Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A Catching Up Post .......... Part (1)

Greetings lovely friends & readers

I have been away down to my Mum's (Yes again!!) & I have lots of blogging to catch up on hence I decided on a couple of "catch up posts".

The Mr snapped this pic last night after he had gone down to shut the cows away ... such a stunning sunset followed by a very chilly night.

I have a new Grandson of the furry variety πŸ˜‰

My daughter in law found this dear little kitten living wild in the long grass on their rural road.  She caught it & took him to the Vets - he had Cat Flu, Conjunctivitis & a myriad of other things wrong ... rather a sad state of affairs & barely 6 weeks old according to the Vet.

Sarah, my daughter in law, asked me if I had any blankets that I could share with her for the kitten.  I set to & cut up some thrifted cuddlies & also some wool blankets that I had on hand.  I overlocked all the edges of them & then Pippi tried them out for me for "comfort & snug-ability" πŸ˜‰

Here is the kitten (originally named Felix) after just 10 days of good food, medication & Lots of love & care.  He is trying out the new blanket above right.  My Grandson Alec has now named him Bruno which believe me is alot better than his first choice which was Sharky !!

Such a dear wee thing & full of mischief  ... Bruno has landed on his feet with his new home & will be very much loved & adored.  πŸ’™

The week I was away at Mums my youngest Grandson Sid had his last day at Daycare & got to wear the "Leaving Cloak" above left.  Then he had his first week at school, which he loves & just adores his new teacher.  (If you look closely you will notice he has had a haircut before starting school & also you might notice he was wearing his school uniform to Daycare  !!!)

I took a slightly different route down to Mum's this time & went via the City & then around the Coast so I could catch up with two dear friends.  My sister in law Felicity has a Groovy new Coffee Cart & I loved her blackboard verse.

The reason I took the coast road was so I could visit my dear friend Carolyn who had just celebrated a special birthday.  I made her one of Jennifer "Books & Roses" bookmarks to go with * this book * which I had bought for her. 
I knew she had recently had a vintage chair re-upholstered & I decided to make her a Roundie Cushion to sit on her new/old chair.  I had this piece of Vintage Barkcloth fabric in my stash & hoped the colours might be suitable.

Carolyn was absolutely delighted with her gifts & the new cushion just fit perfectly on the chair.  I have given her a copy of the pattern as I thought she might like to make some more.  It is out of my "Granny Chic" Book 

You will be surprised to learn that I only visited One Op Shop on the entire trip!!   I actually called in to Spotlight while in the city & when I came back out to my car I saw there was a Salvation Army Op-Shop right next door so I popped in.
  I noticed this cane chair for $30 & remembered that Mum had asked me if I would take her to buy a chair for her small front porch.  I thought this might be ideal & it was in excellent condition. 
 I walked back to my car, sat in it for 5 minutes & then went back in & bought it.  Mum was delighted with it & can get in & out of it easily - plus it fits well in the small space.  I have traced off a pattern to make her a squab for the seat part.  When she tires of it, I can soon find a space here for it. πŸ˜‰

Before my trip I found this old muffin tin in my cupboard - a 50 cent find in the Op Shop bargain bin (my favourite place πŸ˜‰)

I painted it with 2 coats of Pumice Chalk Paint & then lightly distressed it.  I applied these Re-design by Prima knob transfers that I bought ages ago - using a different one for each circle.  
I first saw this idea on * this Youtube video * as I am a subscriber to "Julie's designs & signs" & love what she creates.  Julie used stamps on her muffin pan but I didn't have any stamps & felt the knob transfers fit perfectly. She also decorated the underside of her tin.

I hung it in my kitchen on the old rake that I have hanging there & love how it turned out πŸ’—
You can read my post about the Rake upcycle * Here *

I saw this Verse on Instagram & thought how very true !

Thank you So much for your visits today dear friends ... I will be back soon with Part (2)

Wishing you a wonderful rest-of-the-week,

With much love & friendship to you all,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Great post again, what a lovely kitten so sweet , thank goodness your daughter brought her home .
    Love your finds , and the way you decorate them all .
    I would have loved to see your moms face when you showed her the chair .
    Wonderful Sunset .Really lovely photos .

