Sunday, July 8, 2018

Tin Cans & Tilda (Catch Up #1)

Greetings dear friends & readers
Welcome to a bright shiny new week AND a shiny new month!

Though I have been tardy in my blogging of late, I have definately not been idle. 
 I have been busy creating & taking photos as I go so there is lots to share with you.
However in order not to be too photo heavy I have decided to schedule a series of "catch up posts" for this week ... today is Catch Up #1  😊

When I wrote about presenting the Craft Group Ladies with a basket of tins to create with ... I saved what was left over for myself

From the bottom of the basket I removed 3 small catfood tins
I knew in my storage cupboard I already had the wooden mug trees above (50c each from the Op Shop) 
along with the old tin baking dishes, also an Op Shop find

I disassembled the mug trees outside & cut them down to size, then with the Mr's help, I screwed the baking tins to the top along with the cat food tins in the centre - see photo below

Once I had them together I painted them, but half way through I found it was far easier to unscrew them 
to get a good covering, particularly in the top part
(all my paint was just using up leftover chalk & test pot paint)

Before screwing them back together again I traced a cardboard shape for my cake tin base, added wadding 
& covered it in Tilda fabric, glued lace to the outer edge, then hot glued this into my base.
Once I screwed the catfood tin back in again it gave it a nice padded effect.  

I filled the catfood tins in the centre with wadding & added lace trim before gathering a large circle of Tilda fabric 
& gluing this into my tin 

Voila ...... a pincushion !!   (or three)

I embellished with some wood cutouts, ribbon & key charms.

I can't choose a favourite colour ..... is there any particular one you prefer I wonder??

These are going to be stock for my Christmas Craft Stall.

I knew July was going to be busy for me so I kept going with my "tin can creativity" while I was on a roll

I took the last remaining condensed milk tin & filled it with some oasis scraps I had on hand ...... then I covered the tin with some scrapbooking paper, also in my stash

I fashioned 12 petals from Tilda fabrics & hot glued them to a barbeque skewer to make a flower 

When I decided to add 2 leaves, they wouldn't sit upright so I painted them with a PVA & water mixture, which gave me the desired effect
I poked my skewer into the oasis then glued some sphagnum moss to cover this.

I really like this pretty Tilda flower & hope to make some more for my stall.

The Electrician came & (finally) fixed the broken light fitting in my sewing room ... Oh how wonderful it is to use the light again!!
I wanted a new lightshade but the Mr assured me there was no money in the budget for this!!

I knew I had this old shade in my sleepout - another Op Shop treasure - so I bought it inside & removed the tatty, torn fabric off the sides .... well to be honest the fabric more or less fell off all by itself !!

I wound some pretty fabric around the frame of the shade & then glued a beaded trim to the bottom that I already had in my stash.
I LoVe this simple but effective lightshade So much !!!  ❤

Lastly dear friends, I stitched an Order for my friend Sandy.
She wanted Hottie Covers for her grandchildren with their names appliqued on. 
Sandy was delighted when she collected them & they are winging their way South to colder climates!

Thanks for staying with me through this lengthy post dear friends,
I shall be back in a couple of days with Catch Up #2   😊
I shall also get around to visiting you all at your blogs at long last.
Take care of yourselves & have a lovely week ahead,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. You have worked hard, the hottie covers are really lovely. I like your lampshade, it's really effective! Looking forward to catch up 2.

  2. Well...l am simply lost for words Julie..
    What you've done with those pussy~cat
    tins is amazing..I hope your not forcing
    cat food down the furry ones throats, just
    to get empty cans..HeHe! After all..seems
    you made quite a few...AND..AND..I've looked
    behind everything, even behind my own PC....
    I can't see any pussy~tats..! :(.

    And..You've certainly shed some light on that
    old shade...At least you'll get the full benefit
    of full light...! :). is still very..very hot over here, hose
    pipe ban in most places already, there advising
    the elderly to remain indoors, or at least in the
    shade between the hours of 11~4...the heat is
    unbearable..worst for us tall ones, l'm 6ft 3in,
    so l'm closer to the sun than most..HeHe! Phew! :).

