Monday, February 18, 2019

A Week's Worth of Projects

Greetings dear friends & readers
It has been a productive week here at Threadbear HQ with lots of little finishes.

The needlework cushion cover below, was 50 cents at the St Johns Op Shop last year ... the edges were badly frayed & it needed a clean, a re-sew, a new inner & some TLC πŸ’—
It finally got all this last Monday morning & turned out rather well I thought!

On Tuesday while Sid slept, I pulled this wrought iron set out from under my trees.  I shove it under there when I go to mow & often a week can go by before it gets pulled out again.
The birds has used it for a perch & the family of spiders that had taken up residence in it, had kindly invited 
all their cousins along!
I scrubbed it & hosed it & when it was dry, I gave it two coats of Resene Hot Chilli.  It has been this colour for several years now, originally it was white.
I found 2 testpots of the Hot Chilli colour left over in my cupboard so it worked out perfectly & cost me nothing more than lots of elbow grease.

How wonderful it looks all spruced up & sprayed with Ripcord to deter the spiders ... even my old kettle got a touch up with the remnants of red. 

Speaking of  "Sid Tuesday's"  ... I found it pays Not to leave him unattended with a marmite sandwich for anytime 
or he is rather inclined to paint himself with it !!! πŸ˜‰

On Wednesday I sat outside on my newly refurbished table & chairs & spent a pleasant couple of hours rubbing lavender stalks into my large enamel bowl πŸ’œ

On Thursday - Valentines Day - I picked myself a bunch of roses & put in a lovely crystal vase .  .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .  .  & then, because it was the day of Love Pippi left me a wee gift on my slippers that were lying at the door - 
so kind & generous of her πŸ’•πŸ˜» !!

On Friday morning Sue came for a visit & bought me a large bunch of dried flowers out of her garden, along with the book all about crystals.
We "traded" as I sent her home with a rather large armful of lavender sprigs & some worm tea!

On Saturday I worked on completing these 3 mini quilt hangers.
My dear friend Leeanne had tossed these orphan quilt blocks at me when I stayed with her last July

I knew I wanted to do something with them & it was coming across these mini wire hangers that inspired me to make 3 little quilts for my sewing room wall

Yesterday - Sunday - I was able to complete this little Cath Kidston pouch.  When I purchased the book Stitch! 
several years ago, this kit came free with the book.
My dear friend Sally kindly did the cross stitch work for me & I just had to sew the pouch up.

I thought the wee cat charm was just perfect as a zipper pull.

Then today,  Monday - with all our citrus fruit falling due to the drought, I made a Citrus Slice in readiness
 for Sid's visit again tomorrow.  He loves his Granny's baking.

Phew - that was a busy-ish week !!
That's the beauty of blogging ... often when you feel you have achieved very little, you look back at your photos 
& find you have in fact, accomplished lots !!
Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead dear friends,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Hi Julie what a wonderful post ,how wonderful to revive the stitched cushion its gorgeous,well done ,lol had to laugh at the pic of little Sid,and how lovely for your fur baby to leave you a gift,lol,hope you have a wonderful day my friend xx

  2. Phew....yours was a busy week.=) Oh, how I would love to sit on one of those hot chilli wrought iron beauties under the shade of the tree, and drink in the fragrance of all that lavender and enjoy a piece of that Citrus Slice. Yikes!! An itty bitty mouse!! I hate meeces to pieces!! Why is it that cats always want to share their 'prizes' with their loved ones?? Your tapestry cushion is a beauty, as are those gorgeous quilt squares prettily hanging on those iron hangers. Marmite hey?? I am afraid 'tis Vegemite that is our preferred choice, over here. =) Sweet little Cath Kidston pouch too. Mmm...I wonder what beautiful pretties you will imagine this week♥

  3. love your cast iron seating, looks wonderful with the added red kettle!
    gorgeous mini quilts, cute pouch & love the zip pull charm of the cat too!
    mmm, lemon slice sounds delicious!
    give the furry ones a hug
    hope you have another wonderful week
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina, I am really pleased I freshened up my table & chairs. The citrus slice is really delicious & simple to make too. Hope you have a great week too Selina - thanks again, Julie Xx

  4. Oh! Wow! What a great start to my Monday morning...
    PINK! PINK! and more PINK..! 😊
    LOVE~LOVE the wrought iron garden set..if l'd live
    closer Julie, l'd be over for morning coffee..even
    if it's the middle of the night over their..!

