Monday, June 11, 2018

Chasing My Tail !!!

Monday Greetings dear friends & readers,
A bright shiny new week & a shiny new month!

It has very much felt like I have been "chasing my tail" for most of last month & this one too!
Blog posts have been few & far between & time slips by in the blink of an eye!
I decided to just do a photo upload & try to pop a few words in here & there

With my dear friend Leeanne coming for the long weekend, it was the perfect chance to try out a new recipe
Scroggin Slice turned out to be divine!
*Here is the link to the recipe I used*

Photographing really dark today for some reason
Last year Leeanne very kindly gifted me a length of pretty pale blue fabric with pink roses on ... it reminded me of Cath Kidston fabric.
I had a blind made up for my sewing room & then decided to make a simple runner for the chest of drawers in there.
I wanted to practise some of the quilting skills I had learn't in this post
I also wanted to add a simple lace peeper to the edges while binding it, & having Leeanne here was the perfect opportunity to get some assistance with this

I am so thrilled with my runner & although I still have a very long way to go with my quilting, I was really happy 
with the end result.

On the morning of Leeanne's arrival, Pippi & Blackie rather kindly bought a mouse into the house & released it!!
After spending over an hour trying to catch it, I gave up & set some traps.

I was relieved to catch it the 2nd night but still cross with Madam Pippi .... she reminds me of a small naughty child .... when you see them sleeping you can (almost) forgive them anything!

When my friend Sally purchased the two slipper chairs in this post she also acquired a large squab covered 
in the same fabric.
I made up two rectangular cushions for each of our chairs using the Sanderson fabric.  

While delivering Sally her cushion I admired these two vintage needlepoint pictures leaning against 
the wall in her hallway.
Sally VERY kindly gifted the two pictures to me!!
I am still undecided about where to hang them but am having alot of fun deciding!!

Over the weekend I stood in my kitchen & made another batch of soy candles in vintage containers ... these ones are Lime, Basil & Mandarin ... they smelt beautiful!

I also baked more slices as it was my turn to host the craft ladies here today
I made another batch of Scroggin Slice as well as a Citrus Slice as our citrus trees are laden with fruit at the moment.

There were only 5 of us today so we made simple felt sewing machine decorations .... a pattern by betz white

We all drooled over Maureen's felt needlecase - a Holly Hobbie design she had embroidered & made herself.

To give the ladies "a challenge" for next month I had been collecting tins in various shapes & sizes 

They were all to take one (or more) & do something creative with it before next months meeting.
I look forward to sharing the results with you dear readers.

Well its rainy & icy cold here today, so these two have already retired for the night!
Have a wonderful week dear friends, where ever in the world you may be.
Thanks so much for stopping by today,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment dear readers.

  2. You have been very busy. That scroggin slice looks so yummmmmmmmy. I am pleased I wasn’t at your place with a mouse on the loose

  3. Yes, I've been hearing how cold it is over your way!!Lovely post as always Julie.x

  4. Hi Julie you sure have been busy you do such beautiful work,your baking looks so yummy,hope you have a wonderful week my friend xx

  5. HeHe! Your picking bad habits up from the furry
    ones Julie...'chasing your tail'...! :).
    And, as you know, they bring you mice, birds, etc
    to say thankyou, and because they love you..Bless!xx

    I've just got back from town, don't have any Scroggin
    Slice, but l do have some Almond Slice, so that's the
    next thing after this comment, with a lemon tea of
    course..! :).

    I had to laugh..l only know a Squab as young unfledged
    pigeon...until l Googled can also be a well-stuffed
    bolster or cushion....Silly Willie..! :0). HeHe!
    The slipper chair looks the material it's
    covered in..Very characteristic!

    I've just had a good clear out of the Welsh Dresser...
    Given a load of stuff to the charity shop..but l did
    find some Charles/Diana coffee mugs, which l've given
    to a lady who makes various types of candles..there's
    a craft fair every 2nd..4th Friday of the month, in
    The Shambles in town..! She was very pleased with the
    mugs! :).

    Thankyou...Another photo for my pussy~cat folder..HeHe!
    Bless! Lots of (((Hugs))) XX's Bless their furry paws..!

  6. How nice it must have been to have that beautiful lady from the winterless north down to stay!! Your baking is always so nice and I bet the scroggin was delish. I know how you feel about how fast the months are flying by, too fast I think. Look at those cats in the basket, too cute!!

  7. Beautiful quilting, your runner looks wonderful. Lots of lovely projedts and happenings at your place Julie. Nice to have a friend to stay.....despite the kitty cat gift lol!

