Monday, October 18, 2021

To Mum's & Back Again ................................ (Part Two)

Greetings lovely friends & readers

I paid 50c for the small china butter dish & the Yankee Candle was $4 - brand new!

 Long time readers of my blog will know that I love to scour the Op Shops in Mum's small town.  This visit I literally had to run around them as I waited for Mum's prescription to be made up.  I found the items above at 3 shops, Hospice, St Mary's & the SPCA ... I've put the prices beside each item.

I especially love the two tureens above that I found at the SPCA shop - minus lids but only $4 & $6 each. The china is W.H. Grindley & Co & each piece is number stamped.  I would like to make a candle up in the smaller one with 2 wicks & maybe fill the larger one with potpourri.

The beautiful vintage cushion cover that all my thrifted items are resting on was tossed to me by my friend Claire as I was leaving her Home.  Yesterday I made a calico inner for it & stuffed it tightly.  I really love the pattern & am wondering if it might be Sanderson Linen?

I treated myself to this beautiful Candle while down at Mum's with some leftover birthday money.  I have been given the Oakmoss fragrance before & absolutely loved it ... & I can verify that I still do !! 💗

The Mr informed me that it rained here nearly every day that I was gone & I can see the garden has come to life in the few days I was away.  The pram that I featured * here * is almost entirely surrounded by forget-me-nots & granny bonnets now.  The blossom trees are in full bloom . . . . . 

. . . . .  the clematis is in full bloom & my pots are flowering away merrily 

Beautiful vibrant Rhodohypoxis ...... I have 3 pots of this

I had sewn basil seedlings & these are now ready to be planted out & the 3 different varieties of tomatoes that I planted in plastic buckets have grown So much.

As I mentioned in my last post we are currently back at Level 3 Lockdown so the Daycare Centre is closed for Sid.  I have had him extra days last week & again this week.  We played dinosaurs on the floor & then we noticed that a really big black T-Rex had decided to join our game 😉

I took him in to town to the Park which was taped off & a big "Closed" Sign on it ... so we went to the local Rose Gardens & Sid ran around there for an hour 

On my 2nd night Home I was just about asleep when I heard this almighty crash that I thought was a bus driving into my lounge French Doors!!   Upon investigation I found my large oval mirror had fallen off the wall taking two glass fronted pictures with it & shattering my beautiful glass Fairy Dome.  There were splinters of glass & mirror shards everywhere to clean up.  I was none too impressed 😞

My second "accident" was when I noticed this small wooden table top was stained & swollen on one side. I had watered the plant that sat on it prior to going away & not noticed that the water had over-run the saucer causing the wood to swell. 

Fortunately I managed to get it smooth using the electric sander, repaint it & it is now back in place with a piece of Oilcloth underneath to prevent this happening again. 
I am hoping there's Not going to be a third thing !! 😉

Well dear friends, that's about me all caught up.
Yesterday I made a Fridge Drawer Stew as I had lots of veggies needing to be used up & I also made a 
Scroggin Slice ... so I think I might just go put the kettle on.
Thank You - as always - for your visits here today,
Remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0


  1. Great purchases in your speedy op shop visit! What a shame about the demise of your mirror and sweet fairy dome. You must have gotten a fright! Your garden is blooming beautifully. Life is certainly crazy with lockdowns. Hard to plan anything. The dinosaurs looked a big hit with Sud and the big T rex lol!

  2. Your spring flowers look wonderful Julie and the seeds have grown really well. Had a giggle over the black furry T Rex looking too join in the games there! you found lovely treasures at the quick op shop you did. Good save with the watered table! THat mirror did some damage on the way down didn't it! Shame you lost your fairy dome.

  3. Wow Julie you are so much like Super woman .
    Love all your buys and your garden looks beautiful .
    Have a great week.

  4. Your plants are flourishing, it must take constant tending and hard work but what a lovely colourful sight your garden must be to return to after a long journey :) Shame about the mirror, you can probably get replacement glass cut to size for it in time? It must be fun having Sid round so much, I wouldn't get much done if it was me as I would want to play with all those toys too. My sons had train sets and I could lose myself for hours - goodness knows what kind of grandmother I will make - certainly not one who cooks as well as you! I bet they love coming to yours.

  5. Oh! Julie..Wow! And l must say Wow!
    is so FULL of's amazing!
    And dear old Teddy along side it
    looks a bit vintage to..! :).

    And the blossom tree and ALL the other
    plants/flowers look good to..! Love
    seeing plants and flowers out in the
    garden, in there natural surroundings!
    And the indoor plants look good to....!

    Oh! And that poor mirror..over here they
    say if you break a mirror, it's seven years
    bad luck..It was the ancient Romans who first
    suggested the idea of a broken mirror bringing
    seven years bad luck...But! What did they know!
    It's a superstition well worth reading about!

