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A Thrifted/Upcycled Kind of Christmas - (Part 2)

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Thank you all so much for the kind & encouraging comments you left me on my Part 1 post. 

I saw this on Instagram on marcandangels post - very true indeed!

 A couple of months ago, whilst browsing my local St John's Op Shop, I saw this cone below.  This was the same day I purchased the $1.50 wooden angel in my previous post.

The cone was plastic & covered tightly in a thick brocade fabric - it measured 17 inches in height so was quite tall.   It has been $8.90, marked down to $3.90, & when I took it to the counter the lady took another dollar off as the tip was slightly broken.   I knew immediately I wanted to make it into a Yo Yo tree, the same as the one I made 

I painted it 2 coats of Linen chalk paint - it adhered really well. I also glued cardboard in the base to give it some stability, although the paint did stabilise it rather well.
Each evening sitting on my couch, I would make fabric yo yo flowers using fabrics in the French General range - it was quite therapeutic & as I made them I tossed them in a small basket by my chair.  I made larger ones (12cm) for the first 2 rows & then decreased in size to a 9 cm circumference.

Finally - just yesterday - I had enough yo yo's to cover my cone.  I used fabric glue to attach them as I could not stitch through the painted surface.  

This silver candle holder has been in my stash for years a very long time & I thought it would make a good stand for my cone tree.  I currently have the tree just sitting atop the candle holder as I am unsure whether or not to paint this & I need your help & opinions please.

Lots & lots of yo yo flowers ...... 62 in total !! πŸ’—

I had thought about painting the base in a dull Christmas red - the same colour I have used * here * on the wooden reindeer.  But I also rather like it left as it is ... sort of a bit vintage looking.  
What would You do dear readers?  Please leave me a comment below & let me know ... paint or leave as is ??

Also the rusty star is just attached with double sided cellotape currently ... paint this ?? or leave as is ??  Your opinions would be very much appreciated.    If you are unable to comment then just email me & I can copy/paste your comment.  Thanking you in anticipation.
(My email address is

This pair of wooden chopping boards was $4 in Stratford Hospice shop earlier in the year. I decided to paint the round one at the back ... this turned out to be simply a wood round & Not a chopping board & the paint went on so well ... I am using the Forrest Green that I have become rather addicted to this Christmas.

Two coats later & I applied a wonderful Iron Orchid Designs transfer that I purchased last Christmas.  I had planned to screw an eye hook into it to hang, but I rather like it just tucked into my display as is.

When I bought the red hessian online in Spotlights Black Friday sale (last post) I also bought 2 metres of Minecraft fabric.  I made my Grandsons a pillowcase each using * this * simple tutorial..  As the fabric was extra wide I had enough on the sides to make them each up a drawstring bag as well. 

They are both right into everything Minecraft at present & I am sure they will love these items which I plan to put in their Christmas stockings.

This morning I finished up some wooden tags that I had painted - some I used transfers on & others I mod podged serviettes onto.  These will be tied onto gifts for some special folk.

We had a lovely craft group break-up outing last Monday when we visited Cambridge & went to view the Town Hall  all decorated for Christmas.  We also visited a couple of Op Shops & had a nice cafe lunch. 

Click on the picture to enlarge it should you wish.

  While I was waiting for the ladies to be served in the SPCA Op-shop, I happened to look down on the floor & this picture was leaning against a stand, kind of tucked into the corner.  I could not resist buying it & I absolutely love it!       So dear friends ... look around but also look up  & look down when you are thrifting - you never know what bargains you may miss.  $12.00 an absolute bargain!  πŸ’™

Thank you as always dear friends, for your visits here today,

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week - remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship to you all,

Julie & the furry three x0x0x0x


  1. Julie, another delightful post. I will weigh in on the tree, but you know best and I won't be offended when you do otherwise.
    I love the yo-yo tree, and I think the silver candlestick base lends it an elegant , vintage air. That said, the rusty star seems to work in opposition to that elegance, so I personally would paint one or the other--the base OR the star. Did that make sense? :)
    So many clever creations here. And the picture of Princess Elizabeth is precious! You scored there.

  2. I agree the silver base lends itself to the tree. And if you need the star, then perhaps it could be silver as well. Just an opinion. Dotti in CT

    1. Thank you so much Dotti ... paint the star, leave the base seems to be the general conscensus. xx

  3. Agree totally with both comments. Silver for the base. I find the rusty star a little too dark but it might look a little lighter in real life.

    1. Thank you so much. Yes I think leave the base silver, change the star colour. xx

  4. The yo-yo tree looks fabulous with the silver base Julie, but I know it would also look awesome painted white with a bit of dark wax to bring out the details, and maybe a bit of paint on the rusty star to, love your wood round with the car, and your tags, the pillow cases for your grandsons are wonderful, and a great pic of the late Queen as a young lady, great find Julie.

