Saturday, March 12, 2022

Craft Group Get-togethers, a Mirror, & a Potty (!!)

Greetings lovely friends & readers

When a New Year rolls around our small Craft Group usually get together & have an informal meeting to work out a rough programme for the year ... things we would like to create/learn/try etc ...

After my visit to The Tree Church in * this post * I thought the ladies might like to get together Here for our first meeting & to work out our programme.  Due to various other commitments this didn't happen until late February but it was a beautiful summery day when we went.

Just look at that beautiful Blue Sky !!!

I had made a slice & some gingernut balls & Gail had made sausage rolls - everyone bought their own thermos flask & we sat in the shade & had our morning tea & wrote down some ideas for various activities throughout the coming year.

There are usually 7 of us but only 6 could make it that day

We also went for a big long leisurely walk around the Tree Church & Gardens.

I could quite easily fill my post with so many photos - it is honestly such a stunning place to visit.  It closes soon for the winter months & then re-opens again in the spring time.

Whenever I go down to Mum's I buy packets of these wooden cut-outs from a Variety Store in her small town.  I had put together some Easter themed tags by mod-podging paper serviettes on to them & thought the ladies might like to have a go at this at our next meeting.  

Also the ladies each had to bring a painted bottle or jar so we could decorate these with mod-podged serviettes.  We all met at my home last Monday - it was such a fun activity & everyone had some tags & a decorated bottle to take home with them.

We had a delicious lunch together & as always, there was an abundance of good home-made food.  The finished bottles all decorated top right.     I forgot to get a pic of everyone's tags at the end.

Another Hospice store find on my last trip to Mum's was this $5 mirror.  The entire mirror panel from the centre was missing & it was all rather sad looking ... however I could see it definately "had potential" πŸ˜‰

It cost $17 to have a new mirror panel put in the centre which I thought was really reasonable considering they also had to put a piece of board in to attach the mirror to.  I noticed some gaps in the corner joins so I filled these with Polyfilla.  It was a simple job because I had "good help" on hand to assist me & ensure I didn't miss any bits πŸ˜‰

Then I set about painting the mirror with two coats of Soft Duck Egg Chalk Paint.  Once I was happy with the coverage I lightly distressed the whole piece & then Very lightly rubbed some silver embossing wax over the decorative edges of the frames.

I had thought the hinges looked like brass so I was able to bring a bit of shine back to them with some Brasso ... also the tiny ball feet were brass.  I am So pleased I didn't paint over these but took the time to mask them out first.

I just love my new/old mirror & it fits perfectly in the corner of my dining room with a set of fairy lights wound around it.  My dining room can be dark at times & I find the addition of mirrors helps to throw some light into darker corners.

I follow Kim at Rosebud Collectables over on Instagram & she posts some real treasures for sale but I always seem to miss out on them.  When I saw this vintage chamber pot I quickly messaged to ask if I may purchase it & was lucky enough to be the first.  
It arrived last week & when I opened the box it was bigger, heavier & more beautiful than I had imagined.  

I have displayed it with a maidenhair fern for now but I am thinking that some Easter bunnies in a small group inside it would be rather lovely for Easter ...............

I just adore the flowers on it ... & the colours.  πŸ’— Way, way too nice for it's original purpose !!

Thank You all So Very Much for your visits here today dear friends,

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship To You All,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. The 'help' could see the potential too.
    It looks good finished with the po and a plant.

  2. What a beautiful place for your get together. Love the tags and the groups bottles....ohh especially the lavender one! Your mirror transformation is a triumph! Despite the helper lol! Lovely mail looks so pretty hosting your lush maidenhair fern xxx

  3. Another great post , I just love popping over .
    Have a great weekend.

  4. You can't beat a nice my case..a mug
    of tea and a slice of cake, sat out in the
    We're waiting for spring over a while
    yet..though the suns out at the mo..another
    downpour about three this afternoon..! :(.

    And whatyou've done to the mirror Julie is
    amazing..and Miss Pippi making sure it stays
    flat! HeHe! Bless!x

    And the (chamber) pot looks lovely to, but,
    how ya gonna get it under the bed with a large
    potted plant in it..! HeHe! :O).
    🌷🌸🌷 🌷🌸🌷 🌷🌸🌷 🌷🌸🌷 🌷🌸🌷

  5. I woke up to another 2 inches of snow today. But it was much worse a few hundred miles south. So I will look at
    your lovely warm photos off and on all day today while I wait for warmer weather not until Monday. We are letting
    nature melt the drive this time. No shoveling and no phone call to the snow plower. Will this mirror help make up
    for the one that crashed onto the floor awhiles back? I see Miss Pip helped as usual. It will be fun to see what
    you crafty folks come up with on the wood cutouts. Lynn and Precious

