Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hello there friends & readers

do you love to fossick, as I do ?????

fossick . . .  to rummage or search for (something):
to fossick around for ...

this past week I have fossicked a great deal & enjoyed myself immensely :-)
firstly, I was fossicking in my sewing room
& came across this fabric which was a pair of pyjama pants given to me quite sometime ago by my friend Gail

also I came across a golly body - as when I made my Tobias boy golly last week, I sewed up 2 bodies
an idea began to form in my head . . .

then on a trip to the $2 shop I fossicked some more,
& came across these hairclips (I actually went there to buy envelopes!!)

more fossicking in my sewing room led me to some chenille fabric - my friend Una used to cut up large squares off an old bedspread & post them across the Tasman to me to use!!! (Una is 94!!)

I decided Tobias should have a girlfriend . . . 

This is the same Melody Daly pattern but dressed as a girl this time - (no gender issues here) - not sure of a name for her - I suggested Tabitha but the Mr pointed out that Tabitha is hardly a gollies name ! ! ! (not sure how he knows this but nevermind...)

the chenille bedspread offcut became her top & the $2 shop hairclips became embellishments for the front (the clip backs removed of course)

more fossicking (in my box of toys) revealed a giraffe with pale pink felt dots - these were removed to be replaced by hot pink dots & a lime green ribbon 

the perfect toy for her to hold in her hand

the happy couple - look how brightly Tobias is smiling now!!!

Later in the week a good old fossick in the Op Shop led me to this little find . . . 

of course, it didnt quite look like this when I purchased it
but its amazing what a good soak & a gentle wash can do

more fossicking  -  this time on Trade Me  -  & I became the very proud owner of this little number . . . 

in immaculate condition :-)
When I was a young girl I owned a cane banana basket . . .  do you know I thought I was just "the bees knees"  - fast forward to my teenage years & I wanted a trendy shoulder bag . . .  whats wrong with your banana basket my Mother would ask . . . how I hated it !!!!  Now I am in my "grown up" years, I simply adore them & have coveted one for ages - I plan to doiley it up a bit (like my friend Sallys) & then keep it by my chair with handwork in it)

I was so chuffed with my purchase :-)

I have been making wheat bags - this seems like a criminal task in this long hot dry summer we are having, but oddly enough people have been asking for them for injuries etc

I like to make them in flannel fabrics - much softer & nicer

I had a local resthome bring their morning tea last week & enjoy in the summer sunshine

the ladies loved sitting under the trees & didn't notice the crisp & brown lawn

as they were leaving they informed me one of the residents that came was 103 ! ! !

Before I go I would like to share with you a photo of my youngest son & his lovely partner - she had been a bridesmaid at her brothers wedding just before christmas -
I thought it was a lovely one of them both 

Kane & Nicole

I have had some prints taken off for Mum & I - it is SO rare to see my boy dressed tidily ! ! ! :-)

Well folks, Mr Wolf & I are off to the neighbours for more fossicking
I am wanting to collect the mini pinecones & other nuts that fall under her trees at this time of year - I use them for my citrus potpourri 

Ha - if she thinks I am going out in this hot weather to gather pinecones . . .  she IS very delusional !  ! ! !
think again Mum . . .  & while you're at it, put some more icecubes in my water bowl  . . .

Wishing you all a great weekend folks,
much love/hugs/friendship,
Julie & the (hot) fat fluffy xoxoxo


  1. Well you are at it again.
    So busy sewing up goodies.
    The gollies just make a lovely couple.

    Your visitors really look ship shape. I couldn't even begin to pick out which one was in triple digits. Hope I get around that good when that age hits.

    Julie your son and his girlfriend look lovely.
    I can see why you wanted to share this picture of them.

    I hope you find some time to cool off and relax this weekend. But I bet your weekends are just as busy as your weeks.
    Take care

    1. Hi Amy - thankyou :-) Yes I just loved that pic of Kane & Nicole - very rare for him as he is rather a scruff!!!
      The ladies in the resthome were just lovely & I really enjoyed chatting to them.
      Hope you have a creative weekend too Amy (in that gorgeous studio of yours) - Julie :-)

  2. Yes these young lad seem to love to 'rough it'....I don't have many photo's of them dressed up either, & the ones I have they are pulling faces!
    Great finds & treasures. I had a Kite (kit-e , maori basket/bag) that I loved, it was my handbag for years, then one day I decided I didn't like it........I would love another one!
    See you soon!!