    I'm getting my Flu jab and booster jab on Saturday..
    One in each arm..l hope! :(.
    Everything is more or less lifted over here, though
    over a hundred people are still dying every day..! :( get on..lots to do, mostly cleaning and a
    bit of washing..Take care..(((Hugs))) XX's for the
    furry ones...
    And..Keep yer eye on that really big black T-Rex...
    He could be dangerous..! Bless! :O).
    🥂 🍾 ☃️ 🎊 🎉 😘 🥂 🍾 ☃️ 🎊 🎉 😘 🥂 🍾

  6. Great op shop purchases. The tureens are lovely. Such a pity about your mirror and fairy dome. Hopefully you can find another dome to give your fairy a new home. I hope your lockdown isn't for too long Julie. After 70 plus days we are finally coming out of what was supposed to have been a 7 day lockdown on Friday! Hugs, Christine xx

  7. Julie, it is difficult to be in a severe lockdown again. And Sid missing his friends at day care is no fun. However, the dinosaur dig in the house with a live black dinosaur has to help. And what a craft disaster to have so much of your lovely displays broken in one fell swoop! Not to mention the clean up. I see your flowers are exploding in color, as my leaves are tuning yellow and slowly dropping. I'm actually starting to clean out my annual flower pots a couple at a time. It is forecast not to have frost until Oct 24 if nothing changes. That is late for my area, but I'll take it.
    I can see why you would be a bit down and sad with the lockdown. I just keep to myself as much as possible and wear the mask even though I've had my booster shot. Numbers in the local hospital have dropped from 34 to 20. Lynn and Precious xx

    1. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment Lynn & Precious xx

  8. I love that you are going into spring /summer as we are winding down into fall and soon winter. Seeing your things makes me happy. SORRY ABOUT THE MIRROR. What a mess and glass shards are so hard to clean up.

    1. Thanks so much Kim - yes it took ages to clean up the glass shards.

  9. Hi Julie, always fun to see what you find at the op shops and then how you make them up..... the garden does like good rain doesn't it... just comes to life. What a shame about the mirror - glass all over is nervewracking... keep worrying bare feet will find that last little shard... Wonderful cushion.... such pretty fabric...

  10. Wonderful shop. Those tureens are lovely and I think making a candle with the smaller one is perfect, as well as potpourri in the larger.

    God bless.

  11. You always find such delightful objects at the op shop & it is always lovely to see what you find & what you use them for. The tureens are lovely. What a shame about your mirror & the fairy dome. Glad you were able to fix the table. Your black T-Rex is rather cute. :) Hugs, xx

  12. More great finds on your visit and the garden is looking beautiful. What a shame about your beautiful mirror and the other things that got broken - such a shame and not a pleasant clean up task! I am glad you managed to rescue the table. xx

  13. In spite of the lock down, the swollen table and shattered glass (so sorry about those pretty broken things), there was much joy in this post. Loved your op shop finds, your flowers, your grandson and his energy, and your cooking--enjoyed it all!

  14. Schools are on hols this week so I'm just waiting on my two arriving for their overnighter and although the house is very neat and tidy right now, come back tomorrow and witness the devastation that might ensue (thankfully, they're too old for Playdoh now so won't be any need to scrape it off the rugs!). Your spider plant is absolutely fabulous. I can never get mine to grow beyond a small pot-size! My Bestie told me about Level 3 and apparently, there have been 3 new cases in Auckland. When will it ever end? You always manage to find fantastic treasure at your op shops, Julie. xxx

  15. Oh what a shame re your mirror, I wonder if there had been a small earthquake Julie. Sad you lost your glass fairy dome, I hope you can find another sometime. Sid would have been happy there having a large black TRex interacting with his game.Did the black TRex play ball? Garden looking lovely and Springy, so lovely seeing the blossoms.Golly you were lucky to be able to save the little table, guess it's a lesson to be learnt.

  16. wow you always find great stuff Julie, I'll be glad when our op shops open up again, not long now. Oh dear sorry about your accidents, my sons fiancee just broke the handle on my favourite coffee cup, I have plenty of other new coffee cups in the cupboard, but the coffee just doesn't taste the same in those, hope your lockdown doesn't drag on, we are out at midnight tonight,woo hoo, but not retail stores, have to wait a bit for those, take care Julie. Chris xoxoxo

  17. Gosh! you find such interesting things. Brilliant ideas for the tureens and as usually you have inspired as I have a china tureen tucked away in a cupboard which I never use. Now if I can find a packet of potpourri I just never see them here whereas home in the Uk it is an easy buy. I wonder if I can make up my own! Wonderful restoration of the water damaged table but so sorry to see the mirror smashed and your fairy dome too. Such a shame! Stay safe and hope lockdown is over soon. Amanda x


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