Thursday, December 17, 2015

Last Orders . . . . & Lovely Mail

Greetings dear friends & readers,
I have finally finished the last of my orders for the year (phew!!)

Maria came down from Auckland to visit the Cottage with her Mum.
She requested a golly for a baby girl in pinks & burgundy tonings ... when I asked about the size she would like she just sort of held her hands apart & went "about this big"
As I was unsure exactly what she was visualising I decided to make up two different patterns & let Maria choose

The first golly I made was the pattern Baby Annie from Angels in Disguise
She is 12 inches in length, quite a simple golly with moveable arms & legs & woollen hair

The second girl I made was my old favourite, "Isabella" from the Lil Blokes pattern by Lyn Hyland
Isabella is a slighty more complicated pattern with a pieced head, painted face & fur hair

I really love this girl & have made her several times before ..... I think the little shoes & socks she wears just finish her off nicely.
Both girls got a small teddy to hold as we can't have them getting lonely with no toys to play with can we??!!
Isabella & Baby Annie are on their way to Auckland as I type this & Maria is going to chose her golly ... the remaining one will be put in the Cottage as my Gollies are rather depleted at the moment.

Claire came out & asked me if I would be making any more of my "fat legless angels" this christmas?
I could not for the life of me think what she meant & spent many hours racking my brain ... thinking she surely has me confused with someone else's craft?
Finally Claire bought one out to show me .... Oh of course ...

Matryoshka Angels from the book Gift by Rosalie Quinlan ... Claire requested them in vintagey pastels so I used some of my Tilda scraps & made up two for her to choose from.
Now all I have left to stitch (before christmas) is a stocking for my grandson Alec

I have been lucky enough to receive some lovely mail recently
Firstly - all the way from the United States - from my lovely, kind, thoughtful friend Amy from my vintage marketplace

... this gorgeous Prim Pouch arrived totally out of the blue !!
I was just so speechless ... Amy wrote in her letter that she felt it would look wonderful filled with some of my drieds hanging up somewhere
I am looking forward to saving & drying some seed heads & pods to fill it with
I have long been a fan of Amy's work - she makes the most amazing gypsy pouches, bags & other creations
Thank You so much dear Amy ... 

And the second lovely mail I received recently .... my mail lady drove in & handed me a box out of her van

"Inside this box is a tree" I informed her
"Oh yes, I'm sure" she replied, whilst giving me *that look* as if to say "finally Julie, you've lost your marbles"
My  dear friend Catherine & I had been corresponding about lilac trees & she offered to send me one she had dug up whilst out on her garden-fairy rounds
I have forgotten to photograph it today but it is residing quite happily in the rose garden
Thank you so much my dear Catherine

The 3rd package that arrived was an order of stickers & notepads from Vistaprint 
Little Miss Pippi - who decided all this christmas mail was rather boring - was more interested in the box than anything else
I put this little collage together of her attempting to squeeze herself in the box for a wee nap

My Mum is not coming up this christmas & has announced she does not wish to exchange gifts this year either
I decided I would still like to send her a "little something" but what to give your 87 year old Mum who has pretty much everything she wants ???
At the beginning of the month I made up Jenny's Christmas Tea Recipe so I decorated some jars to fill with my tea mixture
I thought this was such a wonderful idea when I first saw it on Jenny's elephantz blog

I decided to send Mum a jar of Christmas Tea & the latest House & Garden magazine so she could relax, enjoy a cuppa & a leisurely read

I also found time to do a little christmas decorating this past week
The wooden angel wings (below right) are the only new purchase I have treated myself to this christmas

The tree is up now & I have dotted a few christmassy bits & bobs around to add some festive cheer

Little Miss Pippi found herself a "new friend" early this morning - I had my camera handy as she trotted along after her new friend for a good half hour or so ...
.  .  .  most fascinated indeed with her prickly new friend .  .  .

And as for Blackie . . . I had left some stackable office chairs out from my last group & when I finally went to put them away, found Blackie sprawled out using them as a couch - looking as though he had consumed a little too much christmas cheer

Note the leg facing downwards today Willie??  Needless to say the chairs are still sitting on the deck !!!
I hope the lead-up to christmas is treating you kindly dear friends?
It can be a busy, stressful time of year for many folk

Thank you so much for visiting today
Remember to be kind to yourself .... & always keep some chocolate on hand !!!!
with much love & friendship to you all,
Julie, Pippi, Blackie (& Pippi's new friend Harry the Hedgehog)


  1. Hi Julie omg those gollies are adorable ,oh I do love all the things you make my friend,and your home looks amazing,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  2. Lovely post Julie. BOTH Gollies are fabulous, which one did Maria Choose? Isabella looks so sweet with her lacy socks. Cute pouches, looks like a part of a vintage quilt on one?A lovely surprise for you. Nice to see some of your Christmasy bits and bobs out, a few look familiar :-) Pippi........surely you would like to play with the stickers and note pads rather than the box??The tree arriving in the mail reminded me of years ago a friend arrived to stay (she lived four hours away) and in a Girl Guide Biscuit box was a live Rooster for me, given from another friend for delivery!! At least the Rooster wasn't posted!!