    1. Hi Leeanne, I can totally relate to the kite' ... I am sure you will come across another one someday - I do remember when they were "the in thing".
      Yes love the pic of my boy & it is a rare one!!!
      Happy weekend, Julie :-)

  3. Hello Julie,

    Oh to be still alive at 103,imagine what that lady has seen. Gollies just match perfectly. Amazing what can be found at op shops and two buck shops. Your Son and his Girlfriend look quite the couple.

    Happy days.

    1. Hello Bev, yes it is an amazing age & she definately had all her faculties about her too!!! I love the girl golly, love her bright golly colours.
      My son (finally) has a really lovely partner :-) we all really love her.
      Happy weekend to you Bev, Julie

  4. I love your gollies - this newest one looked like a Miss Molly to me (good golly miss molly!) You always have so much to do at your place - hope you enjoy your search for pines - I am always hopeful of finding something in the woods but at the moment it's mainly mud as we head slowly towards Spring. Betty

    1. Hello Betty - gosh, thank you so much ... she DOES look like a Miss Molly ... what a perfect name :-) I shall write that on her tag.
      Yes there is always plenty to do & my head is always spinning with it all ... try to give myself "little talks" about enjoying the process but I still end up spinning!!! Have a good book to read at moment so that is good switch off time. Happy weekend Betty - Julie :-)

  5. Gosh Julie, where do you find the energy to make all your wonderful goodies.It is so hot, poor Mr. Wolf. He will know where all the "coolest" places to lie are though.Love Mr & Ms Golly, totally gorgeous.Envy your purchases of the old embroidered doilies, they are becoming quite a rarity to obtain these days.I bet those lovely ladies from the rest home had a great time out at your place, such a delight to sit under the trees and so much to see. You are pretty wonderful Julie. Hugs Shirley

    1. Hi Shirley, Yes the doilies are getting harder to come across & also more expensive now.
      Your friend Margaret was with the group - I think that is her legs just to the very right of the photo with the walking stick, she is a lovely lady. Hope you are by the fan working on your lovely projects Shirley, Julie Xox

  6. Love the girl golly-funny I was thinking Molly as well when I saw her! Pictures/photos are to treasure, if you get a good one that is a bonus! We had family photos last weekend and I can't believe how many good ones I now have! I too couldn't pick miss 103, that is certainly something to celebrate-imagine the changes in the world she has seen and experienced! amazing. Have a great weekend, Michelle.

    1. Hi Michelle, yes I think Molly is the perfect name for her.
      Glad your family photos turned out well - its a good thing to do every few years as these boys grow & change so much. And we just get older ... !!!
      I really enjoy the resthomes visits as they are so interesting to talk to & also interested in things around them. Hope you are crafting Michelle, Julie :-)

  7. Hello dear delusional Mum! I hope you've been having a little ice in your drinks too! Isn't it funny, after reading your post yesterday I came across 2 banana baskets just the same at the market this morning. Golly (he he) I wonder just how many spellings of doilies there are out there? I have decided just to make it up as I go along these days. I LOVE fossicking too & of course you are quite right it can be in your own craft room even! My friend Ruth's mum is 103 & she lives in Auckland. She can still cook & is entirely lucid & happy. Ruth was a very late 3rd daughter...that makes her mother still older than my grandparents would have been...if that makes any sense? What a delightful little outing for them all & nice that there were photos taken. I spy the red table in the midst of things. Yes a very cherry boy is that Tobias now!
    Yes lovely pic of Kane..he's the one who helped build the cottage eh?
    AND will make the hand rails ; )
    A little easier to sleep at night but still no rain Miss Julie!
    Much love Catherine x0x0x0x

    1. Hello Catherine, Isnt it funny regarding the basket, hadnt seen one for years & now I will probably come across lots of them. Have doilied it today & love it by my chair :-)
      Yes it was Kane who helped build the cottage, a very clever boy but hard to pin down to do anything!!!
      No, no rain here, Graham just phoned to ask me "raining at home yet??" & I informed him he had rung the wrong country. Have a great week, Julie Xox

  8. Oh dear Tobias is cheery, in actually fact...well unless he's been up to mischief!

  9. Hi Julie,
    Yes, that's the sort of fossiking I like
    too. Lots of great finds and how creative
    you are with them.
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. Hello Anita - thanks so much for popping by. Yes fossicking is great ... but I am now at the stage where I have to actually DO something with all my finds & not just acquire more!!!!
      Wishing you a lovely week Anita ... Julie :-)

  10. Julie, it was lovely to meet you and see all your gorgeous treasures. Including Mr Fluffy dog. How precious to have such a lovely photo of your son - my males are very difficult to get nice photos of too - they are real face-pullers!!!

  11. All your fossiking has produced such lovely results. I think about visiting your shop often, it will happen one day!! Wendy


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