Friday, December 11, 2015

Christines Christmas House

Greetings dear friends & readers
(Warning .... rather a photo heavy post)
Phheeewww..... did you hear that ???!!! 
That is me ... breathing a sigh of relief now that my groups have finished for the year, with my last one just yesterday.

Christines dining room table - LoVeD this display especially
Last week I managed to finally get to visit my friend Christine & took my camera along to snap some pics of her home all beautifully decorated throughout for christmas

The tree in her dining room ... to be perfectly honest, my photos definately don't do justice to her beautiful settings 
(click on the pics to enlarge them if you like)
Christines downstairs bathroom was even decorated for christmas ... Blue Prim Santa from my last post post hung on the wall & she had made a bathroom themed wreath for the corner of the room with Santa sitting in a bath
The teddybears wore blue Santa hats in keeping with the theme.

The Master bedroom had its own small tree & bear themed wreath
The middle Santa is a Baker Santa so he was sitting on the kitchen servery
As you climb the stairs Christine has wound greenery around the bannister rail

A fairy tree is on the landing at the top ... this was done mainly for her grandaughters ... just magical.

more bannister decoration upstairs

The upstairs bathroom is a burgundy colour scheme so - of course - it has been decorated for christmas too

Vignettes & displays of Santas in both traditional colours & also white & gold

.  .  .  Upstairs above & Downstairs below .  .  .

I think one of my most favourite displays of all was a dresser in the dining area ... just quite simple but tasteful & stunning ... I loved the olde worldliness of it all

Inspired by my visit I came home to put up my own Christmas tree, but after carrying it inside, that is as far as I have gotten to.  Hopefully it will evolve this weekend.

I popped into the Church Op Shop last week to drop off a bag of clothes & to say Hello to my friend Joyce who was working there that morning
These vintage sheets were crying out to be purchased ... at just $3 each I thought they were a bargain & are drying on the line today in the sunshine & the breeze

Joyce was throwing out some old stock & asked me if I would like this little dish below 
It had long ago lost its lid & although the inside was marked & pitted, I quite liked the floral china pattern on the outer ... I felt I could turn it into a cute wee pincushion .  .  .

.  .  . which I was able to do with a circle of Tilda Fabric which once inserted, I just carefully worked into the oval shape of the bowl. The addition of some lace & a pretty pearl braid just completed it nicely I thought 

This morning I got up before 5 am as I was unable to sleep & was lying there thinking of all the things I needed to do.  Well why not just get up & DO Them Julie ??!!

These little felt mice were finished by breakfast time ... yes I had cut them out the day before.
I plan to start a tradition of giving Alec a christmas decoration each year of his own .... some will be handmade & some I will buy.  Then as he gets older, my hope is that we can either craft it together each year, or go shopping & choose it together

Little Pippi slept in her basket as I sat at the table handstitching & watching the sun come up .  .  .
.  .  . stressful life that she leads!!  I am hoping she doesn't think I will need any "assistance" to decorate the tree this weekend !!!

Well dear readers, thanks so much for your visit today ... I surely do not know where the last week went to but it just got lost somewhere along the way.
I hope you enjoyed your little virtual tour of Christines Christmas Home.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend doing things that bring you pleasure
A final pic from Christines Home
with much love & friendship,
Julie, Blackie & Pippi Longstocking


  1. hi Julie wow,your friends house is amazing,thankyou for showimg us,oh i love the little stockings and mice he will love them,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. What an amazing decorated home. It must have been a real treat visiting. Love your little mice in their stocking.We've been waking up V E R Y early in the mornings as well. Get up, then feeling sleepy by early afternoon.Hugs Shirley

  3. WOW Christine's Christmas home is fabulous, your Santa's look right at home, same as my 'Julie Santa'! Fancy Santa in his own little bath while you were in your own bath :-) I love your idea of giving Alec a Christmas decoration each year, then when he gets older it is something you can share together. Sometimes those early mornings see us accomplish heaps! .......Not so for Pippi!

  4. Goodness Me! WoW!
    Love ALL those Christmas things...
    I've been scrolling up and down like
    a barmaids apron...HeHe! Am l allowed
    to say that..!:).
    It's given me an idea...Shall l decorate
    my downstairs 'bubble~pink' loo! mmmmM!
    I could put a wreath of holly around the that would be fun...! :>).

    And...I see Pippi is picking up habits
    from Blackie...Legs, all a kimbo, and in
    the air...Bless!x
    And, yes, l bet she'll help with the tree,
    Christmas tree and a cat go well together!
    Keep your camera handy Julie!

    Well..It's just gone seven over here, l'm
    popping downstairs for another lemon tea,
    and back up for another look, read, and a
    giggle! :>). Bless!x

  5. My goodness what a lot of santas and teddies at your friend's house!! the greenery up the stairs is very pretty, I don't like too much going on myself so, like you, am drawn to the white themed dresser - I absolutely love the two little deer and, had I been a visitor that day, would have been very tempted to pop them in my bag when nobody was looking they are so cute!

  6. What a gorgeously festive post!

    I love the bed sheets and Pippi is as adorable as ever.

    Enjoy your weekend and in case I can't get online before (computer issues), then I hope you have a completely perfect Christmas! ♥

  7. Ooohh loved visiting your friends gorgeous festive home. Thanks for sharing. Your little mice are too cute x

  8. That is a whole lot of Christmas spirit. Pippi seems to be just taking it in stride.

  9. Absolutely magical and so much work to put it all together but so worth it, thank you for sharing your friends wonderful home.

  10. I'm feeling rather lazy now that I've seen everything that your friend did to make her home feel Christmassy. I seem to have lost my Xmas Mojo. If you find it Julie, please send it back to me!!!Love your pretty little pincushion. xxx

  11. What amazing decorations in your friends house!!!! Beautiful to visit!! All the bears and Santas are stunning, I especially like the one in the dining room (I think) with the reindeer. Love the pincushion you have made, so nice to see things repurposed rather than thrown out. Am wondering how helpful Pippi is with the tree decorating!!!

  12. Christine's home/Christmas display is amazing - wow what fun to be her grand-daughters (and fun for all the big kiddies out there too!). I love those little felt mice in their stockings...good idea with the decorations for Alec. Hope Pippi helps you with the tree - have a lovely weekend.

  13. That was a terrific tour of Christine's Christmas!!! Some people just know
    how to put things together.....I'm not one of them! lol I love Pippi's sleeping
    bed, I want one too. I love the pin cushion you made, what a transformation.
    Cheers, Anita.

  14. Love that little pin cushion. Great job xx

  15. Hello Julie,
    Christine's house is amazing and having to decorate two floors of her home. Love the vintage sheets, I love the floral colours that we used to sleep under, have fun making something with them.

    Happy days.

  16. Wow! What a beautiful house you friend has. So beautifully decorated. It is like those houses that people open up and sell tickets for people to see and then support their favourite charity or something. Love it. People would love touring the two levels. What fun.

  17. Christmas is alive and well at Julie's house. xxxxx


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