Monday, May 28, 2018

Birthdays ................................ & "A Dirty Pour"

Greetings dear friends & readers
The birthday gift making continues here at Threadbear
These two wool blanket coathangers were stitched up & posted south last week, for a dear friends birthday.

My eldest grandson Alec turned 3 on May 18th.
I had purchased his gifts awhile ago but wanted to make him some wool blanket slippers to keep his feet warm this winter ... his foot measures 6 inches long - I was able to make these up using fabrics from my scrap bag

These are made using a great pattern that I purchased from twig and tale

We had a wonderful birthday celebration with some daycare friends, Alec's cousin Sid, a new bike 
a "Finding Dory" cake

One of Alec's requests for his birthday was a batman cape .... this photo arrived in my inbox a couple of nights ago  
I LoVeD the pose & can just imagine the appropriate noises that went along with it!

I have been using up all the remnants of cotton/bamboo in my knitting bag, making up very plain & simple dishcloths
These are enjoyable (& uncomplicated) to knit in the evenings when my eyes are tired

I finished another one while watching the Royal Wedding last weekend .... unfortunately I had a little helper on the couch with me .... The Mr snapped these pics of her "assisting me"
That is me wearing my pink fleecy dressing gown

My friend Gail rang to tell me our next Craft Group Meeting challenge would be to create "a dirty paw"!!
I knew this was a form of artwork so I decided to google it.
While I was busily searching for dirty paw it never even occurred to me that I should be looking for dirty pour !!

I should be honest & say I was none to enthused about this challenge but how wrong I was!!
It was honestly So Much Fun!

We all had to choose 4 - 5 colours that we wanted to use, then these were poured into plastic cups along with 
glue & Floetrol
The cup was then VeRy carefully tipped onto our canvas's
It was so fascinating seeing all the different colour combinations & the effect at the end

The canvas's take approximately a week to dry!

You can see above all the very different canvas's .... I should say the dirty pours!
And this one below is by Yours Truly - just waiting for a coat of clear lacquer on it

While Sid played happily in my pot drawer last Thursday, I made up another batch of Liquid Laundry Detergent 
from the recipe in Rhonda's Book

I always sit my bucket in the bathtub overnight to let the mixture really thicken, before dispensing it into my (Op Shop) collection of glass decanters the next day.

Speaking of Op Shop treasures .... this sweet little glass/silver dish came home with me from the Church Op Shop last week for the princely sum of 50 cents!

It was certainly NOT this colour when I purchased it but a good rub with silver cleaner & it came up shiny.
I had been looking for something to display some small soaps in my bathroom for a very long time & this was perfect.

Though the cat basket has not been on the table since last winter (& I assured The Mr it would NoT be put back there again!!) a certain little fairy has won yet another round!
When The Mr saw this he just shook his head & said nothing!

Have a wonderful week dear friends - be kind to yourselves & to each other,
Thanks so much for your visits here today,
with much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Love your cat basket - your assistant must be very tired from helping you to knit.

  2. Goodness! Alec..three years old, and with 6inch feet!
    That's just two inches shorter than mine, but then l
    do have high arches/instep..only take a size eight in
    a shoe..never given me any problems, there at the end
    of my legs, where there supposed to be...! :).
    And, l do love those blanket they come
    in any other colour..! HeHe! :).

    Love those canvases, the colours and designs are amazing!
    Quite unique..mind you..Miss Pippi!x would have dirty paws
    if she had a go..and l see she's coming along nicely with
    her knitting..but, seems as though she needs more of a rest
    than must..Keep at it Pippi!x Knit one..Pearl one...!!! :).

    It's a Bank Holiday over here to~day, nice and hot, though
    yesterday it rained, up north they had a months rainfall
    in a week..4~5ft of flooding..pretty much the same for the
    rest of the week..! I'm having a lazy day, though Freddie
    came and knocked on the front door at 7:20 this morning,
    he pops in for a chewy, and some dogie chox...he's 14yrs
    old, a bit blind..a bit deaf..(pardon)..but loves it here,
    second home for him..! Bless! :). (≈චᆽච≈)

  3. I cannot believe Alec is 3, next thing you will tell me he is a teenager and driving!! Loved the Batman pose. That dirty pour looked like great fun, yours is beautiful. Hope you do some more. Keep warm Julie!!

