Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A Chair for Sid

Greetings dear friends & readers from a wet wintery Waikato!

Last week I spent about half an hour out in my woodshed seaching for a bag of pinecones I was sure were out there.
I did not manage to find the pinecones but I did come across this wee wooden childs chair

Now even though I currently have a gazillion things on my "to do list" - I decided then & there I wanted to 
revamp this chair for Sid, my youngest grandson. 

I took it outside to the wintery sun & gave it a good scrub & a bit of a scrape down where it had originally 
been varnished.
It was a good solid wooden chair, built really strongly.

When painting in winter it always pays to warm the wood up first - makes for a better paint application!
I decided to stay with a black/white colour theme in keeping with the decor in Sid's home.
I purchased 2 Resene Testpots ... Wan White & Just Black
The black went on really easily & covered well ... I had some issues when I masked the black to do the white rungs 
& the masking tape removed some of my black paint 😖

Lots Some touching up was required ... I was pleased with the end result however!
Now ....  I needed a small cushion for the seat part!

This fabric in my local Patchwork Shop was just perfect as Sid is very much into farm animals & especially Cows!
Also it was the exact colourway, so I purchased a fat 1/4

It didn't take long to run up a small padded cushion which can easily be removed if desired.

I took the chair around last night to show Sid & his parents ... this photo came through later in the evening which just made me smile so much!
My dear little grandson was delighted with his new (upcycled) chair 😊

There has also been some more coathanger covering going on here at Threadbear

I covered another 4 coathangers with some vintage wool blanket scraps & embellished them with crochet 
bits & bobs from my stash
These ones (& the two below) will be used as stock for my Christmas Stall
I have never sold these before so am hoping they are well received.

The top one above is an upcycled vintage embroidered pillowslip & the one below is from a vintage tablecloth ... the other edge was stained & torn but this edge was in immaculate condition

I like to sew up a little lavender bag & attach to these dainty ones

I have been continuing on with knitting the Pot Scrubby's that I wrote about in this post
It states that one ball of Wash Knit Yarn makes 4 scrubby's so I am hoping this is accurate

These are made from a free pattern available * here *

Well dear friends, time to fill the wood basket again!
It is a wet & wild day here at Threadbear HQ & a certain little madam fairy is tucked up on the couch .  .  .  .
.  .  .  .  while Blackie has prime position by the fire & is currently wondering if I can manage to keep 
putting wood on without disturbing him too much!!

I hope you are keeping warm or cool where-ever you might be?
Thanks so much for stopping by to "visit me" here today,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. When l was small l had a high chair, a wooden one,
    quite heavy to, and when you lifted the table bit
    over my head, you had to be a bit careful not to
    hit my head with it! oooops! Sorry! :).
    Mia Mama kept this high chair, so when my daughter
    needed one, it had a new lease of life, l did'nt
    need to do to much to it, just sand it down, coat
    of clear varnish, good as new..so, when she out grew
    it, l decided to saw the bottom bit off..and leave the
    top as a small chair, also removing the overhead table!
    HeHe! Getting the length of the legs right was a bit of
    a hit and miss, but l got there...And! Guess what..?
    I still have said chair, upstairs here in my daughters old
    room...! :).
    And..What you've done to your chair Julie, is amazing, love
    it..and so does little Sid, l bet he'll treasure it ALL his
    life..he's a lucky little fella..Bless him! :).

    Oh! I had to chuckle..when l first saw the Wash Knit wool,
    l thought..Oh! Look..coloured scouring pads..HeHe! :).

    And as for the furry ones..what can one say, pussy~cats
    sleeping, especially in front a fire, is the best thing
    yet..so careful where yo put yer feet Julie..Bless!xx

    Well, l'm off for another lemon tea, tell little Sid,
    not to get to many biscuit crumbs on his new chair...!
    Though, thinking about it...you may have to make another
    one Julie...! /ᐠ・ᆽ・ᐟ \

    1. Oh! No! What a silly Willie....
      Just sat down with my second lemon tea..
      Having another read through...AND..the
      Wash Knit wool..is for making scouring
      pads.."Well l never did"..you live and learn,
      l've not heard of this at all...ever!
      Mind! You! Wonder what a pair of socks would look
      like....! :o).

    2. When are you coming to New Zealand 🇳🇿 Willie? I think you would love it.

    3. On my way...!!!!!! :).
      It's the only place l'd love to visit now..But, l'm
      afraid l'd have to rely on a lottery win...if l did,
      l'd pop over to see Pippi, Blackie..and Poppy of course,
      and, l'd say hello to their owners if there about...HeHe!
      The pussy~cats must come first of course..! Bless! :).

