Friday, September 3, 2021

A (thrifted) Spring Tablescape

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Welcome to Spring  - my favourite Season of the Year 💗

On the very first day of spring - right on cue - my Magnolia buds burst into bloom.  How wonderful !

Yesterday, while weeding under some shrubs, I pulled these pots of bulbs out ... I had forgotten I had shoved them under there last year when they finished blooming.
Pretty Pots of Tulips & a white Hyacinth which smells divine !!

I was cleaning out my hallway cupboard & came across a plastic bag of doilies that my friend Gail had tossed my way. In the middle of the doilies I pulled out this cross stitch, all screwed up & forlorn looking.

I decided to frame it myself & make up a little Spring Tablescape on my Vintage Singer Sewing Table, which still had its Autumn display on it.

 I have a box full of frames in various sizes & states of repair - left over from the days of running my Craft Cottage.

I found this one which was a good size to fit the cross stitch.  I gave the frame 2 coats of paint & then decided to add the small scroll to the top.  I gave the cross stitch a gentle iron to get all the creases out & then framed it using some double sided tape.

I was really pleased how it turned out & the frame fitted it perfectly.

These sad looking little birdhouses were in another box of junk treasures so I gave them the once over with my cream chalk paint too & then added a couple of Transfers & some dried moss.

The lace doiley I displayed on my pedestal stand was thrifted as were the lace cloths I used on the table.

I found some Tilda flowers that I had made a long time ago & displayed them in a thrifted glass bottle ... the flower plate was a thrift store find on my last trip down to Mum's. 

The wool blanket flowers were displayed in another thrifted glass milk bottle.

(I foraged a couple of birds nests)

I dug out the "Spring" Stitchery that I made in this Post  last year.

The China tureen is also a thrift store item & the other few bits were just gathered from around my house.  
Total Cost $ zero !!

And to put the finishing touch to my display ...... I picked my very first vaseful of freesias to sit in a thrifted vase.

On Wednesday I knew my friend Sandy was heading in to town so I left bags of Oranges, Lemons & some Worm tea in my letter box for her to collect on her way past.

She Very kindly left me a delicious Banana Loaf in return & I have been enjoying it with my cups of tea.

Mask Wearing has become mandatory in my Country now so I decided to make myself a couple of new ones yesterday, using up some scraps of pink floral fabrics. I also made The Mr a plain black one.

I have 2 friends with birthdays soon & I want to post them each a Garden Voucher which I am able to buy using click & collect. I made two hanging heart pockets as I love using these to gift a Voucher inside.  These are made using 
* this great tutorial * from Craft With Fee.  And I reluctantly cut into my treasured Tilda fabrics 💕

Miss Pippi - tucked away where she is NOT supposed to be !!!!! 😖

Thanks So Much for your visits here today dear friends,
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend - remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. What, you didn't make The Mr a pink flowery mask??!! Oh, how better everything looks with a lick of paint. Love your newly painted pretties, Julie. Love your little display welcoming spring. AND.....I must say I love the flower cushion on the bed; how pretty it is. I love the scent of freesias. Spring has arrived here, too; so very excited.

  2. The next thing we look forward to over here is
    Autumn..and that's a day after my birthday....
    21st of this month..September!
    Busy month for me this month, September always
    is..what with visits and visiting, it's all
    busy..busy! :).

    I must say..l do love the bird boxes, l'd
    never heard of 'chalk paint' till l saw it
    on here Julie..I've looked for it over here,
    but, not found it..must have it somewhere l
    suppose! Sets things off nicely, especially
    with the transfers..!

    Been a bit worried last few days, car went in
    for service and M.O.T have'nt seen it for four
    days, desperate for food, unlike me, needed
    the get to the supermarket, still, Rob's returning
    it mid, off up to Lidl l shall go...! get on..I've written this post very
    quietly Julie, did'nt want to wake Lady Pippi...
    Bless!x And! One for Blackie!x
    🔔 🥂 🍾 ☃️ 🎊 🎉 😘 ❤ 🔔 🥂 🍾

  3. Freesias were in my wedding bouquet. The scent is divine. My narcissus are out. They were my husbands favourite flower. I have some in my bedroom. That round flower cushion near pippi is just lovely as is everything in your pretty house. Your husband will look like a pirate. Very gorgeous. 🥰

  4. It certainly is Spring at your house Julie!

    I love the beautiful flowers and gorgeous Spring display you created.

    I am still waiting for my freesias to flower. I love their sweet smelling scent.

    I planted bulbs that my daughter gave me for mothers day and they are starting to flower. Had my first white daffodil the other day. Cant wait for the others to bloom.

    Loved how you framed the pretty cross stitch, it looks really special now.

