Saturday, August 28, 2021

Lockdown Projects ...........................................

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Lockdown Life continues here at the bottom of the world with our Level 4 Lockdown having been extended until the end of the month.    There is always plenty to do here at Threadbear HQ - though I must admit my energy levels (& enthusiasm) this time round are somewhat diminished.  

 Yesterday I was weeding an area of my garden & could smell the heavenly scent of wild violets - so I picked the sweetest little bunch to enjoy inside 💕

We have a surplus of lemons at the moment - our tree is laden & it's branches bending over.  I swap produce with my neighbour Jenny who gives me free range eggs in exchange for broccoli & worm tea.  Jenny left a dozen eggs in my letter box a couple of days ago so I decided to make a sticky Lemon Slice.

I used * this * recipe here - a recipe from a Cafe, that I had torn out of an old newspaper.  When I make something citrusy I want to really taste the citrus - not just a hint of it.  See the piece missing from the corner .......... I can most certainly attest that This Slice Was DELICIOUS !!!!  😉

Filling some bottles of worm tea for Jenny prompted me to give my worm farm a good clean out. I like to hose down the lids & get rid of any bugs & things every few months. I managed to fill 7 more bottles of worm tea - with spring just around the corner it's time to start liquid feeding plants & potted things again.

I came across a half pot of Resene "Hot Chilli" paint in my cupboard which was timely because my outdoor table & chairs were looking tatty after the winter.
I decided to give them a good scrub & then a coat of paint to freshen them up.
Our weather this week has been more settled & it was quite pleasant painting outside on my deck area.

I am always impressed with how much one good coat can give them a new lease of life.    Now if only the birds will stop using the chairs as perches ..........

I scrubbed out my old kettle, which I painted & stencilled last year & planted a small white paper daisy in this.

Last October on one of my trips to Mum's this drop-leaf tea wagon was waiting for me in her shed.  My sister-in-law had seen it being carted to the road side "free for the taking" & grabbed it for me, along with 2 wooden chairs for herself.
I pulled it out of my sleepout on Thursday, gave it a good wash down & then prepared to paint it with chalk paint in the colour "Pumice".

I started off out on the deck but found it easier to put it on my table upside down & get in all the nooks & crannies.  Yes I had my usual "Supervisor" who rather enjoys watching paint dry !! 😉

Most of it took 3 coats before I was satisfied with my coverage - I had masking taped the castors as I didn't want any paint on these.

I had this gorgeous Iron Orchid Transfer that I planned to cut into & affix to my tea wagon, to take the plain-ness off it.

I had a vision in my mind of flowers cascading across the top & down one of the drop leaves of the table as if someone had thrown a bunch of flowers across it . . . . . . 

I kept having to walk away & then come back to it several times before I was happy with my finish - it was tempting to keep adding more but I tried to restrain myself.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out & just have to give it all a coat of clear wax now to protect it.

I just added a small flower & a leaf to one leg (below)
Last night at the dinner table I was telling The Mr the story of how I came to get the tea wagon - he would have No Idea what I have stashed away in the sleepout nor where I acquired it from.

This morning this little funny appeared in my Inbox - sent from The Mr.  (Yes I must confess I am rather like that at times !!!)

Thank You all So Very Much for your visits here today dear friends,

I hope you are staying safe & well no matter where you may live in the world,

Remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With Much love & friendship to you all,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. The slice looks yummy. I have a lemon tree in the backyard here which has quite a lot of fruit on it i need to do something with. Your outdoor setting looks fab & i love the tea trolley. Love the meme. :) :). Hugs, xx

  2. Your battered and worn tea table looks spectacular now! I love the flow you achieved with the floral transfers.

  3. Beautiful finish on the little table - very pretty. xx

  4. Everything ALWAYS looks so good at your place! I too have been enjoying little bunches of violets, they always remind me of Mum - who loved them. The slice looks and sounds yummy...thanks for the link to the recipe. I made some lemon & blueberry Irish scones today, our lemon tree is so full of beautiful lemons. Great finish to the table....very very suited to your decor. I love the dog at the end....and I do think that would be you with seen treasures on the side of the road!

  5. Wow! The garden table and chairs are amazing
    Julie..and how they stand out..the colour and
    all..lovely that!
    I expect the birds are just finishing off the
    colour with their with flecks! :).

    The finished table is amazing to, love the
    way the transfer runs diagonally across the
    table, sets it off just nice..!
    Nice to see Miss Pippi lend a helping hand!

    HeHe! Worm tea always makes me chuckle...! :).
    I always think of worms sat on the lawn, in a
    circle drinking tea...! :O).
    Lemon slice sounds nice..but..nothing will ever
    be as good as 'Scroggin Slice'..I've still got
    a couple of nice long slices in the deep freeze..
    I pace myself eating delivery will be
    Christmas..! :). get on..spent some time out in the
    garden yesterday, finished off the Privet..
    And, tidied up a bit..few days of sunshine,
    washing etc..job done!
    HeHe! Love the Corgi dog at the bottom there..
    Is it one of the Queens..? :O).
    Pays to keep ones eyes open, you never know
    what you might find in a skip..! :O).
    💛 🌱 🌸 🌱 💜 💛 🌱 🌸 🌱 💜 💛 🌱 🌸

  6. LOVE anything lemony! My mouth is watering lol! What a treasure your tea wagon is.....beautiful job! And gorgeous red dormuour outside setting. I think even though we creatives can find loads to do,there is the occassional cabin fever and fatigue....beautiful wee violets too xx

  7. Your tea trolly make over is so very pretty.

  8. The Mr. hit the nail on the head with the cartoon! From just the photos you blog, the painting goes on all the time. And
    pray tell, how does Miss Pip stay so orange in all this. The table is just lovely. And nice that your weather was a bit
    nicer for outside work.
    My state of Ohio had probably over 1,000 miles of paved rail trail. Other of our states are not so progressive and have
    very little and very short. However this means our roads are clogged with semi trucks instead of the trains carrying
    product more efficiently. Makes for difficult driving sometimes.
    I'm glad to see you are making and painting things for yourself to enjoy. Happy clean up, lol.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Lynn. Yes he sure did hit the nail on the head ... that is probably Me to a Tee when I see something I can repaint or upcycle!!! Don't worry Lynn .. Miss Pip does get paint on her - she has a tendency to brush against things so I have to be careful - especially when I was doing the outdoor red set!!!

