Wednesday, December 30, 2020

An Advent Doll & A Pink Parisienne Boot

Greetings lovely friends & readers 💗

Another Christmas done & dusted - gosh where do the days/weeks go to I wonder ??

A vase of flowers picked yesterday - the smaller roses are "The Fairy" .... I am unsure what the larger ones are - however their scent is divine & fills the dining room.

(Dear little Juno who is almost 9 months old now)

We had a wonderful Christmas spread out over about 3 days which is what happens when you have an extended family all with different places they need to be.

 We got to have an early Christmas tea with Juno & her family which was so lovely - she very much enjoyed the Tilda Angel Mouse I made for her in * this post *

The younger ones really make me enjoy Christmas - I get alot of pleasure seeing it through their eyes. Sid tripped over running in his new Batman Jandals & grazed both knees & his cheek so he was looking a little battle worn.

The week before Christmas a small bundle of beautiful Liberty fabrics arrived from Millymac Supplies
I had found a completed dolls body in my sewing room (Yes - I really do have dolls bodies lying around my sewing room!!) & I had wanted to make an Advent Angel for quite some time.  I had seen one on a vlog last Christmas & just loved the concept ... so I set about making some clothing using my new Liberty fabrics. 

The doll pattern is called Friendship Angel by the late Rosalie Dekker designs - I adore Rosie's doll patterns. I made her pantaloons, a dress & some angel wings & then I embellished her with some festive bits that I pinched borrowed from my Christmas tree 😉

I used my computer to print out the tags & my friend Sally lent me her numeral stamps to countdown each day.  By the time I completed my Advent Angel I only had "7 days to go" but next year I will get to enjoy her for the entire month of December.

I thought this tiny snowflake ornament complimented the snowflake theme in her dress.  The mini wreath was made by wiring a piece of greenery & adding a bow.
When I posted a pic of her on Instagram it was Boxing Day - my friend Chris left me a comment saying I now needed a tag to read "thank goodness that's over for another year !!"  ... I definately think I shall have to make one of those !!! 😉

I'm not sure now how I originally founds Kim's gorgeous Sarahlizzies blog but it has become one of my absolute favorite places to visit - filled with beautiful flowers, quilts & vintage gorgeous-ness.  Kim had a giveaway awhile ago & I entered but my name was not drawn out so I was surprised to get an email from her asking for my postal address.  It took a long time for this package to arrive but when my Rural Mail lady delivered this large box my hands were shaking as I opened it up. 

Inside wrapped up in a beautiful vintage afternoon tea cloth & pink satin ribbon was this beauty .  .  .  .  .  .

A Vintage Lace & Embroidered Parisienne Boot (stocking) - Kim's stunning handwork - embellished with such a mouthwatering assortment of vintage bits & bobs, lace, trinkets, doilies, braid, beads, mother of pearl buttons .......................... 💗💗💗

The other side was just as stunning - how could you choose which side to display .... Oh My that ribbon gathered rosette just took my breath away !!
It was like Kim peeped inside my head & saw all the gorgeous things that I adore & then fashioned them all into a satin & lace Parisienne Boot 💕

Seriously dear friends - my photos do Not do justice to all the detail in this !!

     I still find that everytime I look at it, I am discovering something new ..........

  And so I knew immediately where it would hang ... in my pink Christmas area that I wrote about in my last post - just perfect.  And every time I walk past I see it which is just so special.  
Thank You dear Kim from the bottom of my heart for your kindness which sprinkled so much joy into my festive season. Honestly the friends I have made in this little blogging corner of the world are just extra special.
(Oh & incidentally - when the Christmas is all packed away for another year this stocking will certainly be staying Out !!)

And so dear friends - we close the door on a year that probably none of us have ever experienced before & hope to never again.  What a year it's been & I had such high hopes for 2020 !

I hope the coming year brings you what your heart desires dear friends - thank you for always stopping by to visit me here in this little corner of cyberspace - your visits mean more to me than I can ever explain. Take care dear reader - be kind to yourselves & to each other & may the coming year bring you many blessings & joy filled moments.

With much love & friendship to You All,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0 


  1. Hi Julie glad you had a lovely Xmas and it is fun seeing Xmas through the eyes of the young ones,that's what Xmas is all about. Oh wow what a beautiful parcel you have received from Kim. You are right her blog is amazing and she is so clever as are you my friend,your angel is gorgeous,well done. Happy New Year Julie xx

  2. Happy new year. What a boot!! What a blessing that there are such lovely caring people in this world. x

  3. Well..The Vintage Lace & Embroidered Parisienne Boot..
    Stocking that is Kim's stunning simply
    amazing..ALL of it is in such detail, and l can understand
    anyone admiring it..whould take some time to take in ALL
    the beauty and work that's gone into it..Simply love it..!

    So pleased you and your family had a lovely Christmas Julie!
    Mine have just gone back, my Christmas day was last Sunday..
    So, most of the day, sat around the table eating, drinking
    and being..Mary..ooooops! Sorry! Merry! :).

    Things are getting worse over here with the virus..though,
    a new vaccine has been passed to~day, easier to keep and
    use, starting next week, so something positive at least!

