Friday, March 30, 2012

Phoebe & Midge

A friend came for a cuppa in late January and bought another lady with her.
  I noticed the other lady was carrying a large carry bag and wondered what was in it??  After awhile she opened the bag with the words "you make bears don't you??"   . . .    I opened my mouth to explain that I no longer make bears, havent done one for years and no longer enjoy making them  . . .    and suddenly heard myself saying "oh yes thats fine ! ! ! " -   it was one of those moments when you suddenly think "who on earth said that ???"  when you realise it was actually you who said it!!!!    and so I was forced persuaded to make Phoebe and Midge.

Midge came together fairly well but was such a hairy fur to sew and in the end I think he should've been called Midget as he is only 7  inches tall & required hours of picking fur out of seams/brushing/trimming etc   (someone in the house said he looks like a hedgehog!!)

Phoebe was quite a bit more work but a lovely mohair fur to work with.  I decided to adorn her with an old doiley for her collar and tie some lace from my vintage stash as a headband for her -  here she is (above)  coming together slowly . . . 

So today was the day I told myself she had to be finished as I have other orders I need to be getting onto plus some more doiley doll bodies cut out waiting to be stuffed and dressed . . . 
(a task I really enjoy doing)
Here is the finished Phoebe ready to go to her new home  . . . 
Hope that you like her  . . . 

 Hope that the lady likes her also . . . 
Have a lovely weekend out there folks  -  daylight saving ends here in New Zealand this Saturday night so we shall have lighter mornings and much darker evenings here . . . winter is not far away :-(
cheerio for now,
Julie x x x


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  1. Julie they look lovely. They give you a warm fuzzy feel to look at. Oops, Nero, you've been found out.Of course they could have been those pesky bunnies!!Love, Whitelavender


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