Friday, March 4, 2022

A " L O V E " Swap For Valentines Day 💗

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Some of you may remember the TILDA swap my lovely friend Claire & I did early last year.  You can read about it in * this post * & also in * this post *

We both got so much pleasure from the swap that Claire suggested we do another one this year ... a LOVE Swap aimed for Valentine's Day.  The objective is that you make things that begin with the letters L O V E. Our swaps are always very flexible with no rules as such, which is what I enjoy (no pressure) 😉

" L is for Lovely Little Lavender hearts " 

I began working on this last year & for some reason, I cannot find any of my photos ... but I took a silver thrifted tray & painted it with Pumice Chalk Paint.  Then I delved into my treasured vintage Tilda fabrics & made 6 hearts which I filled with my homegrown lavender.

The "Good Friends" stitchery panel was purchased from * Here * & is a Natalie Bird Design.  After sewing into a tiny pillow I stuffed it tightly with crushed walnut shells.  The ceramic Home Sweet Home plaque was purchased from a local Gift Store.

" L is (also) for Lovely Large Lace Heart with Pocket "

This  comes from an idea I saw on Pinterest.  I stitched a large heart & stuffed it tightly, then I added a doiley pocket & embellished my heart with vintage laces, braids, mother-of-pearl buttons & a broken earing from my oddments of old jewellery. 

I filled my pocket with a soap, some dried lavender sprigs, rolled up music paper & a tea-dyed tag.

" O is for Overalls "

This is made using a free pattern * here * scroll half way down the page on the Tilda Website.  However the overalls are actually for the Tilda Cow but I decided to didn't want to make Claire a Cow  -   I much preferred the Cat which is also free * here * 

 I sewed the Overalls using fabrics from the Old Rose Tilda range.

I stitched a tiny wooden Theodora Cleave Cat Button button to the bodice of my Overalls  .  .  .  .  

I also used matching Tilda buttons on the overalls straps
.  .  .  .  & then stitched this sweet ceramic heart to its hands  paws🐾 

V is for Vintage Vase with Candle & (also) for Verse "

I had this wonderful heavy Vintage Crystal Vase in my collection so I made up a soy candle in it,  in the fragrance French Pear.  
This Verse is a free stitchery download from the beautiful blog Nana Company * here * ... this is the 2nd time I have stitched this up & framed using a thrifted embroidery hoop.

E is for English Paper Piecing "

The Tools drawstring bag was part of my Tilda Lover's Club Mystery Box from Fee Fee & Me ... it came as a kitset in the box.  I purchased some "sewing tools" to pop inside the bag.

The hexagon placemat is a pattern from * Here * which I purchased last year as a digital download.  I made it up using some of my treasured Tilda Windy Days fabrics. 

I sewed some of the pretty bias edging on the back of the placemat & then added in a box of tea & a vintage china cup/saucer from my own collection as I thought the colours all went so well together.  Claire informs me she will Not Ever be putting cups of tea on the mat 😉

To package everything I wrapped all my items in pink tissue paper & then dove into my stash of brown paper bags  ... I decided to tizzy them up a bit as I found a piece of scrapbooking cardstock with lovely Valentines images on it.  

💗 L O V E 💗

Whenever I want nicely shaped applique letters I always go to this free site.  I cut mine out from cardstock then tied onto the bags with a length of stiff white tulle that I already had.  I really enjoy packaging & presenting things invitingly. 

On my recent trip to Mums I was able to catch up with my lovely friend & give her my swap gifts.  Although she had not finished mine at the time of my visit I still wanted her to open hers that day so I could enjoy sharing everything with her.    It was such a pleasant couple of hours drinking tea, eating slice & enjoying each others company.  Here are all her gifts opened & sitting on her window seat above .  .  .  .  

.  .  .  .  and here is my lovely friend sitting with all her new treasures.

I am due to go back to Mums early April so I look forward to catching up with Claire again & opening all my swap gifts from her.  I will be sure to share them all with you.