    Must get on..bathroom nice and early before it gets
    to hot, breakfast out on the patio..Sunday visit to
    the supermarket a little later...
    HeHe! Hopefully see Blackie and Miss Pippi next time,
    and, hopefully not over weight with ALL that cat food..!
    Bless!xx (ミචᆽචミ)

  3. You're so clever Julie. I think you should have all these ideas written down for a future book publishing!!!My fav pincushion is the green one, though they're all pretty. Ingenious lampshade!!xx

  4. They have to be the most unusual,creative and lovely things you have made Julie. You never cease to amaze me. Will look forward to your other posts. xxx

  5. You are really clever and so creative with repurposing tins and things. I love the hot water bottle covers too, I must make something similar for we all have hot water bottles here for Winter. I will have to have a look at the op-shop for any old blankets for their woolly fabric. Meg:)

  6. I like your ideas, thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful hottie covers Julie, they will be much loved!! Wow the cat food tin conversion is incredible, I like them all, it is hard to choose a favourite..if I was pushed I would go blue 😆. Well done with the light shade, you will get beautiful rainbows with the crystal shapes. The little flower is very cute, they will sell well on your market stall.

  8. Wow! Cat food tins become fashion item! You are so clever! Love them. Love the hottie covers as well. I have been so busy at work of late that I haven't been looking at social media much. I have just caught up with your last six posts. It's been fun reading them. Hannah is having more good days with some natural products we are trialing. You really write such fun blog posts - I have missed looking and reading peoples blogs lately. Looking forward to the next catch up posts and more eye candy photo love!

  9. Julie such a clever use of things that others would just discard. You have an great eye for creating such treasures.

    Keep warm and toasty.

    Julie Q

  10. Cat tins!! Who would have thunk it!! Your pin cushions are fabulous, Julie! They will be best sellers. Cute flower pots; they too will fly of the stall. Those hot water bottle covers are adorable and look so cosy and warm. July already....soon it will be Christmas....yikes!! Have a fabulous week, lovely lady!

  11. As always.......SEW creative! I bought one of your lovely pin cushion stands a few years back, very handy next to my machine and it looks great! Cosy hottie covers. Nice to see you now have a pretty light in your sewing room. Looking forward to your next post......:-)

  12. Wow Julie. Just love those pincushions. What a fabulous idea. Love the flowerpot & cosies too. The lightshade looks wonderful. Look forward to your next post.

  13. Hi Julie, wow you have been busy. Love your pin cushion stands, just love the way you come up with ideas. I have been longing to make a pin cushion, the stand it sits on is just gorgeous but not in my budget, you have helped me to think outside the box, Thankyou.
    Love your blog & look forward to seeing what you come up with next.
    Take care Julie xxx

  14. wow the pin cushion stands look great, how do you get the smell out of the tins? The flower is lovely, as are the hot water bottle cover, they bring back memories, but never had beautiful covers on ours, think mum would wrap them in a towel:-) Snazy beading on the shade. Stay warm Julie, look forward to catch up #2. Chris xoxo

  15. Hi Julie, wow you have been busy, not just this post but I have been catching up on your blog.. You are a very talented lady!. I just love the pin cushions, my fave would be the sage green one, but then I like the red and white one too... I love the tilda flower and the hotty bags are so cute! And of course the lamp shade is very elegant. Looking forward to No 2.


  16. wow love the tin creations, sorry, can't pick just one, they're all adorable! you are so clever!
    what did the other ladies make?
    great post, can't wait for the next catch up!
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina. We haven't had our next get-together/meeting yet so I don't know what the other ladies made ... however I shall definately take photos & share it with you all as I am keen to see their ideas myself. Thanks again Xx

  17. Hi Julie!,Ive just found your blog from your comment on Ilona,Mean Queens post.I read Ilonas every day and now I will be looking for yours aswell!.You make some lovely stuff and later I will read some of your past post.Best Wishes,Debi.xx

    1. Hi Debi, Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me your lovely comment. I appreciate it so much. I hope you do get some enjoyment from my blog ... I am trying to post more often but sometimes - life just gets in the way! Happy Week to you Debi. Julie Xx

  18. LOVE those gorgeous pin cushions Julie. Very cute hottie covers....always a treat to pop by and admire your wonderful creations xx

  19. When I saw that assembly of tin cans and mug holders, I couldn't imagine what you could do to make them attractive. I should never have doubted you, Julie. Those pincushions are gorgeous!
    And what a clever, pretty lightshade!
    Very cute Hottie Covers. :)

  20. I think you know how to do absolutely everything, Julie! I applaud you! Such beauty! I hope you are staying warm and that the furry ones are happy.

  21. Hi Julie, I love looking at your blog with all the wonderful things that you create. Thank you sharing!Those Pincushions are adorable. I Think I like the middle one with the lace best. I like the lampshade you created too. So cleaver. What are Hottie Covers? Looking forward to your next ones! Nancy

  22. Fabulous ideas! Looking forward to viewing more of your wonderful projects. Thank you for sharing love those cute little pincushion.


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