Monday, April 15, 2019

Mums 90th Birthday

Greetings dear friends & readers & 
Welcome to April !!
I had a good trip down to Mums to help celebrate her 90th Birthday 
Though Mums birthday is April 8th, we held her birthday party/luncheon on the 6th so family members could attend.

    We also had lovely hot savouries & spinach & feta rolls - these are heating in the Oven when I took this pic                                                                             

When I asked Mum if there were any special food requests for her birthday luncheon she asked for brandy snaps filled with cream ... & cupcakes !!
I decorated the cupcakes with some edible stars & sprinkles as I thought the Grandchildren would enjoy this 😊

Mum also requested a fruit cake which I made a few days before I left home.
As well as completely forgetting all my fudge, slices & balls - left behind in my fridge 😞 I also forgot the special 
"Happy Birthday" plaque I had purchased to adorn the cake.
Thankfully I remembered the "9 0" candles which Mum enjoyed blowing out.

As the day of Mum's party was also my daughter in law, Nicole's birthday, we put some candles in a cupcake for Nicole to blow out, with a little help from Sid.

Mum with her grandsons  . . . . . .      & here with Yours Truly! 

Now I make no secret of the fact that I adore the Op Shops in Mum's small town
Though time was limited I did manage a quick visit to two Op Shops while Mum was getting her hair done on the Friday before her party

Right beside Mum's hair salon is the SPCA Op Shop, then directly across the road is the local Hospice Shop.
These treasures were thrifted from both shops 

I could not resist buying this beautiful cathedral window cushion from a $1 bin at the Hospice Shop, as well as the Fairy Tale book, (also $1)
I have removed the inner from the cushion & soaked it in Napisan ... I am looking forward to revamping it slightly

I was delighted to arrive home to some surprise mail packages
This plate above had been gifted to me by my late Aunt about 4 years ago.  She always called me "a crafty tarty"  so I was thrilled to come across Miss Vintage NZ who paints plates for sale & also does commission work.

I had sent it to Ange a couple of months ago & it arrived back while I was away .... it is now hanging in pride of place in my sewing room & makes me think of Marg every time I look at it 💗

These beautiful hydrangeas were picked about a month ago & plonked in a bucket of water to have a good drink
Upon my return from Mums they felt dry & papery so I arranged them in my vintage cane trolley.

 Sid's parents sent me this delightful photo below of Sid modelling the wool vest I made him in my last post

What a little treasure he is.

Well dear readers, I have just this morning put the last stitch in these two Tilda rabbits & am off up to my local Post Shop to send them on their merry way.
I enlarged the pattern slightly more again from the last ones I made & this pair measure 37 cms in length.

Thanks so much for visiting here today dear friends,
I hope the coming week is good & kind to you all,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Happy 90th to your dear Mum....a lovely celebration for her. Your new treasures are great. I have several pieces of Crown Derby China in my collection. I,love it! Your bunnies are so sweet and I love your plate....Such a great memory to have xx

  2. What a lovely party and look at all the yummy food you prepared and just think the food you left at home was your reward for all you hard work when you got home! :-) I love that your Mum asked for brandy snaps and cupcakes, that must have been her inner child speaking. Gorgeous rabbits, no wonder you had so many orders for them....cuteness .xoxox

  3. Happy 90th to your Mum. Lovely to see your family there celebrating. Love the treasures you found. Love the plate & the bunnies are sew cute. Sid looks so adorable in his cute new vest. Hugs,xx

  4. What fantastic photos of Mums 90th Julie..! :).
    The cake and all look lovely, and brandy snaps,
    great! Love brandy snaps! And, love the card there
    up roses..they grow on you! :o).

    And..a few nice bargains in the OP shops..'Crafty Tarty'
    HeHe! Nice one..! :).
    Sid looks great in his wool vest..I think you should
    make him some trousers to go with it though! He must be
    feeling quite a draft! :). Bless!
    And of course the Tilda rabbits look great, as usual!

    Well..nearly seven in the morning over here, best get
    on, second lemon tea me thinks, then get myself ready
    for a town in Costa..etc..
    Grass needs cutting, other little job needs doing! :o).

  5. Wow.....90 years old! How fabulous all the family gathered together to celebrate your beautiful mum's special birthday. Oh my, you certainly baked a lot of delicious looking treats. The cake is lovely. Sid is quite the model showing off his cool vest. I must say my heart is beating just a tad quicker at the sight of the mirror and that cathedral window cushion. You are a lucky girl to have happened upon these pretties. Love the plate.....crafty tarty indeed. =) Your Tilda Rabbits are beautiful. Have a beautiful week, lovely Julie♥

  6. Such a lovely family party, these times are always special and I am sure she loved every moment of it.
    Everything you make is so pretty, the Tilda bunnies are delightful and someone is going to be very lucky indeed. Your cushion was an absolute bargain, I would certainly have picked it up as well.x

  7. Lovely party for your Mum Julie, gee you don't half look like her:-)Love your goodies from the op shops, I would love that fairy book, but you know what my hobby is, so it wouldn't be for reading😁 Sid looks so cute in his vest, hope you have a great week and Happy Easter. Chris xoxoxo

  8. Ha...ha.....Crafty Tarty......What a clever idea to get the plate she gifted you painted with that on! Smarty Tarty too!!!
    Your Mum looks so happy celebrating her 90th with all her family there. I love brandy snaps too. All that yummy cream in them. Sid looks great modeling the vest. He'll need it now the weather is cooling down. Great op shop finds. Glad you were able to sneak out and get them xx

  9. What charming photos. Your mum looks great for her age and what yummy things to eat. So sorry you left items behind. That would have put a damper on things but not fo long.
    Loved your purchases and what a trick SId looked. I was in hospital for a month so catching up on my iPad. I feel I have missed the best of my roses 🥀.

  10. Hi sweet Julie! My mom is going to be 90 in December so we are pretty much twins, you and I. LOL!
    Oh, you are all about pretty things! The Tilda bunnies are so wonderful!
    What a great photo of you and your mum!

  11. Such sweet photos of you and your family celebrating a wonderful event!
    My Mom just turned 89. We will see if she makes it to 90.
    I love what you did with the plate from your aunt. That is such a treasure.
    And Sid in his vest--just doesn't get cuter than that.
    Your Tilda rabbits look adorable sitting there, holding hands like best friends.

  12. When I hear Danny Kaye singing 'Inchworm', it always reminds me of when my Dad took me to see the film Hans Christian Anderson. I was enthralled by the story. Happiest of Birthdays to your Mum, Julie. She looks amazing, as does her party food. I went to see my Mum yesterday and forgot to take the two parcels I had lying out for her for over a week!!Sid looks so handsome in his new vest. Have a great week,

  13. happy birthday to your mom for her 90th. you found some very pretty things at your op shop. nancy

  14. What a nice celebration for your mothers birthday!! Nice and simple with lots of good kiwi treats.

  15. Lovely to see your Mum had a great party Julie. Shame about leaving the food behind but as Leanne says you had something to look forward to at home. The rabbits are beautiful Julie. How cute does Sid look!! It amazes me the goodies you find at the op shops, lovely collection there.

  16. Happy belated birthday to your Mum. Such lovely opp shop finds, Julie. Happy Easter! xxx

  17. A Happy Birthday to your Mum!!!! How gorgeous to have family around to celebrate such a wonderful time. Your op shop finds are like winning the lotto my friend!!!!! Who would give away such a gorgeous cushion cover like that?????? Your treasure now though. xx

  18. Sorry I am just seeing this post. You have a beautiful Mum. Enjoyed seeing your family...and you too.


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