Thank You all So much if you've stayed all the way to the end.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend - be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship to you all,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Gorgeous gifts you created for Claire. Love the little cat, just so cute. Hugs, xx

  2. Hi Julie wow what beautiful gifts you made for your friend,I love them all ,you do such beautiful work my friend,well done 💕

  3. What a beautiful idea for a swap. Love the gifts you made for your beautiful friend.

    God bless.

  4. Gosh you and Claire are just amazing. What a wonderful thing to do with a dear friend.
    The 'things' you make are simply stunning.

    1. Thank You so much Pam. I really enjoy our swaps as we both seem to like the same things & we both adore Tilda. So long as I don't have to do "patchworky things" I am happy to make items for Claire 😉😊 xx

  5. Wow what a fantastic swap not at all like the ones I remember being involved with years ago.....they left me traumatized & never wanting to join a swap! lol.....Claire must be delighted with her treasures lovingly made by you. I'm thinking if Simon had overalls like that cat he could put a mouse or bird in the pocket!

  6. Oh, my, Julie--this is an "over the top" swap! You made such thoughtful, beautiful creations, and I can imagine how thrilled Claire must be with every item! You do such lovely work.

  7. Oh, what an amazing bounty of gorgeous gifts you so lovingly fashioned for your friend, Julie. Each pretty is exquisite. The cat in her beautiful overalls is sweet, and I rather love the hexie placement dancing with the Tilda fabrics.

  8. What beautiful swap gifts. Everything is so perfect. I love the cat in her special overalls. The hoop has such a vintage look to it. The Dresden looks lovely in red fabrics. I love how you've put the selvage on the back too. Even the way you wrapped up the gifts is lovely. Claire looks pretty happy with her new treasures. xxx

  9. What a wonderful swap , it looks so much fun and your friend must have loved it all.
    Your posts are so wonderful lots of fun products .
    Have a great week.

  10. What a lucky lady to have a friend like you! Gorgeous gifts and such a lovely picture of Claire with them.xx

  11. Julie, you creativity just comes out of the woodwork when you get started, doesn't it? There is a giant wow factor to all these lovely little gifts. I don't know which is more fun, making them to give to your wonderful friend for knowing that sometime in the near future you'll receive a package that probably just as lovely. You have a lot of detail and all those items. Lynn and Precious XX

    1. Thanks so much Lynn. I really enjoy these swaps with Claire as we both love the same things & both adore Tilda. She is easy to make for .. I just make what I would like. 😉😊 And Yes I am looking forward to my swap gifts from her ... she has finished them but we will wait til I go down there next month.
      Wishing you a lovely weekend Lynn & Precious. xx

  12. Everything you do amazes me. Such delicate beautiful work.

  13. Clare would have been delighted with all those specially made items.... you really are gifted with making things so pretty...

  14. Oh Julie, your LOVE swap is so beautiful, such a lot of work but so much fun, fabulous.from your previous blog entry that I have just caught up with what a coup with the china. Loved the textured white jug.Lovely photo of Claire.

  15. Lovely swap gifts, the little Tilda cat is very pretty and so is your friend. The best gifts are the ones that are handmade I think :)

  16. Truly sharing gifts is wonderful! The giving is as exciting as receiving,don't you think? Such a wonderful LOVE swap and so many fabulous gifts. It hard to choose which I like most so I won't because they are all stupendous! Keep well. Amanda x

  17. That is a gorgeous swap Julie, you are so clever with the things you create. Lovely to be with Claire when she opened them too.

  18. What lovely "Love" gifts you made for your friend! So talented! Nancy

  19. Oh my! Such gorgeous everything you made and the beautiful way you put it all together. Such a lovely swap between special friends xx

  20. Such a lucky friend you have:) All the gift you made are beautiful!
    I've just restarted my blog at , would be lovely to see you over there :)

  21. Hello ♡
    You have a wonderful, very inspiring blog! I love such handmade things. They are magical, have a lot of charm, they look beautiful and delight! I will be delighted with such a great talent :)
    I like being in touch with blogs that are creative and passionate! Maybe you will agree to follow for follow?
    Regards nice and warm from Poland ♡
    Klaudia Zuberska

  22. Oh what an awesome swap Julie, love everything you gave Claire. Chris. xoxo


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