Friday, June 19, 2020

Another Raggedy Anne ................................ & a Pinkeep

Greetings dear friends & readers,

My friend Gail works at our local St John's Op Shop & from time to time she mentions things she thinks I might be interested in.
Last winter she told me about a Raggedy Anne doll kitset that had come in & I gave her the money to purchase it 
for me - sight unseen.

I was certainly Not disappointed when I collected it from Gail as it was beautifully presented in a box complete with everything needed to make the doll except the stuffing.

Finally during our lockdown months I was able to make Raggedy up.
 I was surprised to find she turned out a much larger doll than I had anticipated & measures 70 cms tall.

The paint for her shoes was also not included in the kitset - these were a teeny bit tricky to mask off but looked really effective when finished

I really love her happy smiling face & the oversized pigtails for her hair.
I also loved her doiley collar which was already teadyed for me.

I gave her great big hair ties to set off her large pigtails.
Even the tea dyed fabric to make her cardigan was included in the kitset.

When finished I felt she needed "a wee friend" so found this adorable little scruffy Boyds bear in my collection.
He fitted just perfectly tucked under dolly's arm.

💕 Now she was complete at last 💗
The doll's name on the pattern is Brianna Annie & * here * is a link to the pattern website 

Also during Lockdown I pulled out my rather large collection of Simply Vintage Magazines & leafed through them all - there were so many wonderful projects in them 

I especially liked this Pinkeep in the Spring 2015 Issue No. 14 & decided to stitch it up as I had all the colours of 
wool felt already in my stash.

I really enjoy the repetitiveness of blanket stitching around wool felt pieces - there's something methodical about it 
I find.

Just last week I found my bag of crushed walnut shells so I was able to stuff & complete my pinkeep - I also added 
a handful of dried lavender to mine, to make it smell wonderful

I decided to machine embroider a label for the back to remind me that this was one of my Covid19 Lockdown projects. 

I completed an Order for my lovely friend Sandy  -  6 lavender sachets in pretty vintage florals to be gifted to 
her parents 💜

Finally dear readers - earlier this week I received the most wonderful package in the mail - all the way from Australia from Sue of Kiwikids blog

Sue had featured the Marie Bostwick series of books on her blog some time ago & I had commented how interesting they looked & I must search them out in my local Library.
Sue very kindly offered to send them to me to read so I was expecting the books 
But what I wasn't expecting was all the wonderful goodies she had squeezed into the box to fill it up!!
Beautiful doilies, a craft book & the most gorgeous bias bindings in Liberty fabrics, as well as the two cat placemats Sue had made for me

Now just look at this face dear readers - Who on earth does that remind you of I wonder ............................

I have tried to get her to pose by the placemat to get a good photo but she is currently not feeling photogenic today !!! 😉
Thank You So Very Much Sue - you are so kind & generous my friend 💗

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend dear readers,
Take care - be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to You All,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Love your Raggedy Anne... you have made a lovely sweet character there... and the pinkeep is lovely.... I also love the therapy of blanket stitch and wool - have never thought of putitng a bit of lavender with the walnut... great idea. I have just got the first of the Marie B books from the library myself... it looks fun and light hearted. Sue is lovely and very kind, I have been the recipient of hers too... unexpected surprises...

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  2. Do you know Julie..if l could find a lady
    like this raggedy Anne..l might consider
    marrying again..HeHe! :).
    She is the hair to..amazing!
    The detail you put into you dolls is
    amazing to..! Lov'em..! :o).

    Ah! Poor Miss Pippi..are you sure your not
    over working the little lady, she looks
    pooped out..Bless her..! :).

    Nice and early over here, little bit of rain
    over night, hopefully clearing up..must pop
    into town later..the non essential shops opened
    on Monday, though still quiet here where l live,
    the cities London etc..are bustling though....
    I still conform to way at the moment,
    many are still dying..! :(.

