Friday, May 18, 2018

Pretty Things

Greetings dear friends & readers
Gosh, where did that week slip away to I might well ask??!!

Making pretty things is something I really enjoy.
In fact, if I could, I would make pretty things Every Single Day!

My friend & longtime customer Christine, called for a visit & showed me a photo on her phone.
The photo was of the cushion below which Christine had found on the internet while browsing for a cushion for her grandaughter who was turning 4.

She asked if I would be able to make a cushion very similar but her instructions were for me to add pink satin ballet slippers along with the tutu.
Christine requested that the cushion be pink/white, pretty, possibly 3 dimensional & have the wee girls name on it (Hayley)
Also Hayley LoVeS hearts so could I somehow include these please.

I began my applique - still not quite sure what I was doing but just trying to "wing it"
Luckily I found some pink fabric in my stash covered in hearts which I used to applique Hayley's name.
I use a long length of white tulle & gathered this to make the tutu appear 3 dimensional, then added some tulle flowers I already had on hand

My local sewing shop had no diamantes in stock but I did find some sparkly sequins that gave the same effect

I could find no pretty pink ballet themed buttons for the back closure so I found some wooden heart discs in my craft drawer & spray painted these white, before drilling tiny holes to make them into buttons.

I thought they worked out just fine.

Christine was absolutely delighted with her cushion & I have yet to find out what the birthday girl thought of her gift.

The challenge for last month at our Craft Group get together was to make a mannequin using an Op Shop candlestick as the base.
Our instructions/pattern were were from this website *here*
In the bargain box at my local Church Op Shop, I found this old brass candlestick for the princely sum of 20 cents!
I painted it with 2 coats of chalk paint - vintage white, & lightly sanded the edges.

Though I was really looking forward to doing this challenge I have to admit I did not enjoy it at all.
I could not get my mannequin shape right & she ended up looking more like a grid iron player on steriods, 
even though I had 3 attempts at stuffing & unstuffing her!!
Many times she nearly sailed through the air !!

To disguise a shape that I was not happy with, I overdid it with my embellishments.
I drew her waist in tightly with ribbon then hid this under some tulle & added lace & pearls & anything 
else I could find

The View of the Back

Only four of the ladies took part & here are our different versions above
The mannequins are originally made to be pincushions but I think they would be equally as nice used as brooch holders or jewellery stands.

- Not sure how that next photo sneaked in there sorry friends -

While Sid slept yesterday I quietly cleaned out a sewing room drawer.
 I came across this old tissue box holder, unused for many years & due to the glue hardening the lace & ribbon came away easily
I used my hairdryer on each corner to soften the glue until I was able to lie the box shape out flat.
I had a small piece of this gorgeous Tilda fabric "rabbits & roses" which I used to make a new cover 
for my tired old tissue box

A few trims & lace & it now looks so pretty & useful again.

Thank You all So Much for your visits today dear friends.
Its Friday here & I am very much looking forward to the weekend as we have a 3 year old birthday to celebrate & 3 is Very Important Indeed!!

 With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. The cushion is beautiful. The mannequins look great. Love the revamoed tissue box cover, so pretty. Hugs, xx

  2. Every grid iron player should wear a tutu. The mannequin is cool. Love the gorgeous ballerina pillow you so beautifully stitched. Love all the pretty details. Hayley is going to love it. Enjoy the birthday party, lovely Julie.

  3. More lovely and pretty things Julie, from your
    sewing table..and..a lovely, pretty thing in the

    I thought the top cushion looked nice, but yours
    is amazing Julie..and..of course it's in the best
    colour on the planet...HeHe! Pink! :).
    I still have my daughters pink ballet shoes in the
    wardrobe here..and..ssssh! Don't tell anyone, but
    l started ballet at the age of five...
    "Willie, you have an amazing memory"..!
    "I know! I know"! :0).

    The Mannequins look lovely to..l've seen
    them with jewelry on them..with little
    wires, to place rings etc on..Nice!

    I see Miss Pippi has become another basket
    case...! Another photo for the pussy~cat
    folder...l've got so many photos now, l'm
    thinking of giving each and every pussy~cat
    their own named folder...! :).

    Well..we've got 'THAT' wedding over here, on's been building up all week, the
    media have been having a field day..still, nice
    to see the country coming together to celebrate,
    street parties etc...
    Me! I'll be watching the FA Cup...I was'nt invited..! :(.

  4. That cushion is magnificent! What a pretty finish you gave it. And I do like your mannequin, even though you think it's shape not right...after all, we girls all have our own shape, yes? LOL!!
    Happy birthday to your boy!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  5. The cushion is sensational Julie, beautifully made and decorated, I am sure the young lady will be over the moon. Your manequin looks beautiful, not grid iron player like at all. They all look lovely together. Has that poor cat got a bigger basket yet???? Lol!! Beautiful revamp of the tissue box holder.

  6. Have just caught up on all your beautiful work Julie.

    You have excelled yourself with that cushion, it is just beautiful and I am sure the young recipient will be smitten with such a gorgeous gift.

    So much to love in your posts, they are always a pleasure to read and view :)

    I see your pussy cats are still trying to get your attention...puuurrrr!!!

    Sorry I have been quiet lately, life has a habit of taking over sometimes :)


  7. Your version of the ballet cushion is head and shoulders above the original! I'll bet the girl that received it was thrilled!
    Even though you did not enjoy the making, your mannequin is so pretty. Once you got her all decked out, her shape looks just grand.
    What a happy tissue box cover, now that it is freshly dressed. You DO make such pretty things, Julie!

  8. Hi Julie, well I think that little 4yr old would of loved her cushion, what fabulous job you did on it. had a chuckle to myself when you said you couldn't get your mannequin shape right, I use to have a lot of trouble when making round head dolls, the trick is to keep stuffing them. Great job recovering the tissue box holder. Hope the little three yr old has a wonderful birthday, and have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo

  9. Your talent at making such pretty things amazes me! I would not have known where to begin on either your mannequin or that beautiful pillow! Both turned out so nice! I guess I will have to be happy just following other peoples instructions! How can you resist that cat, huh! Have a nice week-end and thanks for sharing your beautiful things! Nancy

  10. Your version of the ballet cushion is gorgeous! I am sure there woukd have been big smiles from the birthday girl. The mannequins looked lovely together. I thought yours was very pretty well done!

  11. You're a champion girl! What an imagination you have and the talent....endless. I love the lettering you've used on the cushion and the design...hearts, hearts, hearts. Too gorgeous. x

  12. wow so many things made, well done! cute pillow! loved the mannequin, tissue box cover is lovely too, very creative;
    & of cos just adore the pretty ginger basket!
    hope you have a great weekend too
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina. I popped over to your blog a couple of days ago to "pay you a visit" but see you have not been blogging so much lately & hope everything is well in your world. Take care Selina
      Julie Xx

  13. Hi Julie wow the cushion you made is adorable well done ,Hayley will love it. You are so clever my friend ,I love everything you made,hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  14. Hi Julie! The cushion is beautiful! Everything you make is cute, cute, cute.
    I'd nap when Sid naps but I am getting over a cold and feel draggy. You, on the other hand, find something to remake! Amazing!
    I hope the weekend is perking along great and that the three year old's birthday party was fun, fun, fun!

  15. Love the photo of Pippi, Simon's not one for squeezing into small spaces, still he has Biscornu and loves it. Such pretty creations as always my friend, I happy the creating makes you happy :-)

  16. More creative goodness Julie. I bet the birthday girl adored her cushion! I think your menequin stacked u well in the seems the meme "If in doubt, embellish" really is true!!


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