Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Stocking & Card Making

Greetings dear friends & readers,
I hope the lead-up to Christmas is treating you kindly ... not long now, we are almost there 

I finally finished my grandsons christmas stocking 2 days ago
I decided that I wanted to make it big enough to fit my gifts into but not so big that I would require a small mortgage to fill it each year . . . so size was important
I thought long & hard about my fabric choice
I decided that seeing as Alec's parents are both modern minimalists, it would be up to his Granny Julie to introduce him to all things vintage

I found this lovely old fashioned vintagey looking fabric at Spotlight which I quilted
Seeing as he was blessed with a short name, I appliqued his name onto it then sewed some tiny christmas charms to the top

The gorgeous Reindeer braid was a gift from my dear friend Amy 
The strip of fur was in my stash .... I thought he would enjoy the tactile nature of the fur while he is still little
Everything, apart from the fabric, was already in my stash, hence the addition of some remnants of braid across the toe of the stocking

For the back of the stocking I just used up some quilted calico I had

When it was lined & finished I decided I had better try the parcels IN it to make sure they did actually fit

And then we got to try it under the christmas tree, where it is currently sitting waiting for little Alec, who will no doubt be far more interested in the wrapping paper this year I am sure

Yesterday my friend Lorraine popped in to say Happy Christmas - she had been out in her garden working & remembered me mentioning how I loved lilac trees, so she bought me this generous bunch from her tree

There is just the most delicate fragrance of lilac perfuming the house as I sit here typing.

My friend Jane had lent me her stamps a wee while ago.
As my friends & I no longer exchange christmas gifts, I decided some handmade cards might be well received this year
I had no idea what I was doing but I knew that I wanted the card to be like a little gift in itself  .  .  .

I made a little pocket on the inside & tucked a gift tag into the pocket ... below are just some of the ones I made ...

The primitive style ones I made had lovely little brass charms tied to the fronts ...

My daughter-in-law Nicole loves all things black/white & hot pink.  I felt that christmas didn't necessarily have to be traditional reds & greens, so I tried to make them one in her favourite colours

I had no black embellishments but I DID have black poster paint, so the white doilies & butttons got my paint brush waved over them.
Then I thought ... well what about envelopes Julie??
I found some vintage wallpaper & just sewed up square pockets for them with a simple luggage tag attached

I really enjoyed my day of card making ... I could get quite addicted to paper crafts
(I think it would be an understatement to say that the house was a complete bombsite by the time I had finished!!!)
Of course, I had a supervisor to make sure I stayed on task & glued everything in its rightful place 
(tho' the supervisor did get a little weary at times!!!)

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful, joyous festive season & to thank you with all my heart for your visits to my funny little Threadbear life & listening to my rambles
I appreciate each & every one of you that stops by.
Bless you all this festive season
with much love, kindness & friendship to you all,
Julie, Blackie & Pippi Longstocking x0x0x0


  1. lovely stocking for Alec,i love it and i love the cards you made also,i enjoyed your post ,merry xmas my friend xx

  2. ooooO! Yes! Only a couple days left...
    But..I'm ALL up together now, just a few bits
    and pieces to get! :).
    My daughter and hubby,are down on Saturday, now
    Julie, all fell through last weekend as her Mum
    got shingles..So all geared up for Sat.

    And..Everything looks lovely...I do like the Christmas
    stocking for little Alec...He'll love that, hope he
    keeps it for always. Even now, l have things from my baby
    days...Long time ago now! :).

    Poor Pippi..All that sowing...Bless!x Hope she and Blackie,
    have a lovely Christmas, with lots of treats! If they get
    stressed there's always the tree to hide in..!!!
    AND...ALL the festive cheer to you Julie..To your family and
    friends....And to all your followers....! Merry Christmas...!x
    Oh! And...'Keep on rambling'.
    Oh! And BIG (((HUGS))) for the furry ones!xx =(^..^)=

