Friday, November 28, 2014

Orders, Inspiration & Flowers

Hello & "Happy Friday" to you dear friends & readers,

I have managed to complete another christmas order in between groups & other "goings on" here at my funny ol' threadbear life

Not sure how that annoying yellowish light got in there . . . sorry folks

Recently I made a hottie order for my good friend Sandy, to have at her caravan - you can read about them here.
Sandy loved hers so much she thought they would make special christmas gifts to post to family in the South Island.

Sandy's sister Bronny loves all things relating to Minnie Mouse, so together we decided on a red/white spotty theme along with some white frilled lace.
I lined it with a gorgeous polka dot fabric that was just perfect.
Sandy chose the pastel checked blanket with the flowers & the verse tape for her Mum

Many years ago Sandy's Dad drove a truck for the Fisher's Bread Company. With this in mind, she was able to find an old picture of a 1962 Bedford Van on the internet, which I managed to replicate
(with a little bit of help from The Mr who assisted in getting the van shape just right!!!!)
I thoroughly enjoyed putting together this order for Sandy & she was really happy with her Hottie Covers.

When it comes to creativity where do you get your inspiration from?
I get mine from all sorts of places & happenings throughout my day or week, & lots from reading other crafty blogs.
Last week I read this post from my clever friend Leeanne's blog
& also this post from Vikki's beautiful blog
They both got me "christmas inspired" ... especially Vikki's who made me pull out my Tilda book ... purchased long ago & never yet any projects made out of it
(hands up all those who can relate to this!!!!)

I found myself obsessing about making the Santa ... a little voice in my head kept saying "its all very well buying these lovely books Julie ... but sooner or later you actually need to make something out of them!!!!"

. . . & so, my version of Santa came to life . . .
(Now a little footnote here ... should you decide to make him yourself, this is what I would do next time round ... cut the sleeves wider (they are very narrow) & do NOT line the coat with thick fusible interfacing as stated in the pattern ... this makes it very thick & was not necessary I felt personally)

So Santa looked a little lonely I thought ... perhaps he needed a little "pixie" as a helper ? ?

So I made one of the adorable Pixie's on page 12 . . . 

. . . & now Santa has some company 
 I am hoping they will stand in the centre of my christmas table in the Cottage & keep everyone in order  :-)
(Tilda Book available from here)

After my bus the other day I took my camera around the garden ... I noticed the roses were looking stunning despite the awful winds we have been having lately ...
Click on the pics to enlarge them if you like  :-)

As the first flush will soon be over, I have been de-heading & gathering baskets of petals to dry for my potpourri

I dry them in our Sleepout as the sun pours in this room ... as you can imagine, it smells divine at the moment

The hanging baskets are still pretty but will soon need replanting again

These were planted in mid-winter so I have had a good long flowering from them 

There has been some naughty behaviour recently from the rascals ... disembodied mice & "prehistoric things" dissected & left on the lounge floor when I am not around

I think my life was simpler before the kittens & I am certain the cleaning up was only half the amount it is now !!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend dear friends
thanks SO much for your visit today - & also the well wishes you left last post on my son's wedding
We are forecast for rain this weekend so perhaps I can find some sewing time indoors?
sending much love, friendship, & flowers to you all . . .

The rose "remember me" gifted to me when my Dad passed away 12 years ago

. . . Julie & the rascals


  1. Seems so strange to see your glorious hanging baskets in full bloom, when it's mist and mellow fruitfulness here in Yorkshire.
    Love your makes!
    Jacqui x

    1. Hello Jacqui ... thanks so much I sit & type this I must admit I am wearing my winter clothes!!!! It is SO cold here ...& tomorrow is 1st December which - officially - is the first day of summer here. I look forward to some finer weather. (hopefully)

  2. Where to start Julie, the garden is looking gorgeous!!! I too have the Tilda book and so love it! Your santa and pixie are very cute! And those cats are too cute, you gotta love them, mice and all! Raining here also, tomorrow is show in Straty so hoping it finds up for them! Have a great weekend.

  3. I need your pixie helper and her bag of joy... I get that book out of the library every year and think it all looks too difficult, you are so clever. Sending pixie love from a dreary,dark,wet Sussex xx

    1. Hello E,E, Isnt that book just delightful ... there are some gorgeous creations in it. I have owned it for awhile now & this is the first I have made out of it I am ashamed to admit !!!!! Love the pixie sooo much.

  4. Love your blog Julie!
    Greetings Marianne.

    1. Thank You SO much Marianne for stopping by :-)
      Julie x0x0x

  5. Everything all lovely and colourful Julie...!
    Love the Santa, looks happier now he has
    a pixie helper! :).

    And as for the two furry rascals...They can see
    that your working on your Christmas things, so, they've
    started bringing you Christmas presents! For wrapping
    maybe! Bless! :>).

  6. Isn't it lovely to have cats around! I think my home would feel so empty without my little cat. I do like your Father Christmas but I like the pixie even more - she's delightful. Betty

  7. What great presents the hottie covers make. Cute Santa, i love your Pixie! So many books, so many lovely projects, but so little time! That's what I have asked Santa for....time!
    Hugs to you, Blackie and Jinxy.

  8. Santa and his helper look gorgeous, you are so clever Julie. And your garden is divine!!!

  9. Hello lovely friend, what wonderfully tailored gifts you & Sandy conjured up! (oh & The Mr too, of course). Isn't that exactly what Christmas gifts should be about...thoughtful, personalised (handmade) gifts. Perfect! Your roses are looking wonderful Don't they pass all too soon. So much better making use of the blown blooms though in your divine pot pourri. Your Tilda Santa & Pixie are very sweet & just like the pattern (mine would be all wonky!) Isn't Joy such a lovely word. Much love to you & the Rascals, Catherine x0x0x

  10. Hi Julie,
    I love visiting your blog, the pics are adorable. I have had that Tilda book from the library and
    it's got some super stuff in it....enough to keep me out of mischief anyway. lol. Sweet gifts.
    Cheers, Anita.

  11. Lovely post Julie :-) Your Tilda cuties are gorgeous - I may have to 'rush out' and get the book! Great idea with the personalised hottie covers too! Love your garden, the sleepout really must smell divine....there's nothing better than walking past the garden in an unsuspecting way and getting a whiff of rosey yumminess :-)


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