Thursday, April 16, 2020

Some Easter Sewing

Greetings dear friends & readers
How are you all doing in your bubbles?
I hope you are all managing to stay safe & well & are having more positive days than negative ones?

Easter was a bit different & strange here this year - as I'm sure it was for many folk.
The weather on the first few days was beautiful so I spent some time outdoors - there are always chores to be done.
On Good Friday I decided to give my worm farm a thorough clean out & dug a whole tray of castings into my veggie garden - the rich black soil is wonderful.

I filled up 9 bottles of worm tea which I shall use on my veggies & potted plants - & also share among some friends.

I used some of the feijoas gifted to me in my last post to make a Feijoa & Coconut Cake - one of my absolute favourite recipes.

On Easter Saturday I woke up & decided to make some drawstring bunny bags for my grandsons.
This is a free pattern download from * Here *

I just used up fabrics from my stash - they are simple & fun to make up.
I had some choccy treats to pop in these bags but - as I won't be seeing them until lockdown is lifted - I can add in some non edible treats also.

On Easter Sunday Miss Pippi very kindly left a wee gift for me on my slippers at the back door.
She apologised that it was not dipped in chocolate  . . . she didn't quite understand the words I used towards her (!!!) & why I tossed it way away in the paddock. 😖

On Monday it dawned dark & stormy so I turned the fairy lights on & lit a new wax melt in my burner

Sandalwood & Musk Wax melt - just beautiful fragrances
I love days like this  💗...... perfect sewing days.
I put the last few stitches in this woolen wall hanging I was making - this is a pattern I saw on Pinterest but just 
made up my own version of the rabbits head, blanket stitched onto some scraps of wool fabric.

It seemed appropriate after yesterdays "gift from Pippi" that I had cut out this little Linen mouse & decided 
to sew her up.

This is a free download from Kerryanne's beautiful blog - she only measures 15 cms tall so she can be made 
from your scraps.  Her skirt is actually a length of pretty ribbon that I gathered up.

I don't usually like mice in any shape or form but when I saw her on Kerryanne's blog I just fell in love with the sweetness of her. 💕

Kerryanne was also offering this free bunny printable for Easter

And the dishcloth knitting has continued friends - I am loving this variegated yarn & the way it knits up.
My friend Marie belongs to the Catholic Women's League & she has asked for dishcloths to put in packs they are making up for new Mum's - so some of these will be going to Marie.

I will be forever grateful to my lovely friend Shirley, who last year introduced me to the wonderful world of craft vlogs 
& podcasts.
Everyday around 3 pm I make a cuppa, sit on the couch & watch the latest episodes from some of my favourite vloggers.  Many of the UK ones are vlogging daily during lockdown.
Here are a link to some of my favourites that you might enjoy watching sometime . . .

Ollie and Bella  Sherie is vlogging daily 

Tales from Cuckoo Land  I just adore Gayna - she is vlogging daily

The Last Homely House East Of The Sea   Kate is vlogging almost daily

Sew Sweet Violet   Jooles is podcasting a bit more regularly now.

Well dear friends - that's me for today 
Thanks, as always, for your visits here - remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
Take care, stay safe, stay well 😊
With much love & friendship to you all!
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. I love your quote at the beginning or your post. Those bunny bags are very cute an idea for next year... thanks for sharing.

  2. I missed your last post, think I checked after seeing your lovely stool on Instagram, but there was nothing new on here,so I will combine both, love your cute bunnies, and I also remember your cake recipe, but alas have not found any cheap feijoa's over here. Yes Easter was a little strange, missed seeing the family, actually some I didn't miss hahahaha. Better get back to some housework, wish we could be locked up from that👍 Take care Julie, stay healthy and happy. Chris xoxoxo

  3. another drool worthy blog post! So many lovely delightful makes. Not sure about Miss Pippi's 'gift'....we got a bird....NOT impressed! The vlogs sound interesting, but I better not go there as I'm still working from home and wouldn't if I had more than just Netflix to watch in the evenings. I bet your grandson's will love their Easter treat bags when you can get them to them.

  4. we're fine in our bubble thank you, we're taking regular walks with the dogs, I seem to be getting more exercise during Rahui then before, :D Love the wee mouse xx

  5. HaHa! I must firstly mention the 'most' important
    thing on this post Julie..Miss Pippi's lovely
    Easter gift to you, to show how much she loves you!
    Bless! Her furry paws..! :).
    And then it says..'What l love most about my home'..
    So there you have it..Miss Pippi's Easter gift..! :o).

