Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A White Peace Angel

Wintery Greetings dear friends & readers,

While cleaning out the large wardrobe in my sewing room I came across two items that inspired me to 
create a new Angel

The Christmas decoration on the left was purchased last year from the "bargain bin" in the Christmas Heirloom Shop ... it was marked down to $7.
The bunch of glittery silk flowers/leaves were passed on to me by my friend Gail ... unsold product from when she closed her Gift Shop ... the first thing I thought when I saw them was "angel wings"
So I felt inspired to create an all white Angel & decorate her using these two items 

She came together rather well using fabrics & trims I already had on hand ... I used an older Rosalie Quinlan pattern called Charlotte, though I have decided to name her "Peace Angel"
The christmas snowflake decoration sat perfectly in her hands &, after dismantling some of the glittery leaves & removing the bobbles, the "wings" worked out just as I had envisioned.
I hung her on my door for a day or two to walk past her as I like to do with my dolls ... often another idea will come to me - which is exactly what happened!

I decided she needed painted shoes ... I didn't like her bare feet.
Deciding to paint shoes at this stage is somewhat tricky ... also not having any pale grey paint on hand can be a bit tricky, so I tentatively mixed the white & black paints I did have until I was happy with the colour.

Although I loved her hair & her silver bows,  I felt she needed some sort of halo.
 Halo's are rather short in supply around here so ...... I needed to construct one.
 I found some welding wire in the Mr's shed which I bent into shape & hot glued some silver sequins onto it.

I was happy with her pale grey shoes which I trimmed with some lace & dainty silver bows 😍

I am delighted with her Halo & felt it just finished her off nicely

My Peace Angel measures 75 cms tall
Beautiful Peace Angel 💜
(I am pleased I cut out two bodies as now I would like to make a Cream Angel.)

Miss Pippi was ecstatic last week when I came home with a brand new ball of knitting cotton that she somehow decided was just for her!!

I have been enjoying making up these Waffle Knit Dishcloths & because there are 4 rows to a pattern, they seem 
to grow quite quickly.
The pattern is a free download from *here* if you should like to have a go yourself

Over the weekend we had two glorious days where the sun shone & the washing dried on the line for a change.
I managed to spray paint some coathangers out on my brick path in the sunshine.
(these are to create some more wool blanket coathangers)

As the Mr was away riding Moto X I even took my lunch out onto the deck & drooled over a magazine on loan 
from my friend Sally.

Today however, we are back to arctic temperatures & the two are nestled in their basket on my work table, the fire is roaring & I have just rung & ordered another load of firewood to be delivered!

This morning I made Oaty Ginger Crunch ... I can put the kettle on if you would like to pop by for a cuppa?

I hope the week is treating you kindly dear readers,
Thanks so much for your visits here today,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Julie the Angel is amazing...Lovely!
    But not as lovely as the two Angels in the basket...
    HeHe! Am l allowed to say that...Bless! :).
    Seriously though it's amazing how you cater for every
    detail, and it looks complete in every way when you've
    finished it...and their faces always look lovely!
    I've just checked what 75cm was in feet and inches,
    goodness! that's quite big...perhaps you could make
    me one...only bigger! HeHe! :0).

    A coffee, magazine and a piece of cake..wonderful, l've
    still got plenty of the 'Scroggin Slice' mt daughter
    made, l've cut half of it into 12 pieces and put them in
    the deep freeze..Yum! Yum!

    Seems Miss Pippi wants to move onto another level, perhaps
    she's ready to try using the wool with knitting needles..! :).
    Pussy~cats certainly love playing with wool...And..they look
    lovely in their basket..bless them..another photo for my
    pussy~cat folder..! :).

    Well..best get on...nearly ten over here, been down town, few
    things to do around the house..l'm going through some of my brass
    and silver at the moment, l've discovered this cleaning cream,
    called 'Autosol' it's amazing stuff, lifts tarnish, dirt, grime
    as your cleaning it, my carriage clock, oil lamps have never
    sparkled so much..it's amazing...! :0).

