Sunday, February 17, 2013

small steps

Hello there friends & readers

Happy Weekend to you all :-)

It has been a week of small steps & a few finishes this week
though it feels like veeerrry slow progress with this drought we are having, & everything looks & feels, rather bedraggled
. . . including the writer of this blog :-)

A lady from the busgroup last week commented that my suitcase of flowers was . . .
"struggling, but still trying to put on a good show..."
"ah yes" I thought ... "sounds just like me!!"

Someone else, however, is NOT managing to put on a good show

& cant wait for the cooler weather to come

No, I am not a new style of floor mat - step over me, not on me!!!!
I managed to finish dressing the nude boy golly that was waiting patiently in my sewing room last post
His name is Tobias, & he is a Melody Daly design out of an old copy of the Handmade magazine

Hello there . . .  my name is Tobias

He is certainly a cheerful little chap & is made entirely from scraps I had lying around (including his vintage buttons down his jacket)

Seeing the wide embroidered braiding lying on the wool flannelling gave me an idea ...
I really liked the effect of it against the checks 

So I fossicked around & found some ric rac, & made a matching cushion in the Union Jack design

I have always liked the combination of black & red together :-)

I also topped up the bowl of lavender sachets as these always tick along & I had sold a few to the bus group ladies

A lovely group of ladies from Rotorua - the Womens Institute :-)
really nice ladies, loved the Cottage - even loved Mr Fat Fluffy
(even when he peed on the bus's wheels they loved him!!!!) 

I had been sorting out a box of stitcheries & bits & bobs that I had done quite some time ago
there were lots of Country Friends stitcheries in here, completed, but never taken any further, so I decided to start using some of them up in a few small projects

this one made up into a lovely little needlecase

which I lined with a lovely ticking fabric I had
I really enjoy these small projects - they are so achievable in a short time frame & make you feel like you are accomplishing something

My final finish for the week was an oven glove & matching teatowel with gollies appliqued on to them

A bit of a bright splash of colour for a change :-)

In between times I have been trying to "enjoy" the summer sunshine as it will soon be autumn here (I hope!!)
Mr Wolf & I took our lunch out to the deck lots of times this past week & I have been enjoying the latest Molly Makes issue
(which came with a beautiful free Calendar)

There are some lovely projects in it to tempt me :-)

Lastly folks, I hauled another old piece of furniture out of the wood shed a few days ago
I was so sure I had taken a "before" pic of it but cannot find it anywhere!!!????
It is an old wooden plant stand & I decided to paint it cream & then lightly sand it to "distress" it

there were quite a few borer holes needing to be filled & I sprayed it with kerosene to get rid of any "unwanted callers"
I hope to show you the finished article next post.

Wishing you all a great weekend out there - hope its a most enjoyable one where-ever you are in the world :-)

I shall "keep struggling & trying to put on a good show" ! ! ! ! :-)
Love to you all & thanks for stopping by
Julie XoXoXo


  1. Chin up Julie.
    It will all be cold and freezing there before ya know it.
    Your new little projects make me smile.
    I ADORE that needle case.
    I was just sorting out my little basket next to the couch and need to make something just as that to hold my needles in.
    I am forever losing them, ouch!
    also loving boy golly's bow tie!
    You so inspire me to get movin'
    Take care and hope all is well :)

    1. Hello Amy - thankyou :-)
      Yes the needlecase is delightful - so simple, just stitched onto calico & then teadyed. Glad I inspire you cos its likewise my friend, Julie X

  2. Hi Julie, always Appreciate your blog. Your work continues to amaze me! The DRY is affecting us all! My heart goes out to the Girls when the tractor & feedout wagon arrives to the paddock, they run to it! Yes we are looking at 2008 all over again, But hopefully it won"t come to that!!!
    Take care Julie, Love always.

    1. Thankyou Sandy !! Yes it is hard going for the poor old cows this summer isnt it. Hope you are having a lovely weekend Sandy, Love Julie X

  3. Your flowers look beautiful from here. I love seeing the variety of projects you are working on. I love the stitchery and needlecase and am interested in seeing what you end up doing with the painted plant stand. Wendy xx

    1. Hi Wendy, thank you :-) I am hoping to sand the edges of the plant stand to lightly distress it - a bit of a shabby chic look I hope. I visualise a nice big lacey maiden hair fern sitting on it :-) Happy week Wendy, Julie X

  4. Your suitcase garden still looks happy! But I know what you mean about everything looking tired and dried out, we are hanging out for some rain here too. The girls(cows) still have two paddocks of turnips left, fingers crossed we get rain tonight/tomorrow there was a cloud cap on Mt Taranaki this morning that usually means rain is on it's way!!!

    1. Hi Michelle - yes I know what you mean about lack of rain up here too!!! Hope we both get some this week - also its good indoor crafting weather when it rains, happy week to you, Julie X

  5. Sorry to hear you are not 100%....I hope this will soon pass. I think your garden looks lovely. As usual the goodies you have created are wonderful.

    1. Hello Leeanne, I'm sure a good downpour of rain & both myself and the garden will perk up a bit :-)
      Happy sewing week Leeanne, Julie X

  6. I think it must be a constant struggle against the heat to keep your garden alive - your poor old dog must be finding it hot in that fur coa! I do like your sewing crafts. Betty

    1. Hello Betty, yes the poor old fat fluffy is really struggling in the heat. He jumped in the pond yesterday & the pond was lovely & green!!!! Not a good idea - we had to hose him down & make him smell a bit nicer after that, Julie Xx

  7. Lovely seeing what you have been up to. Dry weather can be very wearing. I love Mel's golly design. I wish I could send you some of our rain today.

    1. Hi Michelle - thanks for stopping by. Yes I am now making Mels Golly design up into a girl - will have pics next post. Please - if you could send us some of your rain - I would be forever grateful!!! :-) Julie X

  8. Sorry I've been tardy my friend..not feeling the best the last week or so..menopause!! & probably struggling to put on a good show..actually any show at all with the heat. I'm in Mr big fat fluffies corner! I have no idea what that lady was on about there's nothing straggly or struggling whatsoever about your suitcase of loveliness, unlike my manky looking tomato plants!
    Glad you've got the nude Golly boy looking seemly. I love his mouth & his plaid clothes. Gosh I remember using a braid much like that to embellish for my little brother a pair of jeans in Clothing when I was 14 (he's 10 years younger than me)
    I love the shape of the plant stand...don't they look so much better shabby chic-ed like that.
    Good for you! The old keros a bit on the wiffy side though eh..phew. Not great to treat a chest of draws for your delicates!
    Hugs & friendship & much love Catherine x0x0x0x

    1. Hello Catherine, do not apologise my friend - this heat is enough to make anyone wilt. I am really pleased with how Tobias came out & am now working on a "girlfriend" for him :-)
      Still havent finished the plant stand but have very good intentions !!!! Julie Xox


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