  3. Both Gollies are gorgeous....sooo cute. Love Isabella and her shoes. You can take a deep breath now with all those beautiful projects done. I love your decorating too x

  4. what a lovely christmassy post. As you know, I am not one for ornaments but the gollies are absolutely the exception, their faces are so pretty and their hair so soft - I love them - you have made them so beautifully ... I can just imagine one tucked into my own pillow! I do hope they go to a very loving home! I always feel inspired to go and create when I read your posts, you are very inspirational - have you thought of holding some craft workshops for your ladies that visit - where they could buy the materials/kits to make some simple things themselves and pay for a class in 'how to' - just a thought that it might generate some income. I love the snap of Pippi with his new friend! Betty

  5. HeHe! Wonderful...Think l've said before...
    I do love Gollies, still have one since l was
    five, missus it's afro..! I cut it off once
    and it never grew back! :).
    To start with, l thought it was Blackie, modelling
    the dresses..Bless him! Leg pointing down, well, it
    must be tiring with them up in the air all the time!
    Bless him!x
    And...Pippi!x We all know about pussy~cats and boxes.
    They'll try every thing they can to get in them! :).
    And...Her new found friend...Prickly situation there.
    Keep your eye on that relationship Julie..Don't want
    them running off together..HeHe! :>). get on..My daughter and hubby, are coming
    down tomorrow, bit of an early Christmas, as both are
    working..Christmas weekend. So, we've got a few days
    together this weekend. Got a nice haunch of venison
    for Sunday! Oh! Deer! Oh! Deer! :>).

    Just seven over here...second lemon tea coming up...
    back for another read...Oh! I'll send you an e~mail
    Julie...Show it to Pippi..Give her some idea, about
    boxes...not that she needs it! Bless!x

  6. Everything is wonderful! And oh how I needed that quote. Thank you. xxx

  7. I am in love with your Matroyshka Angels. Too, too adorable for words! Those gollys are sweet and the present for your mum is perfect. It is so tricky gifting presents to older people who seem to have everything. Your house is looking a treat with all your beautiful pretties. I love the reindeer.....did you stitch him?? Lucky you receiving those lovely gifts. I might have to swim over and 'borrow' those wooden wings....aren't they gorgeous. Oh to be a cat, they always seem to find the perfect place in which to cat nap. Blackie looks adorable stretched out languidly on those chairs. The quote is perfect, though I would much rather a cup of tea with my chocolate. =)

  8. love your gollies, used to have a knitted one when i was young, wonder if there is a pattern...
    Pippi & Blackie are so adorably cute! didn't know there were hedgehogs in New Zealand?
    all your decorations are very beautiful & inspiring
    hope the new tree does well too
    thanx for sharing

  9. Just the tonic I needed to cheer my day... every home needs a fat legless angel, that made me laugh.
    Glad you got it all finished, I had to give in to a bug and admit defeat.
    Sending festive cheer and lots of virtual chocolate. xx

  10. Julie what a wonderful post thank you. I just love a golly and yours are beautiful and yes I love Jenny's blog to. The candy canes in the mouse stocking are made from pipe cleaners with red wool wrapped round and a spot of glue each end to secure the wool.xx

  11. The Gollies are super! Their faces are so full of expression- wonder which one she chose. By the way if one of the angels - er...fat legless angels is left - I would love to purchase it and give it a home. I'm guessing Pippi didn't get her nose too close in all that following! ouch! Blackie has so much the better idea - chill out big time - what's all the fuss!

    I think the magazine and tea idea is great. One year for two friends I just did a magazine subscription when they were on special. They got a mag each month and loved it. The present that kept on giving.

  12. Oh Julie I just love your Gollies, they are beautiful.Dear Miss Pippi and Blackie, they are so at home and safe in their wonderful environment. I hope your Mum enjoys the Xmas Tea. I too made those for gifts. Hope it tastes as good as it smells.Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  13. Julie you never cease to amaze me with everything you make and do! I bet your little grandsons stocking will be amazing!! A Lilac tree you say, I have wanted one for years, so well done you. Your cats are totally living the dream. I am sure your mum will love the tea and magazine, do say hello to her for me. I am on holiday now for 3 weeks so a trip over your way could be on the cards if you are going to be in residence.

  14. Love your gollies, Julie, I bet Maria has a hard time choosing between the two! It looks like you've been keeping the mail lady nice and busy, what lovely little pouches - they will look awesome filled with your garden loveliness and a nice idea for your Mum's gift...enough to let her know you care, very nice. Good little pussycats keeping you on your toes, hope they are leaving your decorating alone!!

  15. Hello dear Julie, I am glad the lilac has settled in. It should be just fine now. I read the other day that they should be pruned directly after I think I've rather missed the boat on that count. Might trim off all next years flowers if I do it now.
    Dear little fat leg-less angels. Love the Tilda scraps you used...very pretty. So cute, Harry & Pippi. Ever inquisitive young cats aren't they.
    I really like your thoughtful idea for your mum's Christmas gift. The cover of The House & Garden looks inviting. An excellent little "note to self "...been my motto for a long time now: just do the next thing in front of you. Works pretty well most of the time. That sounds like a nice gentle decent to Christmas just having the one wee stocking to stitch. Much love & Merry Christmas my dear friend, Catherine x0x0x

  16. What a fun post, Julie. haha! Blackie is too much.


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