Saturday, August 4, 2018

Home Again

Greetings dear friends & readers.
Another month has slipped on by & we have only one month of winter remaining before we welcome
 my favourite season - Spring!

I had a good trip down to Mum's but it is always lovely to be home again ... these two below missed me & as well as refusing to eat, fat blackie went missing for a day & a night while I was away

He has slept most of the time since my return, so I am guessing he covered a fair distance in his wanderings.

I had a large box of junk unwanted treasures in my car to deliver to one of the Op Shops in Mums town ... I knew Mum had a few things to add to this box.
These two items below were on the top of the box ... they were miniature clotheslines that had been for sale in my Cottage for a very long time.

Just prior to my journey I pulled them back out of the box as I had an idea for them 😉

I had this lovely Christmas panel in my stash so - upon my return home - I made each clothesline a simple hanging "quilt" from one of the squares in my panel
I tightened the strings & gave the wood a polish with a slightly darker oil - they came up well.
I attached my "quilt" with some festive pegs, then made 2 small buntings from hessian scraps & filled the cane baskets with greenery & pip berries.

I attached a wooden "flag" to each pole with a small brass nail.
I thought they turned out rather well & would look lovely adorning a small Christmas table.
Hopefully they will sell at my craft stall.

Just prior to my trip away, I put the finishing touches on another (condensed milk tin) flower
You can read about my first attempt at these flowers * here *

This one was made in some pretty Tilda fabrics in green/blue tonings 

I now have two flowers for my craft stall but if they don't sell, I am quite happy to keep them as I love them both 💗

My friend Donna had made me this gorgeous handknitted & felted pot for my birthday 
& decorated it with felt pom poms
Mum gave me some birthday money so I purchased a shiny, healthy Peace Lily on my trip home
 which just sat perfectly in the pot.

Though there was definately no time for any shopping this trip, I had to spend time waiting for a prescription for Mum at the one & only Pharmacy in her town.  This just happens to be beside & opposite a large Hospice & SPCA shop ... so of course, I felt compelled to go for a quick squizz!
These treasures above were from the Hospice Shop ... doileys, mother-of-pearl buttons, a wooden trug & a good novel - & below were my finds from the SPCA shop

I could not leave these epp flowers & hexies behind ... someones lovingly stitched handwork ... all for just $4 a bagfull

These dainty little dishes were $3 each ... Oh how I love them so ... they remind me of cross stitch

I have put backs on each of them & hung them beside my Tilda Angel so I can look at, & enjoy them 💗

Speaking of gorgeous vintage treasures, my dear friend Sally has opened an online store Hollyhock Vintage
You can visit Sally to have a browse at the shelves of her store or go Here to visit her facebook page ... she has some very tempting pieces in there that I could just see living at my Home !

My sister in law Leonie gifted me this beautiful soy Kearose Candle while I was down at Mums ... I had helped her with a large cleaning job & she wanted to thank me.
The fragrance is French Pear + Vanilla & it smells so divine burning in my lounge.

Finally dear friends, 3 days before my trip away, I got to spend the morning at my eldest grandsons Daycare for Grandparents Morning.
It was a wonderful time ... he is a busy little boy & was quite delighted to show Granny all the activities.

Just wonderful & such a special time 💜

Thanks so much for your visits today ... it is always lovely to have you stop by,
Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead ... be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Fabulous revamp of the little washing lines. Love the treasures from the Opshop, the little dolieys and the dishes are fabulous......and how do you attract those old EPP tossed projects? I know you had some hexagons from another time.....Hawkeye could be your name?! Blackie doesn't look any worse for wear from his 'Travels'.

  2. I noticed it said remember when on one of the little washing lines. So apt as around here hardly anyone hangs washing out anymore. I think they all have driers. I must say that I love to hang my washing out to get a good blow. I love those little washing lines.

  3. I have to say Spring is my least favourite season, to many horrid smells in the garden for my liking. What adorable clothes lines Julie, just love them, what has happen to all the little girls who love to wash their barbie dolls clothes and hang them up I wonder? Love the flowers, how did you decorate the tins? Those plates are so cute.
    Wow Alec has grown so fast. Welcome back. Chris xoxo

  4. Hi Julie beautiful post my friend,love your creativeness you are very clever,lovely to see your young man having so much fun xx

  5. Phew! we last..goodness!
    I've had a busy day, family down for the Barby started to get things ready yesterday,
    meats and things, and pasta dishes..etc..! :).
    Oh! daughter made a Scroggin Slice, she this very moment making the icing sugar for
    it..! So l shall enjoy some of that tomorrow!
    Forecast is 'more' hot l shall be
    slaving over a hot Barby, with tempt. up around
    30..! :(.
    But! But! I shall be in reach of liquid refreshment..!