    And..I had to do what a lot of other followers have
    had to do, at that was Google..'Worm Tea' now
    we know, it's not summat you can have with milk and
    sugar..! HeHe! :(.

    I'm still in my bubble here at home..only been out
    twice in the last three weeks..though must go out
    tomorrow for a few groceries..Getting low on bleach,
    and that will never do..! :(.

    Leave you with a saying from Eleanor Roosevelt..
    "A woman is like a tea can't tell how strong
    she is, until you put her in hot water". Stay Safe..! :o).
    💛🌱🌸🌱💜 💛🌱🌸🌱💜 💛🌱🌸🌱💜 💛🌱🌸🌱💜

    Oh! BIG! BIG! (((Hug))) and X's for Miss Pippi..! Bless! :o).

    1. Oh! Sorry! I meant to's summat you
      can't have with milk and sugar..
      Well it is a bit early..Bless!x

  6. I haven't seen any craft vlogs so will take a look - thanks for sharing these. I just love the little mini mouse you made, it is absolutely delightful (and as you know I am not one for ornaments/clutter!) I think because it's so small, you have made it beautifully.

  7. I will never understand animals leaving dead presents at one's door. Good thing they are dead, though. Sweet little mouse you stitched and all those bunnies....just adorable. I have visited Jooles vlog before....must check the others you suggested. I love podcasts, too.

  8. Ha an Easter gift from Pippi. Precious would love to find a live mouse in the house. Don't know if she would
    keep it for a pet or try to eat it out of her desperation for more food! The knitted wash clothes are a very pretty
    yarn and so useful. I had a friend who made me a few. I crochet instead. We use worm castings here on our plants
    but I buy it in the bag. Never tried to make the tea, I am sure it is a really good fertilizer. Hope you get to
    see the grand's to give them their Easter gifts before winter sets in for you.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Lynn. Yes the worm fertilizer is just wonderful. Thats great that you can buy the castings in a bag - it makes such amazing compost for the garden. Miss Pip usually brings the mice inside & does that "catch-n-release" thing so I guess i should be pleased this one was dead at least!

  9. You always have the BEST posts! What a special gift from Miss Pippi, and you threw it out! :) That's so funny. I love the little bunny bags. I would love to try making one but it would never turn out as pretty as yours.

  10. Oh, I love your makes! The bunny bags are so cute!
    I have watched all of those vlogs.
    Take care, good Julie.

  11. Okay I am still laughing over the dead mouse, so much like my cat. EEEEEK!

    1. Honestly Kim - that ginger cat just about does my head in some days !!!!

  12. Ha ha! Pipi is so very thoughtful! :-) All of your Easter projects are happy and pretty....but I love that little linen mouse!

  13. Hi there Julie.

    Thank goodness Miss Pippi brought you the gift of a mouse, and not the Easter Bunny! That would have been disastrous LOL!

    All those free crafts have me interested as I have time at the moment to do a bit of crafting. I will also take a look at those vlogs you recommend.

    I am going to try that cake with my feijoas...AHEM...I mean guavas haha! I have a few left over so will see how they go in the cake recipe, might need to remove the hard seeds first though.

    All that black gold will do wonders for your garden. My worms have multiplied, cant wait to use their compost soil.

    The bunny bags are gorgeous, and so is the cute tiny mouse. Your dishcloths are looking fabulous too, I love those colours.

    Take care and enjoy your little bubble. Hopefully it wont be long now and things will return to some sort of normal.


  14. Your drawstring bunny bags are very cute, Julie. I'm sure the little ones loved them. Isn't worm tea wonderful stuff? We have a worm farm here and it's magical the way the worms turn food scraps into castings and juice so good for plants and soil. Meg:)

  15. what a lovely post.... full of all sorts. I love that quote and your lovely makes, bunnies and mice. I think I need to invest in a worm farm... had one years ago but somehow got out of it...

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  17. How lovely of Miss Pippi to bring you a gift! You've been quilt busy. I love the little bunny bags.

  18. My friend you have been quite busy haven't you!! I had to laugh at the gift in your slipper. I hope you didn't let Miss Pippi see you ditching the mouse away. The looks on their faces sometimes when you throw the gifts away. lol I thnk many people will be going back to growing their own foods after this virus leaves us and I hope that will be sooner rather than later. Stay safe. xx


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