  5. Yes! What you've done to the cone is amazing
    Certainly looks a lot nicer than the ones in the
    middle of the road...HeHe! :).
    Is'nt Christmas wonderful...all the colourful ideas,
    that one can use and it..and l'm
    certainly a colourful person..! :).
    And the chopping board looks nice to, just the
    right colour and the Christmas car looks great....!

    HeHe! And Yes! You should paint the rusty star at
    the top of the cone...What colour..??? mmmmM!
    Colour..? What colour..? That is very difficult for
    me to decide..? Colour..? I'll have to get back to
    you on that one Julie...! :O)

    Ah! Wait a minute...I know..I know..Colour..! Colour..!
    Just came to me....PINK..! PINK..! PINK..! Bless..!x

  6. You are amazing Julie . love the cone and everything you touch , you have a true gift .
    Love the picture looks like our late Queen.
    Have a lovely week hugs June.

  7. Love everything. I would go all in with the red for your glorious tree. What a great result on the chopping board too and the pillow slips for the boys. Precious little print of our pretty princess.Have a good weekend

  8. The yo yo tree is lovely and the silver candlestick is perfect for it. Maybe the star could be a dullish silver, too. I can see why you're addicted to Forest Green - such a rich, sumptuous colour.
    I must say I'm quite pleased the Minecraft phase has passed in this family but your grandsons will be delighted. You have to embrace their enthusiasms before they move on to something different.
    I love the picture - very appealing.

  9. I like the silver candle stick as it is, the round wood with the car looks amazing! Lovely things for the boys, the yo-yo's look wonderful. Great pick up at the op shop.

  10. Lovely things as always Julie. Love the yoyo tree. I love the silver base and I love the rust - but not together. So, I would either paint the base and leave the rusty star - red for the base sounds good, or I would leave the silver base and paint the star silver sparkly. Have fun. xx

  11. Another lovely post, Julie. It's up to you, of course, but you've asked, so I would leave the base silver and paint the star to match (possibly adding glitter, because that's what I'm like!) I'm sure it will look gorgeous, whatever you choose to do. Those boys will love their Minecraft gifts - they are so lucky to have you (but I am sure they know that!). That's a very pretty picture too. The Queen is much missed.
    Best wishes

  12. I think the shine of the silver candle stick holder is just right for Christmas spirit. You'll have to decide on the star, maybe a dark red paint or just as it is since the rusty color is set off by all the lovely Yo Yos. Kept your hands busy I can see. The boys will enjoy the pillow cases and their moms will be glad of new ones. You find some of the most amazing items when out shopping. I'll be curious to see if the Blue Girl picture morphs into something. Bits of snow here, off and on, but the worst is always the wind. Sometimes I think there must be an artificial wind tunnel machine close by. Lynn and Precious

  13. Leave the base as is & paint the star to match. Love the yo yo's. so pretty. Love, love, love the the round chopping board with the car. Cute pillow cases. My eldest grandson loves mine craft so his birthday & Christmas gifts are mine craft related. :) The gift tags are very pretty.

  14. Lovely. Julie have you got something painted that you could audition the yoyo tree in to see what it does for you, whether you like it to be painted or leave silver. If you paint it leave the star as is. It' a beautiful tree and I want one!!!! Hugs.

  15. oh gosh... all those darling FG yo-yo's.... I can't decide on a painted or silver bottom... they both would be lovely... maybe I'm leaning towards a painted look but my ability to imagine what it would be like is limited.... you need to edit the photos with some special app to make it look like its done and then you can compare!!! haha.. there's a challenge for you! Love the minecraft fabric makes - what a great idea... I think they will wear the pj's day and night. What a lovely picture - will you keep it as is?

  16. You always do such pretty posts and always creative makes, it takes me back to when you, me & my "special" friend came to stay for creative fun time with you. All is looking very festive in your house and so is your blog header.

  17. I am a sucker for old silver or brass candle sticks, so my opinion is to just leave it as is. But really the only opinion that counts is yours. I just love all your upcycles. Very talented lady that you are.

    God bless.

  18. I admire the flower tree you made, so creative and pretty. I would leave it the way it is. The truck plaque looks festive too.

  19. Aaliyah has left a new comment on your post "A Thrifted/Upcycled Kind of Christmas - (Part 2)":

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  20. Paint the star. Pink and silver would work.
    Practical Parsimony

  21. I got half way through reading this, and ended up caught up in the move... came back to it today and I am so, impressed with all your crafty makes, Julie. Love the yo-yo tree just as it is :)
    What a great Thrift/Op shop find with that portrait - that is beautiful! Since volunteering in one this year, I have a better appreciation of them :)


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