    4. Actually armchair travelling is a good and very comfortable way to do it.

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  3. The chair looks great. I love your two keeping warm - it has been rather chilly here too.

  4. oh, that chair is so cool. You have done a marvelous job and then the cushion finishes it off. No wonder Sid loves it! It is so cool!

  5. Sid's black and white looks fabulous. The cow fabric is a perfect choice. What a sweet photo of him sitting on it with that cheeky smile. Those coat hangers will fly off your Christmas stall. All of them are lovely. It's always nice to hang one's clothes on pretty covered coat hangers. Oh to be a cat and hang out in front of th fire all day.

  6. Love your renovated chair. Black and white is stunning, love the fabric and Sid looks delighted too.

  7. Love the chair, looks fabulous. Sid sure looks happy with his chair. The coat hangers are pretty. Smart kitties. :) Hugs,xx

  8. You work magic. That chair was just amazing. Your coat hangers so pretty. I am sure they will sell quickly.
    Do you watch junkaholic? It is put on by the sweetest girl who makes jewellery but has a delightful family and they go camping on the Isle of Wight a lot. Her most recent post was from Wales. Anyway just a thought. Xxx

  9. Hi Julie oh i love Sid's new chair and he looks very happy on it,also love all your beautiful work,well done my friend and i hope you have a wonderful week xx

  10. Hi Julie, what a wonderful job you have done on the chair for your Grandson x Love the pictures of your furry ones, love to you all xx

    1. Hi Maureen ... thanks for taking the time to leave your lovely comment. I was really thrilled with how the old chair turned out. Yes the furry ones are back in their baskets today as its cold & wet here again. Hope your week is going well Maureen ... thanks again Xxx

  11. So enjoyed reading your posts. Love what you have done with the chair. I have a project similar atm, trying to decide if l will repurposes or not. Have only sanded back so far. Love the vintage wool coat hanger covers.

    1. Hello Maddy ... thanks for your lovely comment. I was going to put the chair out in my sleepout in my "to do pile", but then I just sort of went ahead with it, thinking it would not be too tricky after all. I am so thrilled with it & had wanted to keep it for Sid til Christmas but could not wait to give it to him! Have a great week Maddy Xxx

  12. Such a fun chair for the little guy. He looks absolutely thrilled to have his own special chair from grandma!
    Such beautiful coat hanger covers. I especially like the ones from the vintage linens. They look like something special from which to hang a wedding dress.

  13. Hi Julie and the furry ones! That chair could not have turned out any more adorable and Sid is a cutie! Your hangers are so nice but I do love the fancy ones with lace as I do love lace. Those pot scrubbies look like a nice gift but I was wondering if that kind of yarn is hard to knit with? Stay warm with those adorable kitties. Nancy

  14. Hi Julie, the chair looks awesome, lucky Sid, love the colours, but then I am a Collingwood supporter in the AFL here in Australia hehehe. Looking forward to a little warmer weather this weekend after last weekends icy arctic blast we had. Love your coat hangers, take care Julie. Chris oxoxox.

  15. Oh Sids wee chair is adorable and his smile says it all. Love those pretty hangers....stay cosy over the ditch xx

  16. Oh Sids little chair is just gorgeous! How very special! I had my own little chair when I was little and I remember it with such fondness. Those cats look very content too - What a life eh? xx

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Emma. I am so pleased that Sid loved his chair, I think he will enjoy it more as he grows older too. Thats wonderful that you still remember your childhood chair. Yes those cats are completely spoilt rotten in this house! Happy Weekend to you Emma Xx

  17. You did a beautiful job on Sids chair Julie, he looks so happy sitting on it! The coat hangers are beautiful, I am sure they will sell and be much loved. Hope the weather has picked up a little for you, we are having a spring day here today. Hope Blackie wasn't too disturbed when you fixed up the fire!!

  18. You did a great job on the chair, it's beautiful.

  19. Oh my the look on your grandsons face is reward enough I think. So sweet! The chair turned out darling. I also have a whole list of things I want to do but when inspiration hits you just have to go with it. I love the covered hangers. I have one I bought years ago at a thrift shop but it's not as nice as yours. I hope they sell well. They should as pretty as they are. You make beautiful things Julie. It's always a delight to visit you. Wishing you a beautiful day! ♥
    xx Beca


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