  8. Those two needlepoints are lovely; how wonderful to be gifted them. Lots of delicious baking in this post, Julie. That is a pretty runner and what a wonderful idea to make candles out of pretty tea cups. Have a lovely week, dear Julie. It's cold and wet here too. Me thinks good weather for a little stitching or knitting.

  9. You have been keeping out of mischief Julie with all your crafting, baking and social time :-) Your runner looks gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what the ladies create with the tin cans!! Stay warm!

  10. I’d never heard of scroggin slice, it looks delicious. So many lovely things to feast my eyes on, lovely stitching and yummy bakes xx

    1. Thanks Cheryl .... the scroggin slice is indeed delicious! I hope you have better willpower than me though as it went rather quickly in my house!

  11. Your runner & roman blind look amazing! I love your touch of lace. That scroggin was dreamy yummy. I hope those cats do not bring anymore mice in the house.

  12. P.S meant at say the sewing machines look great, looking forward to seeing what you all create with the tins.

  13. You've been busy. Love the runner & those slice look so yummy. As always you beautiful furbabies have given me a smile. :) Love the little felt machines & can't wait to see what you all make out of the cans. Hugs,xx

  14. Hi ya Julie, omg I put on a few pounds just looking at your delicious baking, no fair Julie, I'm on a diet. The cross stitch frames are wonderful, and your quilting is looking fabulous. Oh I know what I would make with one of your cans, a lovely sunflower on a stick with a sunflower seed packet on the can, think it is a pattern by SweetMeadowsFarm, she has a daisy one as well, look her up on etsy. I adore your little sewing machines. Have a great week, stay warm, Chris xoxo

  15. I love a photo dump post - it truly shows what's been going on in your life. So many lovely things...I've printed off the Scroggin Slice recipe and just love your kitties! Our Bonnie (RIP) used to bring mice into our car garage and bang against the door. More than once, I nearly had mice inside this way! They are so proud of their efforts!
    I'll be interested to see what the ladies do with their cans and loved seeing all your crafts. So clever!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  16. Hi Julie, Loved reading your post. Are you sure Madam Pippi is guilty? haha Love your table runner and you did a super job on quilting. I am not that far along on machine quilting as have only done quilt in the ditch. I am looking forward to what the ladies make with those cans! You must belong to a very creative group! So nice of your friend to gift you those pictures. I love those little sewing ornaments. Was that a pattern you buy or on pinterest or free online somewhere? It is so sweet how your two cats cuddle up like that! Nancy

  17. Could I please just put an order in for a basket of cats?

    1. Sally...Get in the queue....! :o).
      *:・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=)*:・゚✧

  18. Another post filled with creative goodies!
    Your quilting looks really good to me.
    The slices sound very yummy, and all of the stitched pieces leave me smiling.
    Very eager to see what becomes of the tins.

  19. Poppy did that too with a mouse. How frustrating. I would much rather that it was dead so that I could get rid of it.

    Love your two angels napping away together - a sure sign on winter.

  20. Your runner looks wonderful Julie,well done on the quilting. Lovely for you and Leeanne to have a get together. I bet your kitchen smelt wonderful from the candle making. Those cats keep you busy don't they!! Great picture of the two in the basket. Looking forward to seeing what the tins are turned into. Keep warm.

  21. The quilting on your runner looks wonderful Julie. I printed off the Scroggin slice recipe, it looked really nice.It will be interesting to see the finished results of those tins.

  22. I've just found your blog on Meanqueens (Ilona) and was looking at the felt sewing machine ornaments. They are so cute although all of your crafts are very nice and very well done. I was wondering where you got the little spools of thread or if they were made from something? I'm not sure that I will actually attempt to steal ;) this idea from you, as I don't do many crafts anymore, but I might attempt a couple just for gifts. You have a lovely blog and I intend to read all previous posts as well. Love your kitties also - so sweet. Ranee (MN) USA

    1. Hello Ranee ..... I hope you come back to this post & read my reply as you have come up as a "no reply blogger" so I can't email you. In my town we have Variety Stores ... sort of like emporium shops & they stock all kinds of bits & bobs. You can often find the small wooden spools there in the craft department. Also I have purchased them before from ali express. Are you familiar with this online store in China? Just google aliexpress & it will come up straight away. Have fun if you do decide to make the ornaments. Thanks for stopping by. Julie Xx

    2. Thank you for the information. We have Hobby Lobby and Michaels retail craft stores and yes, there are several online places to shop. Thank you for the information. I couldn't tell if the tiny spools were ready made or if made from something. I am enjoying your blog - you are very talented and your items are very well made. Ranee

    3. Oh I am so glad you found my reply okay Ranee. thanks for letting me know ... I hope you get to make the little sewing machine ornaments. Thanks for your lovely comments. Julie Xx


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