    2. I forgot to tell you Berlin is just 30 miles northeast of me. A highly
      commercialized Amish area. Just don't let Miss Pip get a transfer on her, lol. Lynn and Precious xx

  9. Well done there! Such a lot accomplished. Stay safe! ( I can taste that lemon slice in my imagination....haven't made it for a while....maybe....)

  10. Julie your tea trolley is a dream♡ Love the new coat of paint and the flowers dancing on the top and cascading down the side are fabulous. Your sister-in-law knows you very well. Such an amazing find! Why, I want to sit on your newly painted cast iron chair with a pretty tea cup (filled with tea, of course) sitting on the table, and enjoy a cuppa and a slice of that tasty (I just know it is delicious) sticky lemon slice. Stay safe and take care. Hopefully you will be out of lockdown soon.

  11. Just love the bright pop of colour of your table and chairs. They look so inviting.

    Your tea trolley is gorgeous!!! The flowers across the top and one one leaf and leg just make the whole thing perfect.

    God bless.

  12. Your tea trolley is just beautiful Julie. I love the red of your table setting. We have one similar that used to be Noel's mum's which needs repainting. This has inspired me. That lemon slice looks delicious. In fact, I have just printed out the recipe and am going to make it! Our lockdown continues here as well. Who knows when we are ever going to be let out! Enjoy your Sunday. Hugs, Christine xx

  13. Yes, a coat of paint can make old things new again. I love how you transformed the tea table, it's beautiful.

  14. I love your tea wagon - I can always make room for something like this because it's functional - the way you put the flowers across and the little detail on the leg are just perfect - that is a really pretty transfer you have chosen. I hope you will keep it for yourself as it's one of your best pieces in my opinion!

  15. Wow love your tea wagon just beautiful.
    You have so much talent with making old Items look beautiful and giving new life .

  16. Oh Julie, while I am so sorry you are feeling a bit less enthusiastic it certainly doesn’t show in your blog. I especially loved your first photo. The sweet China and gorgeous violets. Set me to thinking how nothing much is as beautiful as it used to be. I was looking at Elizabethan men’s clothing on line last night. It was so beautiful. Then more recently boring suits and now many on tv are doing away with ties. Such a shame. You have such a beautiful imagination. That is a wonderful book of transfers. The trolly ended up exquisite. Your husband has a wonderful sense of humour. That cartoon was so funny. We are having dreary weather down South. My daffodils and daphne have been lovely. Can’t wait for cherry blossoms and roses and honey suckles etc to start coming out. I’m like your cat. I could sit and look at your trolly for a long time 🥰

  17. Hi Julie, many thanks for the link to the lemon slice - it looks delicious so will be on my baking to do list next weekend. I think your table and chair set have turned out wonderful with the new coat of paint and I love what you have done with the tea wagon. Violets are so sweet, I should plant more in my garden. Have a really good week, take care.

  18. Pretty violets, we have blue and white ones here flowering beautifully! Your outdoor furniture looks wonderful Julie and that tea wagon is stunning. Like the sound of the lemon slice, our lemon tree is doing well too. Off to check it out.

  19. The Mister must have a terrific sense of humor! The tea cart is lovely. I am always so impressed with your vision and creativity. Your lemon slice looks a lot like our lemon bars. I’ll have to look up what castor sugar is. But this recipe does look goos and lemony……I bet they are delicious! Carol in Texas

    1. Thank You so much for your sweet kind comment Carol. Yes he does have a sense of humour ... he often sends little funnies to my inbox that relate to whatever I am working on. Castor Sugar is just a very fine grain of sugar I think - you could easily use ordinary sugar. I can certainly attest that the slice is delicious Carol - you will not be disappointed if you make it. Have a super week. Julie 😊❤

  20. My sister sent me this corgi pictures several years ago, as I am always getting things and repainting them that I find on the side of the road. I love the cart!

  21. what pretty little wild violets.... and lemon slice sounds totally yummy... I have lemons coming along so I will label some of them for this recipe.... the outside chairs look so good and I totally love your wagon.... and enjoy your man's sense of humour!

  22. We just planted a dwarf lemon tree, I'm hoping we are still here when the fruit arrive, lemons cost a pretty penny from the supermarket Julie, the lemon slice looks yummy, your little tea cart turned out perfect, we are still in lock down to in Victoria, we were suppose to be finishing on the 2nd, but no such luck. have a great week Julie. Chris xoxoxo

  23. HAHA I love The Mr's little funny. He knows you so well.
    Love your recycling Julie, you do an amazing job.
    Stay safe. Its a very miserable day here in Waitoki so might have to spend it in the sewing room.

  24. The wild violets are gorgeous. I can only imagine the sweet scent.
    I agree that citrusy things should really taste citrus! The slice looks yummy!!
    Nice job giving new life to the outdoor furniture. Isn't it maddening how we can't train wild birds to leave our outdoor furniture alone? LOL
    Oh, my, I LOVE what you did to the tea cart. The people who threw it out would be amazed at the transformation!! Love how the flowers spill across the top and down to the leg. Lovely!
    The Mr. has you pegged. I truly did have a good laugh over that one.


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