Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Sewing Day

Wintery Wednesday Greetings dear friends & readers

This time exactly a week ago - for the first time since I closed my Craft Cottage - I had a sewing day!
How wonderful it was!!

To me ... a sewing day is when you find yourself in the sewing room really early in the day 
 You choose to do nothing else in the house except the dishes (sometimes) ... you don't have to be anywhere  
or do anything for anyone else!
All you have to do is create ..........  & feed yourself!!
These days for me are few & far between!

My dear friend Leeanne had given me a small pile of linen items last year to use in my sewing as they were superfluous to her requirements.
Amongst the items was this long wrap around bistro apron ...  made of raw linen with these words embroidered 
on the pocket -

Claire Wilson's Country Kitchen
for all culinary purposes
Original Forest County Pottery
Est 1873

For reasons I have no idea of  .... I decided it had a certain french flair to it.
So I decided to sew it up into a large square cushion with a buttoned back

I had some large wooden french style buttons that were perfect for the back closure
Well the Eiffel Tower is quite definately French !!
I stuffed it with an oversized inner & then - because of the french feel - I tucked a bunch of my dried lavender 
into the pocket

Simple & unfussy but effective

I was late picking my lavender this year .... late February in fact.
I plonked it on my outside basin & then never quite got back to it ... when the wetter weather came along it got moved up to my deck table.
Early last week winds blew it every which where, so I gathered it up, sat by the fire & rubbed the stalks into a brown paper bag while Sid slept.

From the remnants of the apron I decided to make some lavendar hearts .... I machine embroidered the words "Joy", "Peace" & " I πŸ’— Home" onto pieces of the raw linen before sewing up my lavender filled hearts.

I managed to get 12 hearts from the leftover scraps - I attached a vintage button & some linen thread to hang them.
I am having a stall at my local Christmas Craft Fair this November - as I do most years - so these items will be good stock for my stall.

After lunch I sat by the fire & finished off these felt sewing machines - this is a pattern by Betz White .... the same one we made last week at our craft group get-together
I already had 3 completed but was able to finish off another 5 .... again these will be for my November stall.

Earlier in the week I managed to finish off a birthday gift for a special friend & send it on its merry way to the far North.
Two more covered coat hangers & a soy candle made in a vintage enamel basin that was tucked away in the back of my sewing cupboard
The Black Rose is a new fragrance & smelt rather beautiful!
This coathanger below was made from a vintage pillowslip - I used the embroidered edge to cover the coathanger as it was so pretty, then added some gathered lace & trim

I made up a small square lavender bag & tied this to the top using the leftover pillowcase fabric .... just a little embellishment  πŸ’

Well dear friends, winter is really making its presence felt here in my little corner of the world

Everyday I am thankful for the fire & how it warms the house.
I hope you find some time in your week to do the things that bring you pleasure.
Thanks so much for stopping by today .... keep warm or cool where ever you are
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Thanks so much for your visit today dear readers. I do wish Google would sort themselves out!!

  2. Hi Julie wow you are amazing with your recycling,i love seeing what you make. Well done my friend on your beautiful work,i love lavender too and have quite a few plants at home ,hope you have an awesome day my friend xx

  3. Hi Julie, yes we are having a couple of cold mornings here in Melbourne, don't mind it cold when we have a lovely day to follow, but by 5pm it starts to get cold again. Which type of lavender do you have? Think I have one bush of the French lavender. Love what you did with the hearts, and that cushion is so nice, would die for those buttons.
    The rabbit on your simply vintage mag is adorable. I have a few patterns for rabbits, but never got around to making any. Stay warm Julie. Chris xoxo

  4. I'm freezing here in southern Queensland. I would dearly love a wood fire to sit beside. 😊😊. Love seeing what beautiful goodies you've been making. Sadly my lavender died but i'm hoping to get more to grow. Hug, xx

  5. Hi Julie what a wonderful,creative time you have had. I just adore your cushion. I remember what it was like to have those wonderful sewing days. My hub. Off to work, the children left for a day at school and being able to make pretty dresses for the girls. I would have the radio on and all was bliss. Xxx

  6. Firstly l must say l do like the apron you turned into
    a cushion with a pocket Julie..I thought..what a good
    idea, one of those on the settee, idea to keep a few
    sandwich's in during a commercial break! :).
    (only joking).

    And the lavender..I've a few bags about the place, mostly
    in the wardrobe, and tucked away in the smell
    of it..don't know anyone who does'nt..! :).

