Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Let me introduce you to . . . . .

Good morning friends, let me introduce you to one of my dearest friends in the whole wide world . . .

Hello there . . . .

His name is Nero,  but he is also known as Mr Wolf, or fat fluffy or sometimes just fluffy !!!!
He is a long-haired German Shepherd , he is 13 years old now and is both my most wonderful companion and friend, and a big fat pain sometimes all rolled into one!!!!! :-)   He helps me with the gardening (mostly by standing on the plants!!) and also supervises all my craft work and as you can see he leads quite a stressful life most of the time . . . .

Here he is above asleep on his favourite pink cat blanket - when he gets into a deep sleep he pokes his pink tongue out and often has "twitchy" dreams.  I must confess to a bit of an obsession with taking photos of him like this as the girl in the Photo Centre pointed out to me when I was constantly going in there to get them developed !!!!!  She also told me "your dog should have his own facebook page - my flatmates cat does!!!"
So I came home and asked him and he said definately NO - he would have too many friend requests!!!

Well friends I thought I should introduce you to Nero today as he is a big part of my life here at Threadbear Cottage and often gets way more compliments from the visitors than I do!!!!  And you will no doubt see him make appearances quite often here on my blog.  Hope you are all having a wonderful week out there and I shall be back soon with some crafting I have been working on.
Cheerio for now,      Love Julie & Mr Wolf x x x

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  1. Congratulations Julie. Love your pictureheader and look forward very much to enter your cottage and browse. Love Nero. Shirley


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