  2. I can't tell you how stunningly beautiful I think your Angel with Sparkle is, Julie. What a fantastic crafter you are. What did you use for her hair. I may knit an angel this year and would like to use similar for her hair instead of wool. Holding on to Summer for dear life here! So not wanting it to end. xxx

  3. Do you have an Etsy store? You definitely should - the angel is precious! Thanks, too, for the cake recipe. Looks yummy.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely & encouraging comment GrammaGrits. No I don't have an etsy store but funnily enough I have been thinking lately that I would like to try one next year perhaps. I hope you make the slice ... it is VeRy delicious!

  4. Oh my goodness, the ginger crunch looks amazing especially with a cup of tea. I adore your new angel, I can see why you thought wings when you saw the leaves, they are just perfect and the halo is such a lovely finishing touch xx

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl. Yes I love the Angel & have begun to cut out the clothing for the cream one today. I do enjoy making dolls & Angels so very much. Xx

  5. Oh wow your angel is spectacular. Love her. Your fur babies are so gorgeous. I'll be over soonish for that cuppa & ginger crunch slice. :). Hugs, xx

  6. Wish I could stop by for a piece of ginger crunch.
    How do your kitties decide to basket down? Do they go together or does one go alone and then makes room later for no.2. They seem to have it down to a fine art. 🙃

  7. Hi Julie, I absolutely love your Angel and her halo!
    And golly you're right about the arctic temperatures, I took this week off hoping to get out into the vege patch but instead I've been snuggled up in front of the fire a little under the weather! Though I have been stitching in between a few Nana naps, lol.
    Big hugs
    Michelle xoxo

  8. Such a beautiful angel you have created. Miss Pippi is quite the kitty! I bet she gives you lots of entertainment! I am a dog person but if and when I can't have a dog I would like a cat! Nancy

  9. ha..ha... I love that you slipped in Halo's are in short supply round here. It would be the same at my place! She is beautiful! Can you post us some ginger crunch! Give my love to the fur babies!

  10. they are just not an Angel if they don't have a halo :)) your Angel is gorgeous!
    have just caught up with the other posts, my first cat used to disappear when i left home but would pop up when i came back, poor thing would be a sight to see, skinny & scarred.
    glad Blackie turned up in good health & hope he doesn't do that again
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments you take the time to leave me Selina. I just love making Angels & yes, I agree about the Halo! Blackie often disappears when I go down to my Mums for a visit ... he returns in the end but it IS a worry so I can understand how you felt when your cat used to disappear.

  11. That is a gorgeous angel with its halo and painted shoes! I love the two angels too! They look so cute in their basket. My kitties have been snuggled up together on the sofa today as it raining cats and dogs here! That ginger crunch looks so yummy!

  12. Lovely angel Julie, just love silver and white, mmmmmmm yummy slice, must put that on the to try list, we just had horrendous wind, blowing a gale over night, I can deal with cold but hate the wind, I would like to give the dish cloths a go but am hopeless when it comes to knitting, have a great week Julie, oh by the way, gave up the blog, it just wasn't me unfortunately, will just stick to putting my stuff on Flickr. Chris xoxoxo

  13. It is a bit chilly here tonight, but I am warmed by your post and love the two snuggled in their basket. The angel is just beautiful and you are so talented to think of such little things to make her perfect.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  14. 'Tis rather arctic conditions here too. =) Your beautiful angel is a vision. The sparkling wings are a most perfect touch and her halo is her crowning glory. Oh my, her grey little shoes trimmed with the pretty lace are a must have. She is very tall, isn't she. Yes, pop the kettle on and I will be right over.

  15. Your angel is so beautiful Julie, you are so clever. The shoes you painted on look wonderful too. The ginger crunch looks amazing, would love to pop by for a cuppa!!! Ah Miss Pippi, #1 in the household!! The cats look so cosy in the basket. I hope you have a happy week too Julie.

  16. I'm in awe of your patience Julie....painted shoes trimmed with tiny lace....SO fiddly! Your angel is marvellous but don't mention the C word just yet!

  17. Such a gorgeous Angel and my goodness your Oaty Ginger Crunch looks sooooo delicious

  18. your angel is beautiful, she deserves to be on the biggest christmas tree you can find!


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