  2. HeHe! Made me chuckle Julie...
    Now! Tell the bought the cane chair for
    yourself really..Growing up, when it was my Mum's
    birthday or Christmas, l used to buy here cut glass,
    posh wine glasses..Why? Because l love antique
    wine glasses..! In the back of my mind, l thought
    they'd be a good investment, cos one day l'll get
    them back..HeHe! Was'nt l naughty! :).
    And guess what..Since Mum passed over, l've
    got ALL the glasses l ever bought
    the glass cabinet she used to keep them in....! :).
    Do l feel guilty...Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! Well..
    Not really..! Bless! Good old Mum..! :O)

    And look at lovely Bruno..He certainly landed on
    his feet/paws..and such a lovely face to..
    What will Miss Pippi and Blackie think, when you
    get home, smelling of a different pussy~cat..!
    HeHe! They know you know! :O).
    The Muffin tin looks nice to..excellent feeding bowls
    for the furry ones..! Bless! :)

    And..Sid has started word, and
    a shorter haircut..pleased he's enjoying it...
    I hated school, from the day l started till the day l
    finished! But! that was a long time ago now! :).
    😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾

  3. Julie, first off Bruno looks to young and cute to live up to his new name. Give him 6 months and he'll grow into it, along with the claws to climb the drapes, lol. It probably seems a bit strange to see Sid off to full time school. He'll miss time with you but be so busy with new friends and "homework". What a fun chair for your mum. It'll look lovely with a new seat cushion on it. We are having a hot week here, which is so hard to believe. actually sun predicted for 5 days straight, that even the weather casters on TV say has not happened since last August. And low 80's for a couple days before the rain starts again. Corn should be up but it has not even been planted yet. Too wet. I have seen a few soybean fields worked, though. Enjoy that new muffin tin hanging. Lynn and Precious xx

    1. Thanks so much Lynn & Precious. Yes I am sure Bruno will grow in to his name - he is proving to be quite a mischievious little soul. When I picked Sid up from school on Tuesday & I saw him come out with all the other kids I thought to myself "gosh he looks too young to be at school yet". But he seems to be fitting in (fingers crossed) Happy Thursday to you both. xx

  4. Bruno looks so much like my little grey tabby, Susie did when she was a kitten. That was 9 years ago. Bruno is adorable and I am so glad he is doing better. I adore cats...what more can I say?

    I love your DIYS and thanks for the mention of the one you follow on YouTube. I also follow many of them. They are all so talented which makes us look good. I love what you did to the muffin tins. I have no more wall space in my kitchen, but it would be a delightful gift.

    I'm new to your blog. Have a happy day.

  5. Poor kitty, he just hit the cat lottery.

    1. Thank You Kim ... he sure DID win the cat lottery & is now living "the life of RileY"

  6. Cute kitten, I would of called him dusty, cause he looks like he has a patch of dust on his nose, but Bruno is just as good.
    Love your muffin tin, looks great in your kitchen Julie.

  7. Aww, such a cute kitty. I am glad that Sid likes big kid school. Love his haircut.

    God bless.

  8. That is a sweet little kitten. It is good that Sid loves school. The wicker chair is just the thing for your Mom and your gifts were perfect for your friend. How do you manage it all! I had never thought of that last little saying that way but a great way to look at things. Nancy

  9. Lucky kitten and great pictures of Sid. I love the coffee sign and also the glass motto, both will go in my quotes book as they are brilliant. Those chairs are so useful - it looks very much like my Lloyd Loom. I can see it with one of your beautiful cushions in it - the one you made for your friend is lovely. xx

  10. I'm glad Bruno has found a forever home; how sweet he is. The little chair is fabulous and I must say the cake tin looks wonderful with the magic you have done. It looks great hanging in your kitchen. Love the pretty cushion and book mark, too.

  11. Cute little Bruno, he's going to get a lot of loving. Sweet little chair for your mum, i hope she's settling in well. Good job looking after her.

  12. Bruno looks very cheeky! Lovely sunset pic. I hear it's getting chilly at night time now! Have a great weekend, Julie. xxx

  13. Bruno's story is so touching. The name Sharky made me laugh!

    Your muffin tin turned out beautiful. What an amazing transformation!

    With love from,
    Kelly (Mrs. Kiwi)

    1. Thank YOu so much for your sweet kind comment. I saw Bruno again yesterday & he has grown & is most settled in to his new home & thriving. xx

  14. so clever with the muffin pan... it looks great there with your rake! Dear Sid is quite the little character... hope he carries on loving school. love the things you made for your friend... take care...xx Hugz

  15. What is a squab for the chair? Cute kitty!

  16. How lucky is Bruno that your daughter in law found him and got him healthy again. He is a very cute cat. Great photos of Sid, I hope he continues to like school. You made beautiful presents for your friend Julie. Great chair for your Mum, will look wonderful on your porch too one day! Love what you did with the patty pans and that is a great saying, something to be remembered. Lovely post Julie.

  17. So glad Bruno was found by your family Julie, he will live a very happy life, dear wee thing.Love that cane chair, it will serve it's purpose for your Mum and looks so lovely.

  18. Bruno is gorgeous. He is so lucky to have found a loving home. How lovely that Sid got to wear the leaving coat. That's funny that he was wearing his school uniform to daycare. Lovely bookmark and the cushion is just beautiful.I love the chair. The muffin tin looks great. I love your display where it is hanging. Julie. xx


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