Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gathering, drying, golly-ing, & horse-ing (in no particular order)...

Hello there friends & readers,

It has been a mixed bag this past week...
I was lying awake one morning at around 2 pm & somewhere in the far, far reaches of my mind (an" interesting place" I might add!!!)
I remembered seeing in a magazine somewhere... a long, long time ago ... ???
something along the lines of a herbal "door hanger"???
hmmm ....  you are shaking your heads I know !!!!

So the next day I fossicked around in my box of bits & bobs
& found my crinolene ladies, (crocheted by my friend Joyce)
I thought it is long past time I put some of that lavendar to use

So it was very much a kind of "make it up as you go along" project
but I am thrilled with how they turned out...

which is your favourite???  Red or cream??
they are both on linen - half filled with lavender - can you smell them???

I thought they would look lovely hanging on one of those dark timber doors ... the one with the handles way up high :-)

I have also been trying to finish some more gollies as my golly ladder in the Cottage was looking very empty
I made another Isabella as I always like to have at least one of her

Why hello there ...
just hanging out with my friend Ted

I came across a pattern I have only ever made once before
This was about 6 years ago as I made it for a friends 50th birthday
Again it is a Lil Blokes design ... say Hello to Mimi

I have taken a pic of her lying down to show her apron detail...

Although it has photographed pinkish, it is actually a lovely deep
burgundy red in colour

I make horseshoes for a local shop & it must be the wedding season
as I have been struggling to keep them in stock

the horseshoes that I cover are actually real ones
they are a lightweight aluminium & are used on racing horses

they are nice to sit & do at nights when I am struggling to see the darker golly fabrics
Plus I love to think about the brides that will receive them :-)

Speaking of horses ... as I sit & type this post I can hear the Polo Tournament from just across the paddocks from me . . . 

You can see in the distance they have erected a huge marquee
it is great excitement as South Africa have come to play against us
right here in lil' old Kihikihi :-)
I can hear the loud speakers & I wonder who is winning??!!

It is that time of year for gathering & drying things from the garden
which I use for my potpourris - there has been plenty of this going on during this hot dry weather ...

fresh rose petals drying in the Sleepout

Strawflowers drying in baskets
Poppy heads drying in the sun

Finally, a couple of snaps from around the garden as late summer kicks in & things are still struggling along ...

I remembered photographing this barrel of petunias in early spring

I must've fed it something it liked . . .

I hope you all have a great weekend, where-ever you are in the world & whatever you are doing 
take care - I am off to make clothes for a boy golly :-)
(the Mr has kindly pointed out I have more than enough girl gollies now !!!)
thanks so much for stopping by & for your comments that you leave me - you have no idea how they brighten my day :-)
Love/hugs/ friendship,
Julie Xox


  1. Seriously Julie how do you do it??
    You have so much talent and your sewing is just amazing.
    I wish I had the attention span to sit long enough these days and focus on something.
    I must have A.D.D. or something in my older age.
    Loving your dolls and yes I can smell the lavender ;)
    Your flowers are gorgeous and I think ours have all died from this odd weather of freezing temps.
    What did you feed it??
    Have a great rest of your weekend.
    I need some of your energy this week :)

    1. Hi Amy, thankyou!!! Gosh I think your attention span is just fine with all you create PLUS a little one in tow.
      I watched the news before & saw that the U.S.A. was in for awful weather & cold temps. Stay indoors, keep warm & happy creating my friend., Julie :-)

  2. I love the red herbal door hanger! Cute idea. Yes to both Gollies too!I like the one with the wee teddybear & knitted cardi the best.
    Your garden is looking great. I am looking forward to another visit in the not too distant future.

    1. Hi Leeanne, ah yes you are a "red girl" like me I think. Thankyou :-)
      I had to have a "white tornado" in the garden this week as have 2 buses coming, it was looking shabby with the dry weather. Look forward to your visit whenever my friend, Julie :-)

  3. Hello Julie,

    I am in love with Isabella and her red jumper. The Crinoline ladies look lovely on the bags.I have a pattern I downloaded from the net for making them. Thanks for sharing what you have been up to. I just googled your town and realise it means Cicada's. Hope they aren't too noisy around your way. The Petunia's are certainly blooming well in your garden.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thankyou Bev, yes I plan to ask Joyce to make me some more crinoline ladies at some stage as I just love them. Isabella is one of my all-time favourites I think :-)
      Yes Kihikihi does mean cicada and we have a large monument of one at our towns entrance. Happy weekend Bev, Julie :-)

  4. You are so gifted - I love Isabelle in the pretty dress and pink cardi holding her teddy. Her hair is so pretty. I can't leave her! I will be back to see her again. You do make some delights but your Isabelle trademark is very special Bettyx

    1. Hello Betty - thankyou so much. Yes I too love Isabella and really enjoy making her too. My mum knits the little cardigans for me & I always like to give her a toy in her hand. Have a lovely weekend Betty, Julie X

  5. All beautiful Julie. Love the crinoline ladies. Cream for me! Shirley

    1. Hi Shirley - thankyou - yes the lavender bags turned out even nicer than in the photos. Real Hot today - hope you are inside crafting by the fan :-) Julie X

  6. Hello dear Julie, great little lavender door hangers. Funny, I just found a very old embroidered apron today at the market...with a crinoline lady on the front. Have you any of the lavender/crinoline lady china? Some of it is very pretty, I think. What a great idea using the racing horseshoes! Old traditions evidently still hang on....what with so many selling in town. Awful lot of interesting goings on around you.. lavender harvests, fields of sunflowers & polo matches! Isn't it great when a plant performs so well like your white petunia..lovely hydrangea you dry them as well? What a hoot about the cicada thing & Kihikihi. Have a grand week. Much love & hugs Catherine x0x0x.

    1. Hello Catherine, Yes I do love anything crinoline lady - I have a few doilies etc with them on but I havent seen the china... how lovely :-)
      The Polo (for some unknown reason) always makes me feel so excited. I dont go & watch it but hearing it & seeing it across the paddocks fills me with excitement, they set it up like a little village down there. Very professional & great for little Kihikihi (cicada!!)
      Yes I do dry the hydrangeas as soon as the petals feel papery.(real soon) Happy week my friend, Julie Xox

  7. You are very clever at repurposing things, I love the bags and the gollies, so sweet!

    1. Hello Wendy,. thanks so much for your comment and for "dropping by". Gosh I am enjoying your blog also. Yes I love repurposing things where I can rather than always buying new. Have a great week, Julie :-)

  8. This is such a lovely post Julie - it feels like I've just popped in for a chat and a cuppa!
    Your lavender door hangers are gorgeous and I would choose the cream one! but the red's is lovely too - maybe I need both! LOL
    Your little Isabella is such a cutie - love her adorable face and her little dress and cardy....awww
    I spied an old wringer washing machine/planter - how clever to turn it into a flower tub.

    Yes it's time to harvest the summer petals but I haven't got any really fragrant roses in this garden - a note goes in my garden book to order a couple for next year!!

    I've really enjoyed my wander around your home and garden seeing all the lovely things you do.
    Shane ♥

    1. Thankyou Shane & thanks for stopping by :-)
      I did want my blog to feel like a cuppa & a chat - thats wonderful to hear.
      Just wanted to mention ... regarding the roses for potpourri ... I dont dry only fragrant ones as I find the very best red for keeping its colour is Dublin Bay (no scent at all)- some of the really fragrant ones lose their colour quickly & fade when made up. A lovely dk orange one is Remember Me - given to me when my Dad passed away. Happy Weekend Shane, Julie :-)


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