    Best get on then..another lemon tea called for...
    And..morning visit to the bathroom..get myself into
    gear..Take care..God bless..! :o).
    🐿️ 🐿️ 🐿️ 🐿️ 🐿️ 🐿️ 🐿️ 🐿️ 🐿️ 🐿️

  3. I just love your raggedy anne Julie, you did a great job on her, I love your pin keep as well, use to do those kind of things to sell at the market many moons ago, you received some lovely gifts from Sue, the cat looks so much like your miss pippi. So NZ is corona free, wish the same could be said for Victoria, nope they even said we might be heading in to a 2nd wave, just great, anyhoo have a great weekend Julie. Chris xoxoxo

  4. Your raggedy anne is lovely, I really like her red hair and plaid dress and the teddy just finished her nicely - it must take patience to make these, I don't think I could do it unless there was a small person waiting for me to make them one - that would motivate me! Your friend was amazing - what a generous and thoughtful gift but you deserve nice surprises Julie. I think the little kitty pot holder is wonderful. I have been making masks, I am not a sewer so my machine is not my best friend, the tension plays up and I cut my finger (stuck it in the way of the needle casing as it came down! but I persevered, made 2 so far - surprising how different peoples face size/shape is even within the same family lol!! anyway I will persevere.

  5. Wow, you scored big this week.
    Your doll is lovely and yes, very tall. Love her pig tails.
    Those place mats are cute, and Sue sure picked the right ones, even is the original model is feeling shy today. LOL

  6. What a post of loveliness. The rag doll is lovely. I remember making one when I was about 13 at school and wish I still had her, ever since then I have had a weakness for them. The pincushion is a good reminder with your special label on the back. I always like the effect of wool but am allergic to it and get terrible itches so can't work with it, cheap felt doesn't have the same lovely look at all. What a wonderful box of surprises, you are going to have esteem lovely relaxing time working your way through the books and clearly she is such a kind lady. Have a good week. x

  7. Turns out the size of the doll was perfect to use the Boyd bear as a companion. The dark burgundy hair is different, but
    it compliments her clothing. It really turned out great. You have a great gift from your friend. Oh, my, to sort out
    all she sent. Of course, having a Pippi look alike mat really sent it over the top! Our Amish community do not practice
    safety for covid, so we are having an increase in our heavily Amish populated area where I live. I always wear a mask
    and gloves and then peel off the gloves and use sanitizer the minute I get to the car. Still have nicely cool weather
    and rain.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Lynn. That is interesting regarding the Amish community not practising covid safety. Must make it hard for everyone that is obeying the rules. I hope the numbers start decreasing for you soon Lynn.

  8. What a great kit and I love your little bear addition. I do love a good pincushion and yours is very pretty. xx

  9. Your dolly is gorgeous, love her. Love pincushion & yours is pretty. Fabulous parcel from Sue. Hugs, xx

  10. Your Raggedy Anne doll is beautiful Julie, love all the details you have given her and the bear addition is perfect. Your pin keep is lovely too, great idea to add the lavender. There is something therapeutic sewing with wool, good for the hands too. Ahh Miss Pippi looks worn out, maybe a photo op another day 😁🐈🐈

  11. Hi Julie oh my your raggy Ann doll is so cute ,what a lovely find from your friend. Oh i have that magazine too and your pin cushion looks gorgeous,you have inspired me to go find that pattern,what a lovely parcel you have recieved enjoy. Julie you make such beautiful custom orders,it is always a joy to visit your blog to see all your beautiful work,well done my Frien and i hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  12. Who can resist a sweet smiling face of a Raggedy doll. Your Brianna Annie is gorgeous. Those clever fingers of yours have worked magic on her, Julie. How serendipitous that she was found in an op shop. The pinkeep is so pretty and as for your sweet kitty, how cosy she looks all bundled up in the blanket. Aren't you a lucky gal being gifted all those amazing pretties. Ooh.....Liberty bias heart is beating just that little bit quicker, right this minute.

  13. Oh my! You are such a busy creator Julie! Your Raggedy Anne turned out beautifully as did the pincushion. I'm curious as to why you added walnut shells albeit crushed? I've never heard of doing that before.
    Thats a thoughtful gift that you received. You'll have some reading to try and fit in around your sewing now! ;o)

  14. Everything you make always looks so well put together--from the choices of materials, to the quality of construction.
    You received a fun surprise package. :)
    Now that is a truly camera shy cat (for the day).

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  16. Oh your doll looks so sweet love the colour of her hair an d the little teddy seems to have been made for her. The Pinkeep is very pretty too. You are so clever with your industrious hands, there seems to be no craft you cant do! I just adore the place mats your friend is a talented and generous lady. Miss Pipi is so cute, my Peggy Sue is in the same position with her crochet blankie, it is so cold tonight.


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