Monday, December 6, 2021

Christmas Festivities

Greetings lovely friends & readers

It feels like December came around really fast!

Last weekend I sat on the floor & wrapped 48 tiny parcels in red tissue paper ....  I was filling my grandsons advent stockings again, even though it only feels like yesterday I was filling them for last December.

On Wednesday the 1st December I hand delivered them & both boys got to open their first one. 

 I picked Alec up from school which he was very excited about.  Also he had forgotten it was December 1st so his advent calendar was a real surprise.

Last December I made myself this Advent Angel just prior to Christmas & only got to enjoy her for 7 days before 
"the big day" arrived.

So I was delighted to pull her out this year & get to enjoy her for the full lead up. Each day I change the swing tag on her dress.

Go to this older Post if you want to read the details about her.

Early in December our small craft group usually go out to lunch as our little "break up" for the year.  This year we decided to go across to Tirau, about an hour away.

Last year a couple of the ladies handed out bags of baked treats at our lunch so this year I decided to do something with the multitude of cotton dishcloths that I continually knitted during our Lockdowns, to help keep myself sane.  

I frequently buy soaps from this lovely little craft shop out at Pirongia & store in my gift box.  I added a soap to each dishcloth & wrapped it up nicely in cellophane with a Christmas swing tag tied to it. I did up 7 packages & popped them in my vintage cane basket so the ladies could each choose their own.

The Craft ladies were all just delighted with their little surprise gifts πŸ’™

Speaking of dishcloth cotton, I purchased these two new lovely colourways from Spotlight last week when I went across to visit Alec.  You can see from the photo that a certain ginger 4-legged furry creature took a liking to the bottom one while I turned my back for barely 2 minutes !! πŸ˜–

We had a lovely outing to Tirau for our lunch & I purchased a couple of Christmas gifts for hard-to-buy-for people.  I usually buy a couple of new Christmas decorations each year & these above were my purchases from Tirau as they had 25 % off all Christmas stock. 

I belong to a small private group on Instagram of 8 ladies & this year we all agreed to take part in a Christmas Ornament swap.  The ornament could be handmade, shop bought, or thrifted.  I decided to make the girls these felt mice in stockings, a free pattern off the internet (which I can no longer find) & I began stitching mine back in early November as I knew they were labour-intensive & fiddly.

Once finished I thought they looked a bit tiny so I decided to add a box of my citrus potpourri to each parcel as I was sure the girls in the group would love this.  I purchased these Kraft favour boxes online from * Here * & just love how attractive my potpourri looked all packaged up in them.

Recently I called in to see my friend Gail at the Op Shop where she volunteers - she was just about to toss this broken section of Christmas Tree in the skip.  Being the "Steptoe" that I am, I asked her if I might please have it.  I chopped it up with The Mr's wire cutters & the greenery has come in so handy this year for both decorating And gift wrapping. 

Madam Butterfly (aka Pippi) was off colour for a few days last week -  She gets like this from time to time.  I came home from Tirau to find The Mr had tucked her up sound asleep - I am rather thinking she might put this on for all the fuss & attention she gets πŸ˜‰

Thank You all for your ever-welcome visits here today dear friends,
I hope the coming week is good & kind to you,
With much love & friendship to you All,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Lovely Christmas post Julie. Beautiful goodies to look at as always. The little mouse stockings are so very cute. I hope Pippi is ok. Hugs, xx

  2. Some great ideas here Julie. You put such great effort into everything. Love the new yarn.Have a great week.xx

  3. What an exciting time for your Grandsons....beautiful gifts and cute little mice in stockings....I love your new tree ornaments too. Advent Angel is the sweetest and lovely to enjoy her for the whole season this year. That is one spoilt Kitty xx

  4. This post is just full of Christmas joy and beautiful things. I am sure that everyone was delighted with their Christmas surprise.x