    Oh! And! Yes! A very Happy New Year to one and all..lets
    hope 2021 turns around and gets better, can't be any worse
    than 2020..Can it..? God Bless!
    Oh! and (((Hugs))) XX's for the furry assistants..!
    🥂 🍾 ☃️ 🎊 🎉 😘 ❤ 🥂 🍾 ☃️ 🎊 🎉 😘 ❤ 🥂 🍾 ☃️

  4. The Parisian stocking is very beautiful and luxurious, what a generous present - so pleased for you to have such a nice surprise. Wishing you a very happy and safe New Year, Julie. Love from Betty x

  5. Such wonderful treasures, they really do make a home special. Thank you very much for your New Year Wishes Julie. I hope you have a healthy, happy and fulfilled 2021.

  6. I too love Kim's blog, full of floral gorgeousness as it is. And I loved the boots she was gifting so you are very very fortunate, a gift to be treasured for a long time to come. Happy New Year Julie. xx

  7. Happy New Year Julie. I can smell the lovely roses from here! And being pink they suit the pink Christmas corner that now has a lovely new handmade boot. How beautifully done. I like the Advent Angel with her bird theme dress. Clever idea. Actually it sounds rather fun to celebrate over days instead of all at one sitting. I always enjoy the many pictures and do hope Sid has recovered the trip over.

  8. Love the grand kids even when they are scuffed up. That stocking is exquisite.

  9. The photo of your sweet Juno smiling at her adorable Angel Mouse has made me smile. But then all the pretties have sprinkled smiles and loveliness into my day. Adorable little boys, and your Liberty Advent Angel is gorgeous. Next Christmas she can sit ever-so-prettily amongst all your pretties and remind all whom stop and admire her that we are one more day closer to the 'big' day. I knew the little Parisian boot would be perfect in your home, Julie. AND...I knew something smothered in vintage fabric, doilies, lace and bits and bobs, singing a beautiful pink song was....well...meant to be. 'It' looks perfectly at home where it is displayed. So, so happy to sprinkle a little joy into your days. Visiting your beautiful place each time is truly a most joyous experience. I look forward to seeing the new pretties you imagine throughout this coming new year. I am excited to see the stories and the amazing illustrations you dream up for each new day in your book titled 'My Threadbare Life 2021'. A beautiful new year to you, my lovely friend. Xx

  10. Dearest Julie, first of all, I hope poor Sid's grazes are healing well. The one on his face looks so sore.Poor little thing. Of course, it goes without saying how adorable new baby Juno is, just like our new baby (though they're quickly becoming 'non-babylike'!). I just adore the pink stocking/boot, so chic. No wonder you want to keep it on show. One of these fine days, I'm going to make my Kiwi Angel which you sent me all that time ago new clothes for Xmas. Here's to continued visits to each other's blogs next year too, viruses notwithstanding. xxx

  11. Best wishes for the coming year Julie . A other beautiful post, lovely to see the little ones enjoying Christmas. Hopefully Sid recovers well from his jackals incident. Your advent angel is beautiful, you will get full enjoyment next year! Beautiful gift from Kim and so perfectly you! I can see why you would want to enjoy her all year round.

  12. What sweet faces to enjoy Christmas with. I adore your Advent Angel and such beautiful fabrics in her dress and wings. Congratulations on your gorgeous win....simply stunning! I am definitely going for a visit. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Julie xxx

  13. Oh, my goodness, those roses are gorgeous--and I love that they are fragrant. There are so many roses these days that are bred strictly for color, and they have absolutely no scent. I will not plant a rose in my yard that does not have a scent.
    Your advent angel is adorable! The little snowflake is perfect.
    The lace boot is out of this world. Wow! So perfect for your pink Christmas corner, too.
    Wishing you all the best for the new year, Julie!

  14. That Parisienne boot is incredible...what a fabulous gift. It is definitely a treasure:so much has gone into the creation of the decoration of that boot!! I have never seen anything like! Your advent angel is gorgeous too. Happy New Year Julie and hopefully a better one for us all xx. Amanda x

  15. Nice pics of the grandchildren at Christmas Julie, poor Syd. Love your angel doll and the boot you received is gorgeous. Happy New Year to you Julie, we have a few new cases in the community thanks to people coming in from NSW where they have an outbreak on their Northern Beaches and spreading else where, silly Premier of Victoria should of closed the borders sooner, so here we go again, fingers crossed it doesn't get out of hand.

  16. Happy New Year... glad Christmas was good.. it has all been a bit of a blur! what a lot of work in that Stocking... wonderful it has gone to a home where it is so enjoyed... I love your angel doll... perfect fabrics and a gorgeous way to do an advent countdown... you are so clever

  17. Happy New Year Julie! Your angel is just beautiful. I love the fabrics you used and that snowflake ornament finishes her off nicely. And what can I say about that pink stocking but WOW! I'd be leaving it out too. xx

  18. Ohhh WOW that gorgeous lace boot had me drooling, such details wow so beautiful!


    & hopefully it will be a better year for surely it couldn't be any worse?

    love your pink corner (it should stay, changing with the seasons throughout the year?) it is so pretty

    thanx for sharing


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