Monday, October 12, 2020

The Second Reinvention of "The Purple Cupboard"

Greetings dear friends & readers

I am off to my Mum's for a week but wanted to share this post before I go.

Way back in 2016 - almost 4 years to the day - I purchased this purple cupboard from the Church Op Shop for the princely sum of $3 !

You can read my blog post about it * Here * but for those of you who can't be bothered scrolling, here is an old pic of it in all it's purple glory 💜

And here (below) is the first revamp I did on it ... I used it at my Cottage to display the pots of babies tears plants that I used to sell.

Roll forward 4 years & it had sat on my Cottage deck, neglected & forlorn ... home to birds, spiders, rodents & other creatures !!

I hauled it up to my house & gave it a Very long overdue scrub.

You can still see the original purple colour on the back of it here

Then proceeded to paint it in front of the fire on my dining room carpet (Yes - I use splash covers)!!

Once again the colour is Resene "Hot Chilli" - a leftover testpot

Once it was red again I decided to stencil the drawer & then the lower front panel - I was inspired by my red kettle from last week's post as the pop of white seemed to stand out so well on the red.

I lined the drawer with a thick black rubbish bag before planting  ....  my hope is that the impatiens & the lobelia will grow & spill out over the front of the drawer.

Another scratch around under my house unearthed these containers which I also planted with red & white impatiens. 

It was rewarding to use up just what I had on hand & not buy anything except the punnets of plants.

Note to Self ..... Your red chair needs a paint now Julie !!!

I have tucked the pots away in a sheltered spot while I am down at Mum's as we get so many strong winds here during the month of October.

I have been working diligently on a large soy candle order to go down to Hawera with me.

My friend Joy from The Joy Within is taking part in a Christmas House Tour on 28th November - this is a fundraiser for St John's & a group of friends open their homes all decorated for Christmas - Oh what a sight it would be 💗

I have been scouring Op Shops for the past couple of months gathering together a large assortment of vintage glassware to make the candles in.  There was a wonderful array of fragrances including White Musk, Vanilla, Orange/Clove, Pumpkin Spice, Lime/Basil/Mandarin & Christmas Tree.
My house smelt divine to put it mildly 💕

Of all the vintage glass containers this sweet little trinket bowl above was my absolute favorite & I had much difficulty parting with it !!

My winter vegetable garden is finally coming to fruition & I am picking veggies most days - giving away lots & cooking lots too.
I picked this assortment this morning to take down to Mum's & share amongst the family.

I miss these two so much when I go away - but this morning there was a huge fight between them both ... hissing, spitting & Lots of fur flying (mainly ginger !!)           

Now to see them tucked up together (Yes on the good bedspread!!!) 😐 it's hard to believe they were anything but good mates.

Have a lovely rest of the week dear friends,

Thanks So Very Much for your visits here today,

With much love & friendship to you all,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Oh! My goodness Julie..about a year ago l purchased
    a pink unit in a charity shop, almost the same as yours,
    though l use mine as a bedside cost me £20..($39.16)..
    I'll have to take a photo of it and send it on to you....!

    And the glass candle holders look nice to..if l was you Julie,
    making all those lovely things, l would'nt want to part with
    any of them either..!

    HaHa! And..last but by no means least..the lovely furry ones,
    playing up again..Bless!xx At least they cuddle up after and
    let bygones be bygones..! :).

    Must get on..7:30 and it's still dark over here, weather's
    been nice and sunny and dry, though chilly..winter is around
    the corner...Brrrrr! :).
    🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛 🌱 💛

  2. Hi Julie oh my your little stand has done such a transformation,oh you are so clever,i love seeing your beautiful and clever work,well done my friend. Oh wow your soy candles look amazing and wish i could have smelt them in your house and gee your home grown veggies look so lovely and fresh ,enjoy your time at your mums,take care Julie xx

  3. what a nice idea for your decking area, it looks very pretty. the candles in trinket dishes look so pretty. I expect even the best of feline friends fall out occasionally, looks like they made up very quickly.

  4. Wow, I just love how you transformed that cupboard.. not once, but twice! Love how you had those plants in tea cups too... and those candles are just gorgeous. I would love to learn how to make them... one day! Thanks for the lovely inspiration xx

  5. I suspect Pippi and Blackie know you are leaving and therefore thought a good scrap would get your attention.
    Then a lovely heart shape on the bed to say good-bye. Have a good visit, the fabulous looking veggies will get
    a great welcome. Your choice in plant and paint colors look early Christmas. To think you'll have warm weather at
    that time and live outdoor plants! Lynn

  6. There is a treasure trove 'underneath your house' lol. Nice work on the cabinet and it looks great with the lovely plant. I adore the sparkly glass candle holders - so gorgeous. Safe travels and enjoy your time away. xx

  7. It looks good but I was extra delighted to see your red chair. I had one the same, it was Lloyd loom . Is yours?

  8. Lovely as always. Have a great time at your mom's place.

  9. Another beautiful transformation Julie, love the piggy planter. It would have been wonderful to smell those candles being made, you found beautiful containers. There just be lots of treasures under your house Julie!! Ah those cats! Safe travels, I hope the week goes well at your Mums house.

  10. The new life you have given to your little red pretty is lovely. I love it's new 'do'. Those candles look fabulous. I can just imagine the fragrance of each one....heavenly. Have a safe to your mum's place, Julie. I hope all is okay. Take care.

  11. The cute little purple one, right off the bat was something I would have taken a second look at too. And then you made it even more lovely with a dab of paint and stencils. It is so cute, and you've displayed it so perfectly.

  12. It's always such fun to visit your blog... I love the new look cupboard and putting the plants in the drawer is just brilliant... the candles in your lovely jars and cups are beautiful too... have a lovely visit with your MUm...

  13. Have a nice visit with mum. Love that those two made up after their fight.

  14. What an eye for colour Julie!!! The white stencils are really the finishing touch to that stand...and red again...beautiful it certainly stands out! Do you know I rather think the wicker chair you have beside it in your photo goes very well with it as it is! The colour and bits of white peeking through are so neat!! Gorgeous candles in glass dishes...perfect. I don't know how to make candles....something I would really like to learn how to do. I wonder if there is a book on candle here I come!! Enjoy your time with your mother! keep well. Amanda x

  15. Julie, it reminds me of Christmas, so bright and cheery! Another gorgeous makeover. :-)

  16. Very cleverly done. It looks very nice!

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