Kihikihi & popped into The Hummingbird for takeaway coffees
Some purchases just might have happened to come home with me

The gorgeous vintage frame & a tin of Hummingbird flowers 
And lastly, but by no means least, Miss Pippi reaffirmed her place as resident Princess of the House by taking up sleeping on my beautiful Angel Story Quilt & gorgeous Crabapple Hill cushion, gifted to me by Leeanne

Despite me setting up numerous other tempting sleeping spots around the lounge .... she remains unmoved!
Little Madam!

Thanks for your always welcome visits today dear friends,
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,
With much love & friendship to you All,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. The bunting is perfect Julie, so good you found that fabric. I am very happy you could give the doilies etc a home...and the crystal bits, so good to see them being used. The Tilda teacup angel is beautiful well done!! Great photo of the little icecream muncher. 😆 That Leeanne has a lot to answer for lol!! Such a bad influence!! Your creation will make a beautiful cushion. Lots of nice purchase possibilities in that photo Julie. .Miss Pippi is so cute.

  2. A lovely post, Julie, filled with gorgeous pretties. How sweet is your teacup fairy and lucky you for those gorgeous gifts. Love Sarah's banner, what an excellent idea to have the guests sign on the back. Love your dresden plate thinks you should stitch a quilt now that you are proficient. =) Pippi looks completely at home resting on your beautiful quilt and cushion. She has excellent taste doesn't she. Have a beautiful week, lovely lady.

  3. oooooO! Where to start...Everything look lovely,
    as usual Julie...
    The Crystal looks lovely, l do like it, l have a
    large glass cabinet in the front room, full of
    it, my Mum used to collect it, especially glasses!
    And, l to love using them, nothing like a nice hand
    cut Crystal glass filled with a decent Chianti....!
    But, l'm stuck with lemon tea at the moment! :).

    I won't say anything about the 'cut' Dahlias in the
    vase! HeHe! Think you know my feelings about cut
    flowers! :(.
    And, l do like that hand painted cup display, that
    looks really nice..really nice..! :).
    And young Alec..Goodness! three years old already!
    Bless him! :).

    Last and by no means least..Princess Pippi..HeHe!
    She looks lovely, probably settling down for a
    days snooze...zzzzzzzzZ! Bless!x

  4. Love what you have been up to. Your little man is too cute! You have some beautiful treasures there from Sue. I adore that Tilda teacup Angel....gorgeous. I enjoyed reading your post as always xx

  5. Hi Julie, we finally have some cooler weather today, I'm actually a little chilly lol.
    Beautiful doiley's and crystal pieces from Sue, love your tea cup angel, so cute.
    Wow Alec is turning three already, don't they grow up so fast, the bunting is such a lovely idea for a 21st remembrance, beats the boring key:-)
    Now Miss Pippi is no stupid cat Julie, who wouldn't want to lounge the day away on that beautiful quilt and cushion.
    Take care. Chris xoxox

  6. Lovely post. The bunting is lovely. Sue gifted you some beautiful treasures. Love your Dresden plate. Hugs, xx

  7. Oh, Miss Pippi! She's a wonder!
    I am still curious about English paper piecing. We'll have to have an email back and forth about it.
    LOVELY bunting! So perfect! What a great idea. Your fabric choice is superb!
    I always load the photos first and then talk a little when I compose a post.
    Sending heaps of love your way, dear Julie!

  8. That child has the most beautiful eyes! And your bunting is lovely. The crystal is gorgeous and the tea cup project is really interesting. For somebody who didn't have anything to say, you have said a lot -- lovely blog entry!

    1. Thank you SO much for your lovely comment. Yes little Alec does indeed have beautiful eyes ... he is a real mixture of both his Mum & his Dad, who both have lovely blue eyes. I did seem to have alot to say didn't I ???!!!

  9. Oh, and English paper piecing is quite addictive -- I love it!

  10. Hi this morning! All the things you share are lovely! I had never heard of an Tilda Tea Cup Angel. Oh, I could drool over all those lovely lace doilies and hankies you were given. Lucky you. I know you will make something beautiful out of them. The bunting is so lovely and what a great idea for a 21st young ladies party! I don't blame your cat for loving that pillow spot! Have a great day of creating and loving life! Nancy

  11. Hi!! Often the words not go out, I understand you. I love tilda in mug, I want to create it for presents to my friends in easter. see you soon your mew follower by Italy :)
    p.s please kiss that beautiful cat from me

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I have given Miss Pippi (cat) a kiss all the way from Italy for you :-)

  12. That was such a lovely blog Julie. You have a knack of creating and making beautiful things. How Syd has grown and so sweet.
    I love the paper pricking. That must take patience. Also that beautiful little coffee cup. Thank you for starting my day with a lovely viewing.

  13. Cats are funny fur kids--now if you had wanted her to sleep there==
    she would of known that and not sleep there!!!!
    love all the photos-thanks-

  14. Grandchildren, gifts, gatherings and good friends. How simply lovely. 🌷

  15. Lovely Julie. I can defend myself for your new and most addictive project......but I can't, just at this moment think how?? Looks fabulous, even better as a cushion and I'm sure Pippi will love to snuggle up with that one too! Nearly 3?? How does it happen, our grandkids growing so f-a-s-t! So nice Sue gave you some treasured goodies, I have a vase just the same and it was my Mum's. Happy rest of this hot sunny Sunday.

  16. The bunting is a great idea!
    The linens, crystal, and teacup remind me of all we have been sorting through at my MIL's home each week. But I don't have the creativity you have to know what to do with it all!
    How nice to have a good friend to help you find new obsessions. :)

  17. Love the doilies and the crystal, I'm sure you will come up with something for giving new life into the doilies. Your GS is growing so fast.Love Tilda in the cup, she's dainty.

  18. Hey girl! for someone who was having trouble finding words....I reckon you did just fine!!! I usually take photos and then just run with it too. How gorgeous are the doilies and crystal, beautiful gifts. When I'm lost for words (which is hardly ever), one thing that helps me is - I go and stir up everyone in the house and drive them insane, laugh about it and think how precious I am....then I go and blog. I hope I've been helpful to you today. Beautiful blog xxxx

  19. The bunting is lovely. What a wonderful gift of laces, dollies and vases - so very special. Sue will love seeing what you make with all the gorgeous items. Great new skill set - looking forward to the finished cushion. Love seeing Miss Pippi as Queen Bee - her rightful place!

  20. Hi Julie your little man is growing so fast and what a lovely pic to get in your inbox.Lovely gifts from Sue and boy how cute is your tilda teacup doll you are so clever,lovely post my friend xx

  21. So pleased for you to be spending time with your grandson and also to be enjoying some crafts for your own enjoyment. Betty x

  22. You may have closed your little shop but no way have you slowed down on creating magical things.


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