    I've had to turn my hand to a bit of sewing this week, nothing
    serious, l put on a brand new quilt set, (no guessing the colour)
    on the bed last weekend, on Tuesday, fluffing up the pillows, the
    stitching had come undone ALL down one side of the pillow..shoddy
    workmanship no, when l got back from town, it had to
    be put right...half hour..job done! :).

    I'm going back to the previous post Julie...I have to have my
    'furry' fix...HeHe! Though can l see Miss Pippi behind the
    Christmas tree...Christmas tree...Christmas..! Oh! No!
    Now! Where did l put those nuts...! :o). *:・゚✧(=✪ α†Ί ✪=)*:・゚✧

    1. Oh! Sorry..just reread this..
      It's the pillow cover..the pillow
      case that became unstitched, not the
      pillow! :).

  7. Holy heck girl you are so talented! The things you make........who would have thought that apron could look so great as a cushion?! I can honestly say the candle does smell divine...waiting for a special time to light it:-) I feel like this blog post is all about the goodies you made for me? I love the coat hangers too pretty to be stuffed under some crusty old jacket though, they are on full display is where they are. Happy hugs and thanks xxx

  8. What a wonderfully creative day you had - it is so rare to have a whole day to devote to craft. Glad you enjoyed it. I live in England and my lavender ( Hidcote) is ready to pick now.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Penny. Yes it is indeed rare to have a whole day to craft away merrily. So pleasurable though ... I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it & how much you can achieve. Hidcote is a very lovely lavendar - my friend grows it here. Thanks again Penny Xx

  9. Fabulous post as always. I'm always so pleased when your blog pops up on my feed. I love everything you make, you really do have a talent for making beautiful craft items. Can you let us all know where your stall will be in November and what date please. I'm travelling to NZ in November and would love to drop by your Fair and make a few purchases, if I'm anywhere near.

  10. There is nothing better than hiding oneself in the sewing room from early morning to late in the day, is there. You have imagined the most beautiful of pretties, Julie. Hiding away in your sewing room agrees with you.The linen cushion is gorgeous. I love the french flavour of it and how heavenly it must smell with the lavender resting in the pocket. Love those hearts and your coat hangers are so pretty. You have a good head start for your stall in November. I am so with you re cozy fires in Winter. There is nothing better than sitting in front of a fire on these chilly days and enjoying a little stitching or knitting.

  11. I Julie and the Furbabies, I love reading your blog and admiring all the things you do! Getting ideas for ideas I will never get done! LOL You are so talented. I never would have thought about making a pillow out of that apron but I love it. And the little lavender in the pocket is just the right touch. I picked my lavender yesterday but don't have near as much. The hangers are beautiful and the little sachets attached to the top are just the right touch. Can't wait to see what you create next! Nancy and my furbaby Coco

  12. Wo derful to have a day sewing and ignoring everything else that needs doing Julie. Love what you have made, the cushion is a great idea, the lavender in the pocket will make it smell beautiful. The coathangers are lovely too. You are well on the way to having lots of wonderful things for your November stall. Best olace kn a winters afternoon is by the fire.

  13. I love the french style buttons you've used on the backs of the cushions, they are lovely! How nice to have a sewing day. I have just finished giving my little craft shelves a good clean out so I hope to spend time over the weekend making something with the things I unearthed! Meg:)

  14. So many beautiful finishes, Julie. I keep saying to myself "I'm going to do some sewing today" but somehow it never seems to happen. I have to be stronger and just forget all the housey things I have to do and get into my sewing room.

  15. Another creative infusion from my favorite crafter. Your brain has gears mine doesn't know exist. What you can come up with always boggles my mind!
    IMHO, Hidcote is the deepest, prettiest lavender.

  16. Hello amazing maker! Wow! Isn't linen lovely? I want more of it.
    You are a whiz and a quick producer, so I am happy to hear that the "set up" has to be right and the whole day is necessary. That's when I really get in the mood, too.
    Sending heaps of love your way!

  17. You have achieved masses! you never stop! I love the linen cushion (and with my ocd tendency it is something I would justify in the house as it's useful as well as beautiful) so well made and the little lavender bunch to top it off. Hope you are warm and cosy, we are heading for a heatwave in the UK, I was lying on the beach today sunbathing (sorry!).

  18. It is always such a pleasure to pop into your neck of the woods Julie. Beautiful it all. Stay warm xx

  19. You have been busy. Love everything you make, but I particularly love the cushions and hearts

  20. wish i could sew! love your little lavender heart sachets
    lovely post (&caught up with a few others too)
    thanx for sharing


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