    So you had a great time with Mum..that's lovely..And!
    goodness! Christmas...Few more months yet, but it's
    surprising how quickly it comes round...
    Jingle Bells..Batman smells..Robin laid an egg..the
    Batmobile lost a wheel, on the motorway...Hey! :0).
    HeHe! Just thought l'd get in the spirit of things..!

    So, there it is..Big day tomorrow about 25 coming,
    gone are the days of 50~60..and it'll be my 38th..
    Where did all those years go..! :).

    And Blackie..Bless him..legs a kimbo...Miss Pippi
    stretched out dreaming of mice...Bless!xx Love them
    to bits...!!! 0). get on..bit of relaxing, off up the Fish
    and Chip shop shortly..we''ll eat them out of a paper
    bag..then a couple of beers down the road at a lovely
    beer garden with the dog..Bliss!
    (Pray for me tomorrow)...! =^._.^=

  6. I love what you did with your little clotheslines. I'm sure they will sell this Christmas because they are adorable. Great finds, especially the hexies and flowers. I'm sure you will find a wonderful way to use them:)
    Spring is almost here for you . . . I know that you're excited to have warm weather again.
    Keep Smiling.
    Connie :)

  7. Welcome home! How sweet that your cat missed you so much. I love the beautiful dishes and your grandson looks so cute! Nancy

  8. Love the little clothesline. Wish i wasn't so far away as i'd give them a home. :) Love your bargains. Oh my goodness glad you gave those hexies & dresdens a home. The bowls remind me of cross stitch too. Can't wait for spring either. Hugs,xx

  9. Welcome home Julie, lovely post. I wonder if Blackie goes in search of you when you are away? They both look so relaxed by the fire. The clothes lines look wonderful changed to Christmas, the flowers are cute too. You are very clever finding wonderful things at the op shops, I am amazed you always seem to find EPP bits!! But happy too that they have found a good home 😆😆. It would be lovely to spend the kinder time with your grandson. Looking forward to spring here too, we have 3 daffodil flowers...there is hope!! Xx

  10. Oh, I would snatch up one of those Christmas creations if I was anywhere near your shop! What a clever sort you are. :)
    Beautiful potted flowers (including the peace lily).
    What great finds near your Mum's pharmacy. I really adore those little dishes that look cross-stitched. So pretty!
    How sweet to spend the morning with that precious little guy. :)

  11. Thank you so much for the shout out for Hollyhock Vintage Julie! :) xxx A comment and a question... Comment: you must surely have enough op hexies for a quilt by now?! Question: what on earth is on the back of Pippi's neck, the filthy little princess! xxx

  12. Huge envy for your felted pot - absolutely love it - I want one! glad you are home safely. You have such a huge stash for your stall think everyone who visits will not be going home empty handed :)

  13. Welcome back,those dishes you found are gorgeous and look great on the wall. Blackie obviously went looking for you!Your Alex has grown so much! I too am looking forward to Spring.

  14. Of course you had to go into the op shops!!! As always some very good finds there. Like you I am hanging out for SPRING!! Very over rain and fog.

  15. The felted pot is SO cute! I must try that!
    I'm glad you are home and I'm glad the weather will warm up soon.

  16. Such beautiful gifts. The felted pot cover is darling. You make such pretty things. I wish you much luck in your shop. I'm glad you treated yourself by going into the charity shops. You brought home some lovely things.
    xx Beca

  17. As always, Julie, this post is overspilling with gorgeous pretty after gorgeous pretty. Those flower pots will be on your stall for about a will be filling many, many orders, me thinks. =) Oh my, that squizz in the Hospice shop reaped amazing treasures. How beautiful are those little dishes AND.....those hexies......I am pea green with envy!! I cannot wait to see what pretties you fashion out of those. Aren't birthdays fun?? You, lovely lady, were spoilt and quite rightly so.


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