Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Happy New Year Everyone

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Happy Shiny New Year to you All ...  & Welcome to 2022 💙

I've felt so shattered since my return from Mum's - I've had to have Nana Naps each day & certainly slept through the New Years entrance.   The Mr pointed out to me yesterday that it was an incredibly busy lead up to Christmas & now that it is over with, sometimes you just have to rest & re-group.

Each Christmas I usually include a Lego set for the toy content of my Grandsons Stockings. This year Alec's parents informed me that he no longer played with his Lego - but what he was Very Into was Gemstones.

Luckily I was able to go online & buy Gemstones from a variety of sellers, but when they arrived they just looked like a bunch of coloured stones.   I found some voile bags & printed out labels for each set of rocks, then found this pale grey box & was able to make a label for this from some wooden cutouts I found in my craft drawer.

I love this photo above left - you can see the joy on Alec's face when he opens his Gemstone box & in the next pic he is busy yelling "Sid - look at my Gemstones!!" ... however Sid has just opened his new Lego pack & could not care less about any old Gemstones 😊  ... Just precious memories. 

We had a lovely early Christmas celebration on Sunday 19th & I fed them all a traditional Roast Turkey Lunch.

Youngest Grandson Sid with their dog Darcy

                           It's hard to believe this wee rascal turns 5 this coming year & will be off to school.  

 The next day - Monday  - my dear friend Sandy had invited 3 girlfriends to her home for a Christmas Morning Tea. It was so lovely to catch up again as I had not seen one of the girls (Pam) for well over a year.  Sandy is always a wonderful Hostess & she presented us with a delicious morning tea & we were still sat chatting & laughing well after lunchtime !

From left to right,  Bev, Pam, Sandy & myself 😊  ....   the food was simply delicious !!

Everything Sandy does is to exquisite taste & her home was so beautifully decorated for the festive season. 
 I couldn't resist snapping a few photos.

Later that same day The Mr & I travelled over to the City to pay a Christmas visit to Juno & her parents (they were travelling South for Christmas this year). We gave her the table & chair that I revamped in * this post * along with other gifts ... & I took some home-baked treats so we could enjoy a Christmas supper together.

Juno was quite taken with her table & chair & I was delighted when her Mummy told me one of her absolute favorite things is Rabbits.

The next day was my Tuesday-with-Sid,  then on the Wednesday I got up very early & set off on the 4-hour drive down to Mum's.  

I always stop at Stratford for a takeaway coffee & can never resist a quick look in their local Hospice Shop.  I came away with the above items as the books were all $1 each, & I purchased the china because - of course - I needed more vintage china like I need a hole in my head !!😉

I love these photos above - Alec was quite taken with Mum & very affectionate

The Thursday was spent doing errands & tasks for Mum as well as a huge grocery shop.  On Friday I prepared a big finger-food luncheon as we had visitors - eldest son & his family were en-route to Palmerston North & also Mum's younger brother had travelled over to join us for Christmas.

Mums younger brother Rol - top left  ......   Aaron, Sarah, Mum & Alec top right.

The obligatory Family Photos.

Christmas Day itself passed in a complete blur & I forgot to take any photos. But I cooked another Roast Turkey Lunch for Mum, my Uncle & my brother & his wife.  
Very early the next morning I left to return home again, trying to avoid the usual Boxing Day traffic.

I received some lovely books for Christmas - the Joy of Gardening book I purchased for myself from The Mr.  He also gave me a leaf blower which I was most excited about as I love power tools (yes I am strange like that !!) The other books were gifts from my friend Sally.

I returned home to lovely decorations posted from friends across the ditch (Australia).  The candle on the right was gifted from my Stepson & the fragrance is Christmas Lights - pomegranate & fig - just light & pleasant.

Well dear friends - our weather here is scorching & we are in the midst of a heatwave.  Some rain is forecast tomorrow but I won't hold my breath.  I turn the air-con on in the afternoons & these two usually retreat to our bedroom which is nice & cool with the blinds down.
Wishing you all the most wonderful New Year,
Thank you as always - for your visits here today,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. You did have a very busy time... so hopefully you are getting lots of rest now.... Delightful pictures of the family and of course friends too...
    All the very best for 2022

  2. The new blog header looks fabulous! No wonder you have been having were SO busy all those Christmas meals....wowzier! Lovely family photos, they are always to be when IS our friend winter coming?

  3. Looks like you had a lovely, but very full holiday of friends and family getting together. You have every reason to need some down time to refresh!
    I love the "gemstone" photo. I can relate--I used to be a rock hound when I was a youngster, and still love a good gemstone (in a ring, or dangling from my ears. LOL).
    Hope you have a lovely New Year!

  4. Happy New Year Julie. The look on Alec's face is wonderful. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas. How nice catching up for lunch with the girls. I love the top left photo of Sid. Juno is such a sweetie. Of course you had to buy that China. The jug on the front left is my favourite. Lovely family photos with your Mum too. Your new header looks great. Hugs, Christine xx

  5. Wow! Julie..does'nt your Mum look well, cuddles
    with Sid is lovely! He's not frisking her for
    gemstones is he..? HeHe! Bless! :).