  5. Oh! Wow! Julie..Fabulous post..But are'nt they
    all..I don't follow many Blogs..and you must
    have a pussy~cat, l always look forward to yours
    and Henny's of course! :)

    The Christmas stockings a really lovely, l used
    to get one as a young boy..l could'nt wait till
    l got older when l could have one with a leg in
    it...HeHe! (hope that's not to rude)...! :O)

    Sounds like the boys loved the advent stockings
    to..what a fun thing to do each morning..!
    And the advent angle is lovely to..
    Don't know about anyone else..But l love Christmas! :)

    And..the star of the show..Miss the bestest
    and warmest place..Bless!x She's lovely..hope the other
    fury 'monster' is o.k. to..Bless him!x
    🧦 🎢 🦌 🧝 ☃️ 🧦 🎢 🦌 🧝 ☃️ 🧦 🎢 🦌 🧝 ☃️ 🧦 🎢

  6. Julie, you make my finger tips sore just looking at all the crafting you've finished for the holiday. Lovely work and I am sure all of you in your groups enjoy receiving each others creations. The boys will certainly be entertained by each day's opening of Advent gifts. I'm watching the last of the oak leaves drop and blow all over in the pouring rain. Just glad it is rain or it would be inches of snow by now. I do hope Miss Pip is back to normal, she sure looked warm and comfy in the blanket. Lynn and Precious XX

    1. Thanks so much Lynn - I do enjoy crafting & creating & find I get "the wobbles" if I don't do it regularly πŸ˜‰ Yes Miss Pip is fine again now thanks Lynn - she has the very best life (just like Precious). xx

  7. There are some very lucky people out there receiving some very lovely gifts this year.
    Your fur baby looks so peaceful there.

  8. Everything is stunning as always Julie, you sure are a prolific crafter. And everything just goes 'together' perfectly.
    Hope Miss Pippi is ok?

    1. Thanks so much Pam - Yes she is fine now thanks, she gets like this from time to time. Wishing you a lovely day Pam xx

  9. Wow, love the Advent calendars. It was a very sweet idea to gift everyone with a dishcloth and some lovely soap.

    God bless.

  10. Fabulous things to see... those little mice in stockings look so fiddly.... and you made up such fun gifts, the grandieboys will have such fun with the advent calenders...

  11. Your grandsons are so lucky you do their advent calenders each year. You have made beautiful gifts Julie, I am very proud to have one of your mice. Lucky you saved the knitting cotton from Miss Pippi, I hope she is ok.

  12. You have been busy, busy, busy, Julie, or are there elves there helping you? =) Those wee mice in the stockings are adorable. I can just imagine how excited your grandsons are with their Advent stockings. Another beautiful post filled with Christmas cheer.

  13. Always love looking at your post ,
    You are one busy lady .
    Looks like you have a very kind heart and the gifts for your friends are wonderful .
    I wish you a lovely week .

  14. I always love all the things and ideas on your blog, so fun and inspiring.

  15. Somehow I missed commenting on your last post so I was determined I wasn't going to be too late for this one! Where to look first as it is packed full with Christmas delights! Your grandsons must be thrilled with their advent stockings. I imagine it was quite time consuming but I also think the look on their faces and their joy at seeing the contents of each little stocking must be well worth all that preparation. It is a wonderful idea! Madame Butterfly indeed ... poor babe. I bet she loves the fuss! Happy December. Amanda x

  16. that's such a fabulous idea your advent stocking trees for your grandsons Julie, love your angel as well. Cute gifts for all your craft ladies and friends, I'm going to have a go at your potpourri one day, if I can stop hubby from eating the orangesπŸ˜‚ Oh poor miss Pippi, I think she has your hubby wrapped around her little paw? Have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo

  17. The stocking trees are a great idea for the boys. I love your advent doll. She is so sweet. The cloths with soaps are great gifts. I'm giving some decorated hand towels (with Tilda fabric of course) and lovely smelling soaps for Christmas gifts. The little stockings are lovely, as are the potpourri boxes. xxx


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