    Have a beautiful weekend,

  5. I LOVE your posts!! Ha! Ha! When I opened up this one, I thought, oops, Julie meant to say Autumn not Spring - then I realized I am on the other side of the world!! :-)

  6. Spring has very definitely sprung at yours. How pretty your table looks, Julie. Such flair and style you have. Have a good weekend. Stay safe. xxx

  7. Oh Julie, I'm marking the date of this post. Later in November, I'll look back at all the lovely Spring photos of
    your indoor projects. As my zinnias get late summer bedraggles, you find a beautiful surprise tulip. I'm not keen
    on Fall. I am a pink flower kind of person. We have tons of pumpkins showing up at the farmers markets already. I do
    believe they are from the southern states as of now. Ours do come on later this month before frost in October.
    I think Miss Pip is trying to be discrete where she lies right now behind the pillow. Lynn and Precious xx

    1. Thanks so much Lynn & Precious. Yes I am seeing LOTS of fall decorating on the overseas blogs now - some of them are in full swing & lots of pumpkins. Yes I agree - I think Miss Pip doesn't think I can see her there where she is NOT meant to be. Have a lovely weekend Lynn xx

  8. Everything you do is just so cute and clever. I just admire you so much and wish I had time to do what you do.

    1. Thank You so much for your lovely comment dear Kim 😊

  9. The spring tablescape is beautiful and you did it at no cost. Amazing.

    I keep forgetting that as we enter into fall the southern hemisphere is entering spring. Enjoy.

    God bless.

  10. It was so nice yesterday evening to come home feeling a little sore & sorry for myself to read your lovely blog Julie. I had to have a lesion removed from my left hand so no sewing or anything for week for me. :(. Love all your beautiful projects. Love the magnolia, so pretty, Awww Miss Pippi. Hugs, xx

  11. as always just such pretty decorating.... the magnolia is magnificent... I have tried growing them but keep killing them so I will enjoy those in other poeples gardens instead.... I just love them

  12. What a gorgeous cross stitch. It looks perfect in that frame. The bird houses have come up lovely. It's definitely looking like Spring at your place. The hearts are beautiful too. Have a lovely weekend Julie. Hugs, Christine xx

  13. What a wonderful Spring post .
    We are just slipping into Autumn , but Spring is my best of months .
    Love what you do you make every thing look so very pretty .
    Enjoy your weekend .

  14. I really think I need to get myself a pot of chalk paint as you seem to work wonders with it. I wonder if it will work the same magic for me if I try it on some bits I have tucked away and was going to throw out. You have such a keen eye for detail, so love how you have framed the wonderful cross-stitch and decorated the sewing table. The wool blanket flowers have caught my eye too and as I have a couple of old blankets I am going to look for a tutorial online and try that out. Enjoy your springtime Amanda x

  15. The Magnolia and Tulips make me smile. So pretty!
    What luck to find that sampler and you made it look like it was made for that frame! What you can do with a bit of chalk paint(and a few other bits and bobs). Your Spring display is lovely.
    Those masks are very "you".
    Miss Pippi must live by the childhood believe that "if I can't see you, you can't see me." :)
    Those hearts are such a sweet way to present a gift card.

  16. Pretty photos -
    I'm over here looking forward to the Fall.

  17. Another beautiful post Julie, your spring display is beautiful, that cross stitch looks wonderful framed up. The little bird houses are so cute. Ah Miss Pippi, always knows the very best and comfy places to be!! I picked some freesias from over the road this morning coming back from a walk, they smell so good! Very nice to receive the loaf! Lovely masks Julie.

  18. Love the wool flowers - very nice. I love that Miss Pippi is just waiting out the whole Levels thing and getting her beauty sleep in. I am dreaming of the smell of freesias - love them. We are also doing the contactless letter box pick up. Friends are picking up Yummy Slice and lemon curd today and leaving us some jam jars as Hannah is having a domesticated moment with marmalade, lemon curd and lemon infused vinegar making - Grandma's trees are full of fruit.

  19. What a treat! I missed your last post so had the excitement of seeing both today. Such beautiful things. I love the table you painted with the flowers across the top. Hard to believe you are now going into spring and we are going into fall. Your spring bulbs are beautiful, oh, and the Tulip Tree. I've never seen one that pretty. Such pretty feminine masks you've made. It would be fun to wear those. The cross stitch and the frame you painted is perfect. Your posts always make me want to go clean up my sewing room. :)

  20. A beautiful Spring display Julie.....definitely a cheery post. Love what you did with that beautiful cross stitch. Your Magnolia and, lovely! The hearts are so sweet and make a perfect gift. Yes masks seem to be a part of our lives now xx

  21. Julie, your hanging heart pockets look lovely and so clever, what a great idea. You have inspired me with all of your crafty ideas, My sewing machine is crying out to be used. There are so many worthwhile projects to sink my teeth into. I'm so pleased I found your blog. Best wishes, Pauline

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet kind comment Pauline. You are so kind 😊


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