    1. Thanks so much Lynn & Precious. No this doesn't replace the mirror that crashed ... although I did manage to get that repaired & is now back in its place. We have a new glass place in our small town & they are very reasonable. Yes there's Miss Pip in her supervisory capacity again ... Blackie nowhere to be seen. Enjoy your week Lynn & Precious xx

  6. The trags and bottles look like a fun way to spend a day - especially with a delicious lunch! Great transformation of the mirror although I rather liked the effect of the glassless panel framing the plants behind. Lovely to see pictures of the tree church again. xx

  7. A great place for a meet up.... I like the look of what you all made on your craft day.... clever bunch. Mirror save is wonderful and a lovely corner you have put together..... great potty there.... arent we so lucky not to have to go and sort those out every day.... phew

  8. Oh, I love the chamber pots of old. Do you know, I can remember using them for mmmm..... =) Love yours sitting on that fabulous chair with that fabulous fern...perfect! Cute little decoupage pretties you and the ladies crafted. If I ever visit New Zealand I think The Tree Church will be a must place to visit. I can imagine how beautiful it is in the springtime. Oh, that mirror!! Such an amazing find. Love what you did with it, Julie, but then I love all the magic you weave around all your 'finds'. You transform forgotten pieces into treasure.

  9. What a lovely way to spend a couple of afternoons. Planning crafts and then meeting to do those crafts.

    God bless.

  10. Beautiful photos.

    What fun. I still have the tin potty from my potty chair from when I was a kid. I keep thinking I will put a plant in it.

  11. Hi Julie wow what a fun group to be part off wished i lived closer.
    Wow you sure have an eye for some amazing finds that mirror has been transformed into a beauty and glad you had some ginger help,lol.
    Lovely post Julie take care lovely lady xx

  12. your potty is quite lovely, I think bunnies would look very pretty living in there

  13. Lovely post Julie, that Tree Church and garden is a beautiful place to meet up in. The ladies all did well with their bottles and tags. The mirror transformation is stunning, good to see the helper is on the job 😁🐈.
    The po makes a very nice addition, it will be great filled with bunnies.

  14. How cute is that tree church, beautiful job on the bottles, and your mirror to Julie, amazing chamber pot, I could never see my self having to use one of those for real🀣 they look much better with a plant in them. Sid's cards are in the post. Chris xoxo

  15. I love the bottles and the tags. So clever. Just stunning job on the mirror too, Julie. In Scotland, they used to call a chamber pot a 'chanty', absolutely no idea where the name came from! Have a great week, Julie. x

  16. You are having too much fun, now get to work!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for reminding me Kim!!! I've actually just finished a big candle order but I can't show it as the lady wants to give it as gifts & pretend she's made them all herself πŸ˜‰

  17. love the chamber pot! then i also love most things vintage :))
    beautiful post & thoroughly enjoyed catching up (nearly an hour of reading!) you have been a very busy bee!
    wow & haven't Sid & Alec got big! it's wonderful to see that one of them is enjoying a little crafting time too
    i would love to make some lavender sachets but never know where to start or what fabric to use; one day i hope to get it going!
    still trying to catch up with my knitting here, my hands have made that hard these days.
    so glad your mum is still doing well, had to laugh when she got grumpy with the help, most are set in their ways & don't usually like intrusions into their daily routines but i hope she is more agreeable with them now.
    i always enjoy reading your posts, keep up the wonderful work of crafts you do
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet kind comment Selina. I keep popping over to your blog but no more posts just as yet. Yes Sid & Alec have grown so much & Sid off to school next month!! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your lovely comment Selina .. quite made my day !! xx

  18. What a lovely place for you and your craft group to have your morning tea and a stroll together. And a good reason for you to go back to that beautiful spot!
    Very creative bottle decor.
    And how you saw the potential of the mirror is beyond me, but you certainly worked wonders with it. It turned out lovely--and I agree that mirrors brighten dark corners and also give the illusion of more open space.
    The chamber pot is gorgeous, and more fitting that it house the lovely fern than other things it may have contained. ;)

  19. What a perfect place to have a get together. Everyone's bottles look great. The mirror looks wonderful. The potty is beautiful too. Can you call a potty beautiful, Julie? Hugs, Christine xx

  20. Thank you for your happy post. The craft and lunch get together looked amazing. I have plans to start up a regular weekly craft group in my local town. I met with the manager of the venue yesterday and it all feels very exciting and full of promise.

  21. how lovely to plan your crafty group's year with your friends like that, looks like such a fun time.
    I love your new-old mirror, it looks fabulous

  22. Such a beautiful blog post with one picture more gorgeous than the next! You are very clever redoing the mirror, it looks fantastic! xx

  23. Oh Julie, why do you live so far away??????????
    I want to come and learn from you. Those tags...swooning!! xxx


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