  3. Modern minimalists...yukkity yuk. =) Thank goodness for Granny Julie to add a little sweet vintage. Cute stocking, your Alec is going to love it. What a clever idea to add the fur. Those cards are a present in themselves, aren't they...they are gorgeous and I love the envelopes, the perfect finishing touch. Now....I was going to mention that basket, but thought better of it. Have the most wonderful Christmas. How wonderful to be a witness to Alec's first Christmas. I have had the most delightful time this year visiting your lovely little corner of the world, Julie, and look forward to visiting Threadbear Cottage in the new year. Xx

  4. I love Alecs stocking! Those cards are just gorgeous. Merry Christmas Julie and thanks for such an inspiring place to come visit xxx

  5. Thank you for your blogging energy, long may it continue... I never got round to the tea bag gift idea but it has been filed away for next year. Have a cracking Christmas, Julie and here's to a very crafty 2016. xx

    1. Thanks so much E.E. for your lovely comments throughout the year. Yes definately, the tea bag idea can be used at any time of the year. Have a wonderful (& perhaps creative) festive season x x x x

  6. Your stocking for Alex is so wonderful; full to the brim with love. I love all the wee charms you added. He will soon come to love it. You are so talented and it shows in your crafting. The cards are beautiful. I have come to love your blog, Julie, and look forward to your posts. I hope to see many more in 2016. Have a wonderful Christmas full of love , peace and joy of family & friends. Give Blackie and Pippi Longstocking a hug from us all at the mouse house. Happy, happy holidays. Deb, the retired-guy, Sierra, Annie, Audrey & Simon the chipmunk. xxxxxx

  7. Merry Christmas Julie! Alec's stocking is gorgeous... made with love... what a great idea to add the fur. The cards are a great idea as well... you are truly an inspiration Julie and I look forward to visiting you again next year! Enjoy the time with your family

  8. Glad to see Alec now has a fabulous stocking made by you! Lets hope it becomes a family heirloom when you are old and grey! *L*O*V*E* the cards........oh soooooo pretty! Yes I can now read your post (winkwink!) I hope there are some fabulous goodies under your tree just for you! Hugsxxx

  9. Alec's stocking is really beautiful and he is going to love seeing it come out every year, it's such a lovely tradition to start for him. The material is really pretty. Wishing you and those you love a very happy Christmas and lots of wonderful things for the New Year. Betty x

  10. Merry Christmas Julie xx I have enjoyed ALL your blog posts this year, along with all your creativity and the thought and care you put into everything you do ... you truly are an inspiration!! Hugs xx

  11. Oh Julie a post full of beautiful hand made things, you truly are talented. Wishing you a lovely Christmas with your family, and yes Alec will be more interested in the paper!!

  12. Oh Julie it is just the best he will love it always I am sure!
    Merry Christmas I hope your day is filled with lots of love.

  13. A very happy and peaceful Christmas to you and your family! Have a wonderful day!

    Merry Christmas
    Amanda xx

  14. I hope Alec enjoyed his stocking and all the lovely wrapping paper you put in it, Julie. Love the 'ribbon' across the toe and the little charms around the top. Your Christmas cards are gorgeous too, it looks just like playing and having an awesome creative time! Best wishes to you and yours' for the rest of the festive season xx

  15. Awesome stocking! Sitting in Whitianga outside the library for internet in the pouring rain - happily reading blogs. Your cards are definitely a gift in themselves - so lovely. And glad to see the supervisor did such a good job and was well rewarded with the basket in the 'right place!' hee....hee...

  16. Have a wonderful New Year Julie, I haven't visited much recently (health problems that are sorted now,) so hope to be visiting much more from now. Love the picture of Pippi. The stocking and cards are lovely.

  17. Your cards are beautiful Julie and the envelopes. Alec's Xmas stocking turned out wonderful. Happy New Year and happy creating. Hugs, Shirley

  18. Happy New Year fabulous crafty friend. I'm so glad that you're going to happily muss up that tidy modern minimalist life with your special talents. Bet Alec loved all his paper & the joy of the day. Love all the cards & stockings & wrapping. Tying the walloper parcels with string is a great idea...I find that cellotape isn't very fond of wallpaper & it's not quite the right look with long strips of the stuff all over the place.
    What a perfect card you found to share with the little stitching lass. Much love & friendship for a happy, creative year, Catherine x0x0x


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