  4. Its just not your house without Pippi in a basket on the table anyway Julie :-p

    1. Thanks Sal .... think my "good intentions" just flew out the window!!!

  5. Happy birthday Alec, what a cute little batman. I love those slipper boots you’ve made him, what a brilliant gift. The dirty pour looks great fun, I hadn’t heard of it before xx

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl ... yes the little boots are great & the elastic round the ankle keeps them on nice & snug.

  6. wonderful pictures, loved the 'dirty paw' LOL think we did something similar with the kids but using water & called it marbling??? yours & the groups are awesome!
    3 years old already!? wow has the time flown! enjoy as much as you can, will be over all too soon!
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina. I had not heard of dirty paw before ... thought it was what Miss Pippi left me when she had been out digging in my veggie garden!!!

  7. Gosh the birthday boy really has grown up hasn't he?! Love that Superman pose :-) Lovely woolen makes - someone else sent me the link to Twig and Tale the other day - a great site I thought. Your craft day looks fun - nice to try something new in a group like that without committing to taking on a whole new hobby.

  8. Love the pose photo of Master 3, so cute. Love your projects. Your "dirty paw" looked like fun & they all came out lovely. Hugs,xx

  9. You've been busy! I like your painting! The colors are perfect.
    Oh, the kitties. They ARE funny! We bought a new bed and Tim can't climb to the window sill yet. Night stands arrive soon, so hopefully he can figure out a way to do his night time stargazing again.

  10. Love Alec's sweet slippers and his Batman cape is fabulous! I can just imagine all the fun and imaginative play that he will participate in. Those dirty pour canvases all look great. Isn't it amazing how each one is thoroughly different. Your new op shop glass dish is a wonderful find; perfect for those pretty soaps.

  11. Hi Julie, wow time sure does fly for us old fellows now lol. Looks like the birthday boy had a great time.
    Wish I had an assistant to help knitting, but you must be working her to hard Julie:-)
    Have seen a few people making paper with acrylic pours, your canvas looks awesome. Love your op shop find, wow so expensive to😂Take care Julie! Chris xoxo

  12. What a wonderful idea for your pretty coat hangers. I need to look on Pinterest for a pattern and make some up to have on hand for gifts. Those boots for your grandson are just too cute along with them! Even though my dish cloth pattern is different from yours they are something easier to do but nice to have on hand.I am sure your cat helps you out a lot! I loved watching the Royal Wedding. Hubby recorded it and we watched a bit at a time. Your Dirty Pour pictures turned out lovely. Now who would have thought of that. You do such an interesting variety of things. Love those Decanters. Wish I could find some like that. Guess I should look more often! I am mostly a dog person but that cat is so sweet! Have a good week. Nancy

  13. LOVE Batman! Nananaaaa....BATMAN! so cute! If the cats were around it would have been "dirty paws" art :-).......they are awesome. Love all your clever creations. Hugs from the winterless

  14. I could hear Batman from here! How adorable is he!

  15. I love your little glass and silver dish, it's given me an idea to keep an eye out for something similar for a friend's gift. I like knitting washcloths too, they are easy to finish. Meg:)

  16. Just love those slippers ! What a fun birthday party Alec had - and you too I think Julie. 💕

  17. Wow your grandsons are growing up so quickly! Looks like a fun birthday and I just love the slippers.

  18. Hi Julie, I just found your blog and I am so impressed. Your creativity has inspired me. I have not heard of dirty pouring before, but now I want to try it. I am your newest follower and hope that you will visit my blog too.
    So nice to meet you,
    Connie :)

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Connie ... I am just popping over to "visit you" at your blog now.

  19. Love the boots and the superman pose...brings back memories!! Your dirty pour was interesting, your canvas looks wonderful. Had to giggle at your helper, maybe she needs her own ball of wool??😆

  20. How lovely to see children having fun and I do love the Batman outfit! The paintings came out well and looked fun, I think we did this in school, like 50 years ago! it gets some very pretty results.

  21. Back to look at the hanger and the cute boots again. You're a wonder!


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