    And..the dear little mouse that Miss Pippi got....
    Bless!x What a wonderful gift..How did you cook it?
    Though not as nice as the bunny that Blackie caught
    a while back..pussy~cats are so thoughtful..! 😸 😻

    And..Let's be honest here..if you don't get Marmite
    over ya have'nt enjoyed it..! :).
    Great post Julie..Sending the link to my daughter,
    she loves to see it..Bless! (Shame about the roses).
    ❀γƒ…❤♫ ❀γƒ…❤♫ ❀γƒ…❤♫ ❀γƒ…❤♫

  5. You give so many things a new lease on life!
    That is a LOT of lavender!!
    A wonderful bouquet of a variety of roses. I love that so much more than a sedate bouquet of one color. :)
    Pippi is so thoughtful (YIKES).
    Very sweet little zippered pouch. And a citrus slice sounds delicious!
    Love what you have done with the blocks from Leeanne!

  6. It's so wonderful to see someone's hard work saved and loved! Your red touch up looks great. Love your pretty Cath Kidston pouch and the minis are gorgeous. Wait until Sid can seek out stealthily and help himself to fridge treats lol!

  7. oh my Julie, you have been a busy bee, love your garden chairs and table, they look great in red, rather than spotty bird poo:-)
    Isn't it fun when they get marmite all over their faces.
    Wow your good, a couple of hrs rubbing lavender😲 bet you slept well that night.
    Have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo

  8. Love the spray paint. My sister's think I spray paint everything.

    1. Thank You! I am delighted with the revamped table & chairs ... it was lucky I had the paint left over in my cupboard.

  9. Lovely post Julie, you sure got lots done in the week. Had a giggle at Sid and his sandwich! Such a cute little face. Your table and chairs look amazing , love you have painted the teapot too. Those orphans from Leeanne look wonderful as mini quilts. The roses look beautiful and that not to get too many of those!! 😊

  10. You have been busy. My GD loves to spread her food on herself too, especially spagetti type meals. The red looks fabulous on your setting. Hugs,xx

  11. I would say you accomplished a lot! The cross stitch pillow and newly painted chair set look so nice! I like the red tea kettle too! The slippers are so cute but would not love the present Pippi brought you! I don't really care for real mice! Have a good week! Nancy

  12. Oh Pippi, you are so clever! A perfect day for a little present, and so beautifully and delicately placed at a slight angle on the slipper. You have been watching your Mum create haven't you! .....and the wonder they invited the rellies, everyone likes to live at your place. The chairs look all spiffed up again, ready for the year. Good to see the orphans have a new home - told you everyone wants to live at your house!. They look great in their new place. Food always tastes better if you have smeared it all over first! Rules of childhood. Hope this week is as fun and busy for you. xx

  13. Sounds like you got lots of things done. I can't believe how beautiful that needlework cushion is, and only 50 cents. I love it. Sorry, but that little mouse looks so sweet there on your pretty pink slipper. :) Oh and I do love your little red table and chairs, and the kettle.

  14. Oh Pippi!! What a present! If you love vegemite why not rub it on your face, maybe it's a great skin mask?!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Oohh Julie, a lovely post. Dear Sid, wouldn"t be normal without any marmite from here to there, delightful.Keep that photo for his 21st. Great do ups, would have bee a hard job scrubbing then painting.Gosh I would have squeeled rather loudly seeing THAT mouse, ugghh.Love the hangings they are lovely.

  17. The table and chairs look gorgeous, you did a great job. I love the little Cath Kidston pouch I must have a look for the book. x

  18. You have been busy! Love the garden setting!! I'd love something similar in mine :) Love your little quilts - what a great idea to use up Michelle's orphan blocks that way!! xx


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