Monday, March 26, 2012

A morning with a friend

One of the best things about opening my cottage has been the friendships I have made and the like-minded people I have met along the way.  One of these people is Pauline, my friend who owns and operates the business Infused with Nature,     making and selling her wonderful handmade products from the calendula she grows on their farm at Arohena (about half an hour out from me). Pauline & I became friends when I began selling some of her products at Threadbear Cottage.
 When she invited me out this morning for a cuppa and to harvest some calendula before it all finishes for the season,  I didnt need much persuading.

Upon arrival at Paulines we had morning tea out on her patio as it was such a lovely crisp clear autumn day - she had made the most delicious home-made bread with (homemade) strawberry jam and blueberry muffins!!!  The smell was so enticing.  (no pics sorry . . .  too busy eating !!  :-)
Pauline grows rows of calendula in the area behind her house and we set about picking a basketful of the glorious orange and yellow heads ...
She uses the calendula in most of her products by making an infused oil from the flower heads and also by drying and using the flowers or their petals in her range of soaps. Calendula has the most amazing healing properties & my 83 year old Mum swears by her calendula ointment for all manner of things!!!
 I have used the calendula heads before in my citrus potpourri and find it retains its beautiful colour and doesn't fade like alot of other flowers do.
Here I have taken a pic of her wonderful purpose built workroom where she makes her products and also has a display area for people to come and purchase.  (her work area is to the right of this photo & looks out over the farm - the most amazing views ) . . .
I truly had the most enjoyable morning and when I got home I had this wonderful basket of flower heads to dry -  I was tempted to just keep them just sitting in their basket to enjoy but knew they would soon wilt and be unusable . . .        so  . . .    with a little help from a fluffy four-legged friend, I set to work laying them out in my dehydrator  . . .

 of course this was very tiring work and so   (certain folk among us)    had to have a bit of a lie down and a rest after supervising that I had laid them out all correctly  . . .

Fast forward to 6 hours later and I have the most glorious basketful of dried flower heads to use in my next batch of citrus potpourri  . . .

I am so thankful to have a friend like Pauline - go look at her website for a full range of her products - absolutely beautiful handmade products that are all natural and all so good for your skin - click here for the link . . .     
Hope that works okay folks as am still learning my way around this . . .   :-) 

When I make my next batch of citrus potpourri I shall remember to show you the calendula flowers used in it in all their wonderful colour :-)
Til next time, cheerio for now,
Julie & Mr Wolf    x x x   (rather tired from helping Mum)


  1. That's a lovely photo of the calendula flowers in the basket. Aren't those dehydraters great.Must try some of that product.Have heard of it's healing properties. From Whitelavender.

    1. Thanks Shirley for all your encouragement and following my blog. Am endeavouring to get better photos taken. Nero is rather "tired" of all this bother !!! kindest regards, Julie :-)


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