    And Lego..Can't think of any little boy NOT
    having it as a youngster..l passed mine onto
    a friends little boy as l outgrew it! :).

    Sounds like you had a busy time over Christmas
    Julie, and deserve a rest..perhaps you should
    take a leaf out of the furry ones book..They
    look worn out..Bless!xx get's a nice sunny day,
    though chilly, rain back tomorrow..! :(.
    Think l'll have another lemon teea...! :).

    And..a very Happy New Year to one and all....! :O)
    🎈 🎁 🎉 🎁 🎈 ❤️ 🎁 🎉 🎁 🎈 ❤️ 🎁

  6. Julie, no wonder you are a bit worn out and need a nap or 3. You managed to get in a lot of Christmas celebrating and cooking. How nice to visit a lovely friend and have her serve you the treats. Your mum looks very happy to have the holiday company with as much of her family as possible. Sorry to hear you have the heat with dry. We had 10 days of rain until Jan.2 with flooding then. But last year it was a week of snow, like it really should be here. So I won't complain and wish I could have sent a bit of water. We are to have a dramatic drop in temps Friday so winter will really begin. I think the cats are showing in their own way that Christmas was too busy and now it's time for a rest, lol. Happy New Year to you and your family. And I think Juno is very excited about the cute table and chair. Lynn and Precious

    1. Thanks so much Lynn & Precious. Yes I did get in alot of celebrating & cooking - & eating too I might add!! I would love it if you could send some water - gosh things are dry & turning brown already. We were promised rain the other day - 80 % chance they said. I stood outside & counted 6 drops!!! I shall have to go out & water soon. xx

  7. All best wishes to you for a healthy and happy new year. Thank you for all your uplifting and crafty posts, I really look forward to reading them. I just love the photos of the boys, so special. Funny that your cats are trying to keep cool and here in Blighty my cat Morgana is doing her best to keep toasty warm.

  8. scorching, heat wave, kinda days. =) You look as if you had a very busy but lovely festive season, Julie. I don't wonder you have been in need for a few nanny naps of late. Personally, I love nanny naps in the afternoon. I don't think there is anything quite like the expression of a child's face on Christmas morning. Their joy is always a sight to behold. Lovely photos of your family Julie. I look forward to visiting your lovely place throughout 2022 to see what lovely pretties you have transformed and to get a glimpse of your life.

  9. Happy New Year. Looks like a wonderful time had by all over the Christmas season. I hope it cools down for you soon. Hugs, xx

  10. Happy New Year Julie. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and take a nap to recharge! Lovely to catch up with your friends, I take it you are all chocolate lovers looking at the morning tea!! You have lots of special family photos there Julie, love how you have presented the gem stones, those Christmas present faces are a classic. Your op shop finds are great and the books you were given look wonderful. The cats always find the best sleeping place don't they!! Lovely post Julie.

  11. Happy New Year Julie ,
    Wow what a fab busy post , I can see why you must be so tired .
    But your families faces was worth all your hard work .
    Every thing was just beautiful , take care June.

  12. Happy New Year, you had a very busy holiday season.

    God bless.

  13. From Kim ... Out my Window ...
    I think I would love a scorching heat wave about now as we are expecting another 5 inches of snow, and hubs is working himself to death on the driveways. Love all the pictures, my 5 soon to be 6 grandson loves colored rocks and agates. That is such a fun age. Happy New Year my friend.

    1. Thanks so much Kim .. for some reason your comment came to my inbox but didn't publish on here so I have added it for you. xx

  14. You were so busy over the Christmas period, you deserve a rest. Happy New Year to you and yours Julie. Chris xoxo

  15. The look on Alec's face reminds me of the time I gave my then 10yr-old his first Playstation as a xmas present, I've still got the photo. Happy New Year to you and yours, Julie. xxx

  16. Hi Julie! I'm new here but sure did enjoy seeing your photos and reading all about your holiday adventures. Happy New Year!

  17. What a busy Christmas, no wonder you are tired. Love the photos of Alec when he received his gift, priceless! Happy family photos and the sweet picture of the kitties are a joy to see. Hope the new year will be as productive and happy as the past year.

  18. I think you have definitely earned some Nana had such a busy time. I love the family photos of your little boys and with your dear Mum. So enjoyed your friend Sandys beautiful Christmas decorating. Nice bargains to....I am afraid I have never met a piece of vintage china and not become friends either lol! Looks like your gorgeous rabbity table and chair set is going to be treasured! A/C on here too.....humid and yuk!

  19. What a happy, busy and wonderful Christmas week you had!! It was lovely to see all the photos, and the excitement on the kids faces. But that precious. xxxx

  20. Happy New Year Julie and may it be a much better one for all :-) I am not at all surprised you are worn out you need to put your feet up and give yourself a breather! I must say though you have done your grandchildren proud. Such lovely photographs of them opening their parcels and pretty Juno admiring her little table and chair. Who wouldn't adore a table and chair covered in bunnies! The gemstones gift is great and I bet Alec will keep that for years and add to it. I can see your Mother thoroughly enjoyed Alec's company. lots of very endearing photos of your family. Take